5 Killer Ways to Make Money Online

ways to make money

Today i am going to taking about make money online. i share some killer ideas to make money at home, without going office or any type of jobs.

1.Become A Blogger

Blogging is a best way to earn lot of money at home. some professional blogger yearly income more then 50 Lakhs. blogging is a learning experience. you learn how to write. more importantly, through your writing, you can learn lot of about yourself.

Income source of writing blog is ad network, affiliate marketing and direct ad sells.

You should start your blog with google blogger. it is free. once you settle & earn money by ads & affiliate marketing then you transfer your blog to WordPress. WordPress is better then google blogger but new blog writer can't effort WordPress charges.

2. Upload a YouTube Video 

The biggest benefit of starting YouTube is you not need to buy domain name or hosting your site. you can make your online presence by channel name.

Beautiful thing is you can earn from your video content on very first day. you can simple make a YouTube account and a upload a video. people have upload variety of videos and success.

3. Sell Your Photos

If you a good photographer this is a mind blowing option to earn money. lots of website available for buy photos. here i suggest best top 3 website :

  • istockphoto
  • sell your photos through istockphoto you can earn 15% royalty for each download.
  •  alamy
  • with almy you can earn 60% royalty fee for each image they sell. alamy is the world largest stock photo library.
  •  fotolia
  • i like fotolia for fair royalty and expensive market reach. each time your photo sell royalty is 20% to 60% of your sell.

4. Selling Domain Name & Website

Many people doing this type of things.first build quality blog and after sell domain name and website for thousands dollars. if you have ability to write superb bog this option is best. generate 2-3 interesting blog & when your blog value go to top sell website and domain name. you can see your blog worth on www.worthofweb.com/

Many website available for sell domain and website online. when they sell your website they charge 10% to 15% commission for selling. if they fail to sell your website you don't charge anything.

Some good and genuine website list for sell domain and website:

5. Share Your Knowledge

Do you have in depth expertise about any hobby or any subject?  You could create a website that offer your experience to other for a price, like offering music lesson, online coaching classes over Skype. you can make extra income by this type of method.


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