Best Places To Sell Your Website and Domain

There are so many reasons for selling websites, first is, so many people first start blogging but after they not maintaining a blog or they don’t enough time for write a blog so they have only one option, sell a website.

Some people doing website flipping business. website flipping means they make 2-3 blogs and sell after some time and earn money. that is a best idea to make money online at home.

when you going to sell your website, one important thing is always choose a site who done more transactions and more active visitors. So here i give some best websites list to sell your website faster and also get higher price.

1. Flippa


Flippa is the best place to sell your website very quickly. more then 8,00,000 registered accounts to buy websites and domain names on Flippa.

They done $180 million in transactions since launch in 2009. Simple interface, fast search, option to upgrade your auction, this futures make Flippa No.1 in this category. they charge a listing fee $9-$19 and 10% commission when your website successfully sell.

Here I Give Link: Flippa

2. BuySellWebsite

BuySellWebsite focuses on established and start-up websites. Established websites price $59 for a 2-week listing and $99 for a two-month listing, that has being featured on the front page. Start-up sites price is similar, but don’t put your website in the front page. You have to pay commission after sell your website.

Here I Give Link: buysellwebsite

3. Sedo


You can easily sell your website on Sedo. they don't charge registration fees. only you have to pay a 10% comission when your website successfully sell. Sedo sell new and established website with excellent content.

Here I Give Link: Sedo

4. FE International


FE International also a great place to sell your website. they have successfully executed lots of transactions.

FE International will offer you direct access to an established network of over 10,000 qualified international buyers, you have to pay commission after successfully sell your website.

Here I Give Link: FE international


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