7 Top Useful Websites To Learn New Skills

useful websites

Learning something new is always an exiting for us, but problem is in this busy world we can't afford time to learning new skill. i give some useful website list. you can learn new skills in short period of time. just give 30 minutes daily.

1. Codecademy

Topics : Software Development

Gain knowledge of any programming language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and lots more.

2. 7-min

Topics : Heath and Fitness

Do you have just 7 minutes to get in shape? most of us aren’t in the shape because of the we have no time to go gym. this is the solution for you. in just 7 minutes exercise for get you in shape.

3. Calm

Topic : Meditation

Get guided meditations right to your display. you can learn different types of meditation where a teacher can guide you step-by-step process.

4. Highbrow 

Topics : History, Creative Skill, Business, Design

Daily email courses delivered to your inbox to learn history, marketing, business, and more.

5. Big Think

Topics : Life, Science, Technology

Study from the sector’s professional about scientific breakthroughs, revolutionary business concepts, and more in short videos.

6. Khan Academy

Topics : Academics

Recognized by Bill Gates as one of the best quality academics online, Salman Khan breaks down complicated subjects into simplified concepts to help you understand them in minutes.

7.  Lynda

Topics : Design, Software Tools, Business, Marketing

Get 1000 courses to increase your skills in Photoshop, business, software and more.

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