iPhone Tricks


The iPhone is an impressive tool with hundreds of brilliant features, but there are several hidden features and tricks. here i picked some useful iPhone tricks that can help you achieve things quicker and easier.

1. Stop Music With Clock

You can stop music after a certain time. This is specially helpful if you like to sleep with music. some people habit listen soft song when go to sleep. Go to the Clock, then Timer, and set the duration. select the option Stop Playing.

2. Take Photos/Videos With Headphones

Click the volume + button on the remote on your Apple headphones while in camera mode to click and shoot, or the middle button (play/pause)  to take selfies.

3. Set Custom Vibrations

Open Phone or Contacts,select a contact, then tap the Edit button in the top-right corner. Scroll down to find the ringtone field. below it is a vibration field. Tap that, and you’ll see an assortment of built-in vibration patterns you can choose from. Further down, though, is the ability to add a custom pattern: tap Create New Vibration, and you can tap on the screen to create your own rhythm. When you're satisfied tap Save to set the pattern.

4. Save PDF To iBooks

You can turn web pages into PDFs and add them directly to your iBooks app. This is very useful when you reading a long web document and specially if you are found a HTML book online and want to keep a copy of it. when you tap Share, scroll across the apps to find Save PDF to iBooks. tap it and the web page will be converted and delivered to your book collection.

5. Ask Siri To Do Maths For You

How bad you in maths it's doesn't matter when Siri is on your hand. Siri best for solve any maths problem. open Siri and recite your equation to it. If the number is tricky, make sure you say it a slightly slower pace so Siri doesn't misunderstand it.

6. iPhone Read Your Text

in case you require your iPhone to read out your texts, then you can enable Speak Selection. First you go to navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle the option 'Speak Selection'. If you are to long-press on a speech bubble within your Messages, you'll now find the option to 'Speak' - the option is specially useful if you have a long text message or when you are driving and want to listen the text.

7. Type Emoji With Shortcuts

if you love to use of Emoji in messaging but don’t like to switch the virtual keyboards, do this trick to add Emoji with alphabets shortcuts.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…
  3. Insert a frequently used Emoji in Phrase.
  4. Insert a text in Shortcut which will be used to convert to Emoji.

 8. Generate Random Password With Siri

Siri can do more than what it offers in command lists, including generating random passwords for you. just open Siri and say “random password” and you will be provided an 8-alphanumeric character password from Siri. You can even add the character length "random password 16 characters".

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