4 Tips Before You Buying Expired Domains

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If you are interested in domain flipping business or buy expired domain for your website then here i am going to share some very crucial tips before buying domain from anyone.

What is Expired Domain?

An expired domain is a domain which we don’t renew. There are so many  people who forget to renew their domains or they don’t have enough money to renew them again, so domain registrar gives 30 days extension to renew your domain. If they fail to renew your domain in 30 days extension period then this domain will be declared as expired domain and domain registrar will start bidding for that domain. Bidding will open for 7 days and domain will be given to higher bidder.

Here I Give Some Useful Tips Before You Buy Expired Domains 

1. Always Check Domain With Google Banned Checker

Very important thing is check google banned, so many site google banned by search engine.

in case if you buy domain name and it's already banned, i have a solution for this problem. you can use Google reconsideration request and request them for un-banning the domain.

2. Always Check DA/PA of Domain Before Buying

PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) are two very important factors to find quality of any expired domain. DA and PA were introduced by Moz and you can check them on Open Site Explorer

If you are buying any expired domain then you must s check both of them.

3. Check Page Rank

Most of the expired domains have manipulated page ranks and you will be caught into trap.

Always check domains with Fake PR Checker tools.

4. Check Google Ad Sense Ban 

You will find lots of expired domains which are Google Ad Sense banned. So if you are thinking to buy an expired domain then first you must check this because at the end we are buying domain to make money online and if it is already banned then it is no use for us.

AdSense Sandbox Checker is a tool which will help you to find Ad Sense ban.

Simply put url and click on preview Ads.

If all the ads are being displayed, domain site is not ban by Ad Sense or you are not show any ad that means it is banned. 

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