WhatsApp New Futures in Beta Version


Today i Am Taking About WhatsApp New interesting Futures in New Beta Version. So Lets Start.

1. Call Back Option

I love this addition. so many people demand this future. finally WhatsApp add call back option in next version. these features give more calling functionality and allow WhatsApp to behave more like a regular phone app. when your call goes unanswered, you'll be given options to call back or you can press and hold the microphone to send a voice message.

2. Rich Text Formatting 

Finally, you see bold, italic text message in WhatsApp. Yes, you can type in following special characters: bold, italics and strikethrough.

You can also reply to messages quickly from within a notification, set block colors as chat backgrounds, and tap the quick camera button in a chat window to browse your camera roll.

3. End-To-End Encryption on All Platforms

end-to-end encryption means that any data transferred read only be the sender and the receiver. in the space between them, the data is heavily encrypted.

This move from WhatsApp give highly robust security for its over one billion users.

4. New interface For Messages From Unknown Numbers

WhatsApp doing a small change in UI in version 2.16.139. when you receive a message from an unknown number, now you will notice modified interface. options are same report spam, block, and add to contacts but UI change.

5. Screen Setting Makeover

WhatsApp shakeup setting menu in beta version. small changes you can see in settings. Account has been moved to the top of the list. the Payment info option dropped from the menu. on the Profile page, your picture will now appear in a circle,  previously  it was a square.

6. Add Link Coping And Chat Clearing Option

WhatsApp doing two small but very useful changes. first one is long press on a link to copy it. previously, you had to copy the entire message within the link was contained and then paste that and edit it down to the link. now a simply long press to the copy of URL.

Second change is control over how much of a conversation you delete. previously only one option entire chat history delete but now add two new option 30 days and 6 month. you can choose how much remove, 30 day history or last 6 month history.

7. Allow Google Drive Backup

WhatsApp includes the ability to backup your WhatsApp chat history, voice messages, photos, and videos to Google Drive. now  you can back up everything up to the cloud, in safely encrypted form, and easily restore it all at any time. this feature is predicted to take just a few months to roll out to all WhatsApp users, keep an eye on the updates, you should get this future once it ready.

How Do I Update WhatsApp Beta Version?

Simple way to update beta version is download from APK Mirror Files. where the latest version is always uploaded. here i give link : WhatsApp APK Mirror Download

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