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Hello guys, today i share how to make money by writing Kindle e-book.

Many publishers and internet entrepreneurs were taking about advantage of the Amazon Kindle's a simple way to make cash online. the awesome thing is you don't have be an establish author. Amazon make it easy for everyone to start to publish e-books start making money with Kindle.

Getting started with making money on Kindle is very simple. first you sign up for Free Kindle Account. with your Kindle Account you can easily add new book within minutes. you simply fill the title of your book, author name, description, upload cover, upload e-book file, select your book price and hit publish. within 24 hours it will  publish.

Now question is how much royalty paid for every sale? Amazon give two royalty options : 35% and 70%. if your book qualify for 70% royalty, your pricing around $2.99 to $9.99. in 35% royalty option you get $0.99 to $2.99.

Finding Profitable Niche OR Category For Your Kindle E-book

One of the biggest thing for get success in Kindle e-book is finding hot topic or niche. here i suggest some good niche or hot topic for writing Kindle e-book.

  • 1. Acne 2. Weight Loss 3. Self Confidence 4. Stock Trading 5. Beauty Tips 
  • 6. Cooking 7. Diabetes 8. Hair Loss 9. Weight Training 10. Make Money
  • 11. Photography 12. Home Remedies 13. Stop Smoking 14. Investing

Create Title and Cover For Your Kindle E-Book

Once you decide niche for your Kindle next step is to create title and cover for your Kindle e-book. when you create a title make sure that you put the keyword for your niche. this is helpful in search.

Then you create cover. you could create cover on Photoshop. but if not expert in Photoshop, then cheapest option is Fiverr

At Fiver you search Kindle Cover, you will get lots of option for create cover at $5. you have to make sure pick someone who has good feedback.

Writing Kindle E-Book

Next step is writing Kindle e-book. if you a good writer, write your own book but you don't like writing then not a problem. i will help you. some website that you can find writers like upwork,
iWriter . They are write you Kindle e-book form $25 to $50.

 Promoting and Marketing Your Kindle E-Book 

When your Kindle e-book is ready, now add to Amazon Kindle. then time to promote your Kindle.
Submit your Kindle to Website. tons of website available foe free submit Kindle. some website like:

Promote Your Kindle on Social Media

You use Facebook for promote your Kindle. there are ton of Facebook group that you can join and promote your Kindle. here i suggest some  group :


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