7 Best Websites and Apps That Change Your Life

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Lots of apps available in Google Play, it can be confusing which ones you should download and which ones you should ignore. same thing with websites, millions of websites available but which websites useful for us?  in this article i suggest some best apps and websites can make your life easy. so lets start:

1. CreativeLIVE

Want to learn something new for free? CreativeLIVE is your answer.

This one-of-a-kind business model provides free live classes online and if you want the full recording, you can purchase it.

CreativeLIVE has attracted world-class entrepreneurs, Pulitzer Prize winners and New York Times Bestselling authors to teach topics like photography, business, marketing and more.

You Can Checkout Upcoming Classes Here : Creativelive Upcoming Classes

2. F.lux

if you spend most of time with Gadgets like mobile, tablet or laptop. Eye strain is one of the most common problems we face, and F.lux has solved this issue.

This free widget adjusts the lighting of your screen, depending on which time you work with gadgets, so you’re no longer staring at a flashlight pointing towards your face. Say goodbye to tired eyes.

Here I Give Download Link : justgetflux 

3. Headspace

Need a peace of mind? Facing stress or anxiety?

Headspace may be the answer for you busy day. With only 10 minutes of your time, this app will guide you through a simple, yet powerful, meditation practice that is guaranteed to help you smile more, sleep better, and love better.

Here I Give You A  Website Link :  Headspace

4.  Spritz

When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked what superpower would they want to have, in two different interviews, they both said the ability to read faster. While superpowers may not exist, Spritz can be the next best thing.

This app scans the web page and displays single words to you in a speed of your choosing. It takes some time to get used to, as our eyes are accustomed to scanning a page from left to right, but with a little bit of patience, you may have just discovered your first superpower.

Here I Give Link Test it out Yourself : Spritzlet

5. Wunder list

Most of people not make to-do list because we don’t have enough time to write it down or organize it into different categories.

Wunderlist solves this problem. This free app allows you to create multiple to-do lists and categorize your different to-do’s. For example, one for my business, my personal, my upcoming book, my goals, and lots more. you can defiantly try this website.

Here I Give Website Link : Wunderlist

6. Mint

One of the biggest tasks is make budget. Mint aims to solve this procrastination. By integrating our bank accounts into this website, it analyzes our spending, income, and budget in one place for us.

You can also set personal budgets for different categories like rent, travel, food, entertainment  and make sure you don’t go over it by tracking it all on Mint. Best thing is you can see all your spending for the month in a visual pie chart.

Here I Give Link : Mint
7. Epicurious

Last but not the list  and perhaps the “sexiest” one. Ask any men which top 10 skills they look for in a partner and most answer “the ability to cook.”

Epicurious helps you make best cook at home. thousands of recipe ideas with healthy dishes and meals you can cook from your own kitchen.

Here I Give Link : Epicurious  

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