Make Your Blog From Zero to Hero

zero to hero

Here i give you some useful blogging tips for new blogger or who think about doing blogging in future.

1. Monetize Your Blog

The biggest mistake new blogger make is they create content first. first find ways of generate traffic for your blog then write your blog. without finding a ways to monetize your blog, you may hardly create any cash by blogging.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

We are not a Sachin Tendulkar or Narendra Modi, to let people remember easily. now in blogging industry to much competition. it s really hard to make a successful blogger and make money by blogging in 21st century. big names in blogging industry are focusing on stand out from the rest of competition. top 3 tips for stand out blogging:

  • Produce in-depth and large post
  • Write Quality Blog with keyword research
  • Try email marketing, use social media platform and guest blogging 

3. Write in-depth Blogs

Over 1500+ words articles always rank well in google search engine. short article below 500 words can't get a edge and don't get impression. Google love those article who give whole information of any concept. so be sure when you write a blog, make it long as possible and give a link which you suggested in your blog. always make sure link open in new window.

4. Write Lots Of Post

When you are new in blogging. write more blog as many as possible. when you write one vs three blog in day, a lots of difference make in traffic. your generate more page views. it is very helpful for your ranking like Alexa. write blog for others, first research of which information most need people. Like SEO Tips, Blogging Tips, Latest Mobile Reviews, Make Money Online Tips. choose hot topic which is in trend.

5. Focus On SEO

SEO is one of the main reason for failure in blog. new blogger don't focus on keyword research, make bad back links, don't solve pages errors. first research about SEO and gain some basic skills. For More information About SEO i Suggest Read My Article Here : SEO Tips For Beginners.

You can use SEO Software for find problems in your blog. Read My Article About Best Free SEO Software Here : Best SEO Software

6. Start E Mail Marketing

If you are reading blog you defiantly read about e mail marketing is big trigger for generate traffic. you can start e mail marketing before start blogging. send mail to your friend and blogging buddies and tell them to subscribe for your new blog updates. Use Social Media for viral your blog. make Facebook Fan page, share your blog on Twitter, Google+.


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