8 Best interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

HOME is a place where family resides, to make it an enjoyable place to live needs some perfection to be implemented. Today i suggest some best interior design tips that you can implement right now to make your ordinary home a living paradise.

1. Use Diffused Lights

Have you noticed that there are always lamps on both side of the bed in 3 or 5 star hotels? Diffused, soft light light make makes room cozier. Using some nice diffused lights in your bedroom.


2. Use Real Bathroom RUG 

Most of the People use some low-cost plastic based mats, so that they can last for long time, but they look cheap and even don't offer that level of comfort, it is necessary to use a nice RUG that covers your floor very well and provides a pleasant charm. 


3. Wardrobes with External Mirrors 

Wardrobes helps you to keep your space clean by letting you to organizing your clothing inside, but if you room size is small then it's cover most of the space of your room.

Solution is try to using some mirrors outside that wardrobe, it makes your room look large.


4. Hang Artwork at Right Height

Galleries and Museums hang artwork place around  57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. The average human eye level is 57 inches and you should do the same in your home.

Most of the people tendency to hang the art at higher. But remember it needs to relate to human scale, not the structure’s scale.

If you’re not sure, take a picture. It’s remarkable how much a photo can reveal. This can give you a sense of whether a larger or smaller piece of art is needed in your home.

5. Be Bold

Personality is what makes a space great. Make your own statement and have fun. The more you try, the more you will begin to see what works and what doesn't.

include unexpected elements in your room. The unconventional ottoman seats, library-style bookshelves and oversize chandelier here are all unexpected in a conventional living room, but the result has charisma. Avoid using expected items and interpretations if you want to make your room really wow.

6. Make Sure Your Sofa Talks to Your Chairs

Think of a nice hotel lobby: The furniture is arranged in groupings that invite conversation. When you place the furniture in your living room, aim for a similar sense of balance and intimacy.

A conversation area that has a U-shape, with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or an H-shape, with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle, is ideal.

7. Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room

Mirrors can make a space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room but placing one in the wrong spot can be almost as bad as not having one at all. Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can actually bounce the light right back out the window.

8. Keeping Fresh Bowl of Fruits


Either you can keep this on your dining table or even in your kitchen, this reveals the healthy nature of your family. So either you like fruits or hate them, this can surely make essence and ambiance to look healthy.

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