Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones


Almost all Smartphone manufacturers put a limit on root access in their devices, as to keep their brand name and bloatware. Rooting offers lots of capabilities, such as the advanced customizability, bloatware removal and performance upgrades.

If you rooted your device, you also have some other options like you install customized ROMs and you can get rid of the control of Google. also you can choose right app so you can get the best out of your Android Smartphone. in this article i suggest some best rooted apps for your Android Phone.

1. Greenify

Greenify is the best android app for rooted android phone. app gives you an option to hibernate the background running apps to save battery life. The app check your running apps and shows you which ones are running, which ones have been run, how frequently they have run, and how many times each one wakes up your device.

Using this app, you can save both RAM and battery at the same time. it will also increase performance of your android phone.

Here I Give Download Link :  Greenify

2. Titanium Backup

Backing up the data on your phone is very important because no one can anticipate a awful moment create in our phone. Titanium Backup is best app for back up your important data.

Titanium backup allow you to remove bloatware and it can be taking backups of applications and app data as well.

Here I Give Download Link : Titanium Backup 

3. Dumpster

Dumpster is a data recovery tool who can find your accidentally deleted file and then restore them. it supports photos and videos, music files, documents, PDFs.

once you installed, app it acts like Recycle Bin on your computer and you can delete files permanently if needed. must needed app for your android phone.

Here I Give Download Link : Dumpster

4. Tasker

If you want to do great things with your Android Smartphone, like triggering tasks and building shortcuts, install Tasker in your smartphone.

Tasker can do anything for you like if you want that music player should be opened when you plug your headphones into it, turn on the silent mode when you are working. with Tasker, you can do more then 200 tasks. but the app is not free you can paid for it.

Here I Give Download Link : Tasker

5. SuperSU 

SuperSU is the must install apps for rooted Android phones. The best feature of SuperSU is that you can get notified if one app requires root access; you can get logs about the superuser access.

Also you get other features like per-app configurations, temporary unroot, compatibility with recovery, complete unroot etc.

Here I Give Download Link : SuperSU

6. Link2SD

Link2SD is the most popular app for transferring your apps into SD Card. Using this app, you will be able to transfer almost any app to your SD card and is quite productive when your device does not have a big amount of internal storage.

Link2SD creates a link from the SD card in such a way that the device finds it as a part of internal storage. App best features are Force Move, Batch Linking and unlinking options, conversion of system apps into user apps.

Here I Give Download Link : Link2SD

7.  Yellow Cleaner

So many apps available for clean junk file or cool your CPU but this app is best in this segment. i personally use this app in my phone ( Redmi 3S Prime ) and work like a charm. 

Yellow Cleaner boosting your phone speed and helping you clean up memory, cache and junk files in storage safely. also you get cooling down CPU option and best part is it's work, so many apps claim that there apps cool down your phone but most of apps are fake.

Here I Give Download Link : Yellow Cleaner

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