4 Best Websites To Learn Coding Online

In this generation lots of students are learning to code and thanks to some best websites available to learn different courses. of course there are lots of physical books available in the market but to get a brief introduction of anything, people are always search on the net.

Here are some of the best websites to learn coding online :

1. CodeAcademy

This New York based private coding company comes first because of the features and interface. Codeacademy is more organized than any other websites. both free and premium courses available but free courses are more than enough for a beginner.  After signing up to Codeacademy, you can basically find three modules Web Developer Skills, Language Skills and Goals. Under the Web Developer Skills, you can find the guide to make a static webpage, interactive website, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Java etc. If you want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. The Goals section will teach you how to make something animated or create an about page etc.

2. W3Schools 

This is one of  the best website to learn coding online with great user interface as well as lots of courses. Here you can learn HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, jQuery, XML etc. this website has basically three elements. First, you will get few lines of code, which displays as an example. Second, you will get a Try it Yourself option, where you can write a demo code yourself. It will assist you to know what you are actually doing. Third, a brief demonstration of the demo code, which will let you learn almost everything like which tag is for what and more.

3.  HTMLDog

Only Website name is HTML but you can learn HTML with CSS and JavaScript from this website. You can learn different things like meta tags, headers, footers, tables, forms, media file embed method, tags, attributes of HTML and more others in CSS and JavaScript. The best thing is you can find three main categories i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. All of them are having few things and you can keep learning all of them from.

4. KhanAcademy 

When you think about an online teacher, Khan Academy name first come in mind. You can find different courses including computer programming. you can certainly find useful video guides to learn HTML, CSS, JS, SQL etc. you will get video tutorials on Khan Academy and the virtual teacher will teach you almost everything what you need to know as a beginner. From the basic to making an animation everything can be learned from this website. The most interesting thing is you can watch Khan Academy videos on YouTube as well, which means a PC doesn’t need to learn basic coding from this website. 

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