How To improve Your Blog


 If you want to build better blog, you nee a audience based around your blogging community.

You can build great community around your blog when you have active readers. so how you generate great traffic.

Hard part is you need some patient. it take to time for build audience base readers.

I share few tips which will help you to build audience base readers.

1. Use social media platform for grow quality readers

social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+  provide great platform build great reputation for your blog. so be active on social media.

In social media make sure that  you are spending quality time. however you busy on your other work, fix some time for social media.

Try to promote your best quality post on social media which will help you to generate great rush of readers.

2. Connect with other bloggers

Blogging is an online business. use other people's blog to connect with them. try guest posting, sending emails about your blog. 

Introduce their blog to your readers on your blog. this step build great relationship with big blogger community.

3. Guest posting must needed

Guest posting is very good weapon for build quality readers for your blog. also guest posting give you quality back links.

Always post your best blog. people will follow you back to your blog when post is mind blowing.

4. Respond to everyone

How you busy in your offline or other work always quick respond to your readers.

Always give as quick as possible answer to your blog comments, social media sites and emails. when you respond very well, they will make your loyal fans.  

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