6 Reasons You Shoud Start A Blog Today

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Today i give some reasons why you start blogging and benefits of make a blogger. blogging is not only for making some dollars. it's beyond money. so let's start:

1. You Get freedom

Biggest benefit of blogging is you don't go to any office, you can do at your home at any time. if you want to work in the park you can do it. freedom is the biggest reason to start blog and make money. you have a extra space to do other things and more closer to your family.

2. Develop New Skills

Blogging is a learning experience. blog allows you to develop your new thoughts. this may lead to studying more about that matter and networking with others in that subject. you learn how to write, how to access social media, community building and content development. you can always aware of social media and online activities.

3. You Can Start  Free 

Running a blog no need to be expert and it can set in minimum time. when you writing a blog your mind automatically develop and you can learn new lessons. you could start with Blogger it's free to make blog and you can star your first blog in just 15 minutes. that is among the biggest reasons so many people are trying it.

Other business need lots of money to start but blog start with free to $60. if you start with WordPress you need Approximately $60.

 4. Change Your Life

Almost everyone will at some point, go through a midlife problems and people say that they need a change. with blogging presents you will a really unique way to change your life because you can work from wherever you want and blog about any topic under the sun.

5. Expose Your Ideas

While you blog, and include social sharing options on your posts, you have the opportunity to expand your sphere of impact to a much larger network. The key here is to writing regular, high quality content that people finding interesting and want to share your blog.

6. New Experience

New experiences are enjoyable and they help to break routine and make life more joyful. writing a blog is a great way to take new experience. when you doing guest posting you can make new blogger friends. you can make blogging community who cheers on your success.

Over To You 

I give 6 reasons to start blog, now it's your turn to start your a blog. i end this blog with Oprah Winfrey famous Quotes :

  • Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.

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