Best CPM Ad Network : UberCPM

Today i am taking about best CPM ad network, UberCPM. first taking about CPM.

What is CPM (Cost Per Thousand)?

The price of 1,000 advertising impressions on webpage. if you page CPM $2, meas associate advertiser should pay $2 for each 1,000 impressions of it ad. The "M" in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000. CPM is the most typical mythology for rating internet ads. However, associate advertisement's success can not measure by CTR alone, because an ad that viewed but not clicked on may still have an impact.

Why You Choose CPM Ad Network For Your Blog?

We all know Ad Block is the biggest problem for blogger. latest research say 80% computer user use Ad Block. if you choose CTR ( Click Trough Rate) Ad Network, if your reader use Ad Block then your ad can't display on webpage. so you get less click, means earn less money if you use CPM Ad Network they give per page view. your page reader click on ad or not, you earn money for every page view. now who is the best CPM Ad Network.



UberCPM is advertising network that share 80% revenue with its publisher so they will get the most profit. UberCPM aim is a making the most effective and simplest advertising network. they CPM Rate is very high. around $1 to $4 every 1,000 impression. it's depend your how many click on ad in per thousand views.

UberCPM best thing is they doesn't any minimum traffic requirements so all publisher join it. if you small blogger, it is best choice. many other CPM Ad Network need minimum requirement around 5,000 to 50,000 per month visitors. you can Sign Up Here : UberCPM

Ad Formats 

UberCPM is offers only Banner ads. UberCPM offers all standard banner sizes which include 120X600, 160X600, 300X250, 300X600, 320X50, 728X90.

Payment Option

Minimum payout is only $10. payment options are PayPal, Payonner and Wire Transfer.

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