Best Ways To Fix Slow WiFi Speed

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It is very irritating when our WiFi Speed slow down. There are lots of reasons your WiFi may be slow. it could be the strength of the WiFi signal, the wireless channel, your PC or router and even a problem with the network itself. With so many factors affecting the WiFi speed, it can be a little hard to pinpoint the problem and fix it. However, there’s always a way, right? If your WiFi is suddenly slow and you can’t seem to find the problem, then in this post i help you to find the problem and fix it.

1. Restart Your Router

Restart the device fix many situations and it could be a fix for slow WiFi as well. All you have to do is turn off the router for 10-15 seconds and turn it back on. Most routers have a turn off switch at the back, but you can also unplug the adapter to cut the power and turn it off. once restart complete, see the problem remain?

2. Stop Background Programs

There is a possibility that a background program may be using the bandwidth without your knowledge. Like Windows update is downloading updates in the background and there are other programs as well that are connected to the internet and use bandwidth in the background.

If you are using a Window, you can see the active background processes from the Windows Task Manager. open Task Manager and move to the Processes tab. Here, both Windows and third-party software processes are listed. Now, look for any third-party applications that you didn’t start and click on End Process after selecting it. Try to avoid closing processes with words such as, Windows, Microsoft, explorer.exe and System, etc. If you doubt a process, you should search for it online and see what it does. 

3. Change WiFi Channel

Wireless signals work on different channels similar to radio signals, and all routers near your area are connected to these channels. If there are lots of routers connected to the same channel, they may interfere with each other’s signals. But you can manually change this channel and choose the one that has lesser load.

For this purpose, Nirsoft’s WifiInfoView is a great tool, it is simple and free. When you launch the program, it will show all Wi-Fi channels and how much they are crowded. Here select the one that is the least crowded and you are good to go.

4. Update Network Drivers

Sometimes un-updated network drivers can slow your internet speed. To find and fix network drivers, press Window+R to open Run dialog and enter devmgmt.msc. This will open device manager, here double click on Network adapters and see if they are fine. A driver with a yellow triangle mark shows there is a problem with it. Right click on it and then click on Update driver software.

5. Change Adapter Power

If you have use Windows in Power Saver mode to save power and increase battery time, then there is a chance it’s saving power on your network adapter as well. Windows can decrease power to the network adapter to save power while sacrificing internet performance. To set it to maximum, go to Control Panel from the start menu and click on System and Security.

Then, click on Power Options and then click on change plan settings next to your selected plan.

In the next screen, click on Change advanced power settings and Power Options should open up. Here, click on Wireless Adapter Settings and set it to Maximum Performance.

6. Change Router Location

Your router location play a very important role in Wi-Fi speed. Wi-Fi signals are sent in a dome like manner and any obstacle between the router and your device could affect its speed. If you want to send the signals everywhere in the house, then it is best to place it at a central location and higher point. However, the thing to focus on are the objects coming between your device and the Wi-Fi signals. 

There are some objects that are really hard or impossible for Wi-Fi signals to pierce through. For example, Wi-Fi signals have a hard time penetrating metals, cement or concrete so if you are behind a wall with such material in it, the Wi-Fi signals will be affected. Also microwave and cordless phone work on almost same frequency as Wi-Fi. so they also interfere the signals.

7. Contact Your internet Service Provider

If nothing is work, then you should contact your ISP and discuss the problem. It could be a problem on their end and they may be able to provide the right instructions to solve your issue.

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