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Today i am going to talk about ad network company infolinks.

Infolinks is the third largest ad network, after Google Ad Sense and Amazon Associates. they reach in 130 countries. Infolinks is very popular because they ad unit doesn't need standard banner space. the ad appear in word of your blog. you can select 3-4 words of your blog and when visitors mouse over words, ad see in hyperlinks.

Infolinks work very well with Google Ad Sense. Ad Sense doesn't wok with some of ad network. so this is a plus point. Infolinks approval time is very short. they see your site content, not judge on traffic you have generate.

Ad installation is very easy. you just add code in body. you can use plug-in if you use WordPress. Joomla or Drupal.

Infolinks ad quality very nice. they work with best brand like Facebook, E bay, Pizza Hut, Amazon and many more.

Variety of Infolinks Ad:

  • in Text
  • in Frame 
  • in Search
  • in Tag

In Text Ad unit is default activated. in Text word already highlight on webpage. in Text ad under highlight, so is easily visible for visitors.

In Frame Ad are stranded display ads. they are generate automatically slide out from left and right side after webpage compliantly load.

In Search Ad display after page load, small ad unit will slide up from the bottom of the page, with text "Searching For". concept of In Frame is awesome.

In Tag Ad unit is like Google Ad Sense. they appear two line keyword, when viewers click take to the advertiser's landing page.

Payment Method

Publisher Revenue Share : 70%
Payment Method : PayPal, Wire, Check, Western Union, Payoneer

You Can Sign Up Here : infolinks

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