How To Find Lost Android Mobile


Have you ever lost your Android mobile any where, If you are unable to find your lost mobile then this article will help you. There are few android apps like Lost Android ,Find My Lost Phone which can help you to keep track of your android phones. Here i give trick how you find your lost phone without any mobile tracking app. You can trace your lost android mobile using Android Device Manager.

How To Trace Your Mobile?

Android phones come with Google play installed in mobile. When you first access to Google play then Android Device manager  will get installed directly on your smartphone. If you don’t secure your smartphone then there might be a chance that you can lose your phone. Most of the people don’t install mobile tracking apps on their devices. For them, Android Device Manager is a great option.  First you need to activate ADM in your mobile.

How To Active ADM?

To activate ADM in your device
Go to Settings then move on to Security After that Device administrators. There you will see Android device manager option, tap on it to activate.

Settings →Security → Device Administrators →Android Device Manager

Once Android Device Manager is activated on your Mobile, Open your browser and follow these steps

Go to Google Play. There you will see a Gear Icon at the top right corner.

Click on that Gear Icon and select Android Device Manager from the drop down list.

After clicking on  Android Device Manager you need to sign in with your Google account that you are using on your android device.

Once Android Device Manager finds your phone, it will show the Location of your phone using Google Maps. It also gives the distance that it is away from you.

Here You Have Three Options

1. Ring: If you click on this Option, your device will ring with full volume for 5 minutes. This feature will work even if the mobile is in silent mode, but it doesn’t work if your mobile is switched off.
2. Lock: By clicking on this option you can Lock your device and you will be set a new password to your mobile.
3. Erase: If you click on this option then All the data in your mobile is erased. So Think once when you go for this option. It erases all the data including Android Device manager, but contents of your SD card will not effect by this. If you erase your data then your android device manager will don’t work again.

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