Pokemon Go Review

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is release about a week ago and a making a most hot topic. every one taking only about Pokemon Go. so i decide write article on Pokemon Go.

the game is out now in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Pokemon Go not launch officially in India but if you have android device you can still play a game. APK file is available and it works on android device in India.

How To Download Pokemon Go

While the game is available on various torrents and app hosting websites, some can even download them using a VPN to tunnel through the three countries.

The links given below will allow you to download the APK file and sideload it to your Android devices. Simply download the apk file, copy it to your phone’s internal storage and tap on the apk file from any file browser app. the app will install and you are set to go. however, installing third-party apps requires you to enable a setting from your smartphone’s control panel. head to the security setting on your Android and locate and enable ‘unknown sources’. This will allow you to install an app without Google Play. Different Android versions will have the settings in different locations some may see it in ‘applications’, while others see it in ‘security’.  

Download Links

APK Mirror 
Other ways of doing is by downloading via torrents and third-party app market apps.

Pokemon Go Review

You Need To Go Outside

First Pokemon Go not work in office or home. you need to go outside. plugin your headphone and look at your phone, you will start seeing Pokemon, Pokemon Gym and Pokestops.

No Internet? No Game.

When you play Pokemon Go, 3G internet must need. in 2G game you will not able to play game. WiFi is the best option for playing Pokemon Go. 

Eating Battery Very Fast

If battery life is precious, there's no way you're going to want to play Pokemon Go. The game constantly needs both 3G Internet and location access. you can use power bank this is a good idea. I advise playing this game with the battery saver mode enabled within the game's settings.

Pokemon Go setting menu is very simple with options music, vibrations and saving battery. tapping the Pokeball on screen lets you see your Pokedex and personalise your Pokemon. Overall the interface works well for this game. It's hard to explain the game's appeal to those who haven't played it, but you'll find out if you play the game.

Note: Installing third-party apps from any source other than the official app play store could cause security issues and malware infections. Apps from unofficial sources could be tweaked with malware to spy on your data. There have been reports about Pokemon Go being infected with malware and supplied on third-party websites. Do check the reviews, comments and other information before download them. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone or data by using the above methods. Do this on your own risk.

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