5 Website To Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs

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Freelancing is becoming first priority of young generation. all of us want to become own boss and want to living a stress free life.

In 21st Century Freelancing is much easier and simple compare to 10 years back. Freelancing grew up big market where people are utilizing their skills.

Doing micro-jobs has turn out to be one of the most easiest solution to make cash online with your potential by sitting at home.

Here i give some best micro job sites for make money online from home.

1. SEO Clerks

Best online site for micro job where you can sell your service at any cost. They hold 20% commission on each gig which you are sell them through SEO Clerks.

In SEO Clerks you  find Article writing, designing, Social media and too many different fantastic gigs which will increase your income.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is completely free to join and you can give service in $5.you can give $1 commission on every gig which you sell through Fiverr.

Fiverr is the most famous micro job website, because they provide lots of different gigs. like business cards, SEO, link building, logo designs and lots more.

3. Micro Lancer

On Microlancer you will in finding more reliable people than other websites given that many online firms are delivering their services by way of Microlancer. You probably have any first-class talent for your then which you could start providing your services on this site as good.

They provide fantastic gigs like Design and Graphics, Animation, WordPress, Website and Programming and many more.

4. Gig Bucks

Gigbucks is a place where you can promote your services from $5 to $50 bucks. they have provide gigs like Programming, Business, Graphics, Music, Technology, Advertising and more.

5.  Zeerk

Zeerk best thing is they quality. Quality of the service which they offers was great. You can sell your services from $5 to $100. they also give so many different category like writing and translation, video animation, business, lifestyle and many more.

Over To You

If you want make money at home by doing micro job, i give best options. you can try any website for sell your service. if you don't want to sell service, you can also use this websites as a buyer.

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