JioFi 2 Router Setup Guide and Review


For those who have been living under a rock, JioFi 2 can be purchased at Rs 2,899 from a Reliance Digital Store. What you get with this small size device, is a free Jio SIM card, unlimited internet access, HD voice calling and unlimited access to Jio apps for 90 days. The MiFi device was announced shortly after Jio opened up its 4G network to Samsung smartphone owners.

So today i am going to taking about JioFi 2 Setup Guide and Review, So First Look How To Setup JioFi 2.

Setup Guide

When you buy JioFi, it will be accompanied with a Jio SIM card. You will need to first ensure that the SIM card is inserted. Here is how to do it. Remove the back cover.


Before inserting the battery you will need to insert the SIM in the SIM tray.


Once you have successfully inserted the SIM card, you can put the battery and close the back cover. If you need, you can also insert the SD card at this time.

Before you insert the battery, please ensure to note down the SSID and password which will be needed later to connect devices to hotspot.

Once you can insert the battery and close the back cover on the device. If the device is not charged, please ensure that you charge it over 50 percent using the supplied wire and adapter. After the device is charged, press the button on top for a few seconds, you will see 4 icons light up on the top.


Here are the details of various icons and lights on JioFi device.


Before starting to setup the JioFi router, you need to make sure that the Jio SIM is activated and ready. It generally takes 24 hours for the SIM to get activated. instructions for activation of SIM card are given on the SIM jacket.

You can activate the SIM card in 2 ways. Call from any number to 1800-890-1977 and your data services for JioFi will start or you can put the SIM card in a VoLTE phone and call 1977 for data+voice services to get started. Once, you get a confirmation SMS stating the your SIM is activated and ready to use, you can start using your JioFi device.

Now, from your Desktop, Laptop or mobile phone look for the SSID and password that you have noted earlier. Connect it via WiFi, and if your SIM is properly activated, you should be able to get the internet on the all the connected devices.

You can change the default SSID and password by going to the JioFi Router’s administration panel. The default login name and password to login is administrator/administrator, which you can change as well!

Your JioFi Device is now ready and you can start using it as a Hotspot.

In speed test device consistently got a speed of around 10 to 15 mbps. To get good speeds, you should place the JioFi device as much as higher.

Now Taking About Jio2 MiFi Review 


The JioFi 2 MiFi device is very small. it is easily fit in the pocket. This also translates to better portability. Meaning you can carry it around all day, without even noticing that it right there in your pocket connecting everything from your smartphone.

JioFi 2 is made fully of plastic that also features a removable back cover that gives you access to a microSD card slot (up to 32GB), SIM slot and the removable battery. The 2,300 mAh battery can be charged using the micro USB port available on the right side of the device.

Shiny black front face are 4 LED indicators that show the status of the network’s connectivity, mobile data, Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. While the 4 LED indicators to do with networks sit above the Jio logo, there is another three-bar battery indicator that sits to the right of the power button.

There are just two buttons in device. A power button to boot up the MiFi hotspot that sits on the front face and a WPS on/off button that sits on the left side of the device. The power button also features an LED indicator that blinks from time to time to indicate whether the device is on or off.


Using the JioFi 2 is very easy. You simply insert the SIM card, and press the power button on the front of the device, to boot the MiFi hotspot. It takes about 5-10 seconds to boot up and connect to the Jio 4G network. The network indicator cycles from red to green and then the Wi-Fi indicator turns on, indicating that the JioFi 2 is ready to share it data connection.

one of the best part is that the hotspot automatically disconnects (indicator turns blue) from the Jio network when not in use. While it makes for a great power saving feature, your device does get disconnected from the internet until you press power button to quick connect once again.


Download the Jio Join app from the Google Play Store, and you also get access to Jio Voice calls using a smartphone without a SIM card inside. The calls worked fine but it depends on the receiver’s operator. Vodafone did not work while calls to Airtel routed is ok.

And with the JioFi 2 I you also got access to the collection of Jio app on the Google Play and the App Store. There’s a lots of content available with each app and accessing them on the 20Mbps bandwidth meant that watching live TV or other shows was a great experience without any buffering.

Final Verdict

Overall, JioFi device is a great purchase and if you are a heavy internet user, you should think of picking up a JioFi device from your nearest Reliance Digital store.

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