Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


Google Chrome is the most popular browser. Chrome provide some very useful extensions. in this post i am taking about some best google chrome extensions. so lets start:

1.  Hola

This free Google Chrome extension brings a completely free and effective VPN into your Chrome, so that you can browse without revealing your identity to anyone who is waiting there to track. also you have an option to access websites that are actually not available in your geographical area due to censorship and other stuff. Hola is also known for providing a relatively quicker internet connection that is stable & less data-consuming as well.

Install Hola

2. Blur

Blur is a must need extensions when living in a world of privacy threats and online frauds. By means of Blur, it’s possible for you to do different things, such as managing your passwords, securing online payments you make and to have better privacy options by acting against tracking and all. Some of the notable features of Blur include protection from non-cookie-based tracking, disallowing companies from collecting data, auto-fill options for saved credit cards, masked cards, ability to create highly-encrypted passwords, with the strong algorithm. When adding multi-platform support, Blur secures you, more or less completely.

Install Blur

3. Google URL Shortener URL Shortener will be useful for those who share links regularly. it lets you create short URL of a page, through a single click on the toolbar button. it offers features such as the ability to use a keyboard shortcut for creating short URL, auto-copy to clipboard, QR Code, the option to share the link through various popular services including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. if we are to take all these into consideration, URL Shortener is good-enough.

Install Google URL Shortener 

4. Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes scholarly articles and make them accessible from everywhere.This Google Chrome extension lets you perform Google Scholar searches without opening a new tab. Once you have installed Google Scholar Button, you have to click on the button after selecting the text or phrase you want to search; in the opening section, you can see search results along with options for quoting the scholarly article or the associated file. For those who do scholarly searches more often, Google Scholar Button will be a good option.

Install Google Scholar Button 

5. Awesome Screenshot 

UI of the extension is so simple that almost anyone can start using the screen capturing solution in seconds. Though quite low in terms of size, Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots, edit them by adding effects such as blur and adding annotations etc. Along with these, you have the option to upload these screenshots into image sharing platforms so that you can share them easily. Recently, they have added support for working with Google Drive as well.

Install Awesome Screenshot

6. StayFocused

StayFocused, as its name says, lets you stay focused when you’re working! Self-restriction is often the best way to be more productive and StayFocused lets you be so by restricting time you spend on addictive sites such as Facebook and others. This highly-configurable Chrome extension can be used to set limits on time you spend. You have option to set individual site-based limits too. For instance, if you have accessed a particular site for the maximum time, the site will not accessible thereafter so you should be careful when you get addicted.

Install StayFocused

7. Turn off The Lights

Turn Off the Lights is for those who watch videos online regularly. Turn Off the Lights brings atmosphere lightning when you are watching videos from YouTube and the experience is truly impressive. There are a number of features such as wide support of video players, shortcut keys for easier management, additional transition effects etc.

Install Turn off The Lights

8.  The Great Suspender

Google Chrome is blamed for the extremely higher power consumption, sometimes causing the system to get crashed. If you’re suffering from this higher-consumption issue, The Great Suspender will definitely be useful, as it is capable of suspending tabs that you do not use currently and there will be a notable decrease in the usage of RAM. The Great Suspender has been able to help a lot of users by stopping their system from crashing.

Install The Great Suspender

9. Honey

Discount coupon codes are just awesome when you are shopping online. Honey, a Google Chrome extension is set to make it an easier process, by bringing an option to find best coupon codes from web and use them in the right place. When it is the time to check out, you can click the Honey button and the extension will do the rest, from finding the coupon to pasting it in the corresponding section. Honey is now expanding stores support and the tool has been able to grab user attention and popularity, in a shorter time. For those who shop more, Honey is a superb extension.

Install Honey

10. Momentum

if you are tired with the normal New Tab page of chrome, Momentum helps you create an innovative one, that is an awesome extensions in terms of looks and productivity. The Momentum New Tab page is quite useful, as it includes a lot of stuff, such as the tasks you have to do, weather in your particular area, superb background images, a quote that will be powerful enough to motivate you, ability to set a goal for a day. You have the ability to customize things as much as you want.

Install Momentum

11. Earth View From Google Earth

Earth View's new tab screen isn't packed with features, but it may take your breath away with curated satellite photos from around the world. Every time you open a new tab, you'll be whisked to a random location on our globe. The globe at the bottom-right of the screen will take you to the corresponding area in Google Earth, just in case you want to forget about what you were actually planning to do for a while.

Install Earth View From Google Earth

12. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking tools available, and its powerful Evernote Web Clipper allows users to quickly and easily save Web content from their Chrome browser straight into their Evernote notebooks. Clip full articles or Web pages, or save more optimized, distraction-free versions. This powerful extension also lets you take screenshots, save as PDF, and mark up content and images.

Install Evernote Web Clipper

13. Ghostery

Ghostery is a free browser privacy extension that allows users to quickly and easily detect and block Web trackers designed to tag your movements across the Internet and also Ghostery allows you to look up more information about companies and websites using these tracking methods. The extension also provides links to their privacy policies and opt-out options. 

Install Ghostery

14. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a handy utility that allows you to preserve your surfing privacy by scrubbing away traces of your online traffic in your local system. This includes the ability to scrub your browsing history and cookies, as well as dump your temp file cache. While most of these activities can already be done within Chrome's settings and preferences, Click&Clean puts all of these features in one place, helping you keep hard drive bloat to a minimum while reducing malware risk.

Install Click&Clean

15. TinEye Reverse Image Serach

Similar to Search by Image from Google, TinEye finds other versions of a selected image. Find out where else an image has been used or locate higher resolution versions. Simple reverse image search is just a right-click away.

Install TinEye

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