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Ad Sense or big names like reject your approval. don't disappointing, still many ad companies not judge by traffic or other boring rules. one of them

What is ?

As the name shows, it is a link shortener service base on Europe. service linked with an advertising network which help you to earn money online.

How To Start?

First you go site and join. now have a look in your email inbox for the activation mail and active. That's all.


  • Don't wait for approval
  • High commission
  • Referral system with high payout 
  • User friendly interface

How To Earn Money?

Even Though there aren't single way to make money with simple way is shorten the link. you are able to credit money when someone click on your link and notice the ad. You can also earn money by sharing link on Facebook, twitter and Google+.


1. Shorte URL Tool

This is the foremost basic tool you would like to use to shorten any links. If you like to form a brand new link, although you don’t have a web site, you only copy your Shorte code and replace the last a part of it with the destination URL.

2. Mass Shrinker Tool

If you've got several links and don’t wish to form your Shorte links one by one, simply copy and paste all of your destination URLs into the mass shrinker tool and you’ll be smart to travel. It will produce up to twenty links for you to share in short time.

3. Shorte Website Monetization Tool

This is the most advance and effective tool. This tool creates a code that you just have to be compelled to paste in your web site which will mechanically shrink all the links you wish to monetize them. if you’re use WordPress then you got all this options within the plugin as long as you connect your API range along with your WP account.

4. Social Share Monetization

With this tool you can earn money by just sharing shorte link on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. it's a great tool for earn extra income by Payment Options pay via PayPal, Payoneer and Web money. minimum payout is just $5.


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