Best Unknown Android Apps That You Shoud Not Miss


Google Play Store is full of apps, but lots of apps stay undiscovered because they are not eye-catching enough or just not lucky enough. this list is a tribute to the brilliant but lesser known Android apps.

1. Unifiled Remote 

Unifiedremote turns your Android phone into a remote control for your PC or laptop, allowing you to use it as a mouse, keyboard, screen mirror and more. it offers a number of presets for popular programs such as Spotify, Netflix and VLC media player, meaning you can remotely skip a song or turn a movie's volume down without going near your pc.

2. Sleep Bot 

SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm screens your actions when you're asleep. this app tracks fluctuations between deep sleep and light sleep cycles throughout the night and allows you to set an alarm window in which it wakes you up when you are in a gentle sleep phase.

3. Wakie

One of the most phenomenon new apps on the play store, Wakie is a community of people who wake up each other through phone calls. you simply set an alarm on Wakie and you will be woken up by a stranger as an alarm! all phone calls are made though the app itself and are free of cost.

4. Calcu

Calcu makes maths lovely. with an outstanding user interface, Calcu additionally offers a 12 themes. it has the capability to function both as a ordinary and a scientific calculator. one of the most best calculator apps in google play store.

5. Link Bubble Browser

One of the common problems of surfing apps like Facebook are external links where you have to jump to you browser time and again to visit them. Link Bubble solve this by providing you with a neat bubble that pops up above the current app you are using. the bubble loads the click link in the background and in the meanwhile you can continue using the current app and save a lot of time.

6. CM Transfer

Share files between smartphones at lighting speeds with CM Share! it is 160 times faster than bluetooth. you could also share apps directly from one phone to another. even movies can be shared within seconds.

7. Multicon

Save space on your homescreen with this widget. use it to clean up or add more applications. it will let you put more then one shortcut in the same space as one icon normally takes up. you can add applications, shortcuts and some special functions. to add a Multicon widget on your homescreen, press any blank or empty area and hold down your finger. "Add to Home screen" window will pop up, from that window, select Widgets.

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