Top 9 New Features in Android 7 Nougat


The roll out of the final build of Android 7.0 Nougat has now officially started with selected Nexus devices getting the latest version of Google's smartphone operating system. The new update brings many extra features to Android.

According to the official Android blog, there are over 250 major new features in Android 7.0 Nougat, and here are share some best features:

1. Multi Window

This feature will allow users to run apps in multi-windows at the same time. Users can choose to run tasks both in the split-screen mode or picture-in-picture mode in Android 7.0. Google will let users decide the space for each window by tinkering with the divider, and it will work on Android tablets, TV sets as well. 

2. Battery Saver

Android got a new feature called Doze that preserves the battery while the phone is lying at rest and idle. even if your phone is in the pocket or in a bag and you’re moving around, but not using the phone, it will go into the Doze on the Go Mode. This will improve battery life on Android phones further, says Google.

3. Data Saver

The new in-built feature will let a user restrict data usage for select apps on their smartphones. This will help those on a limited data pack per month. If the device is on a metered network, the system blocks background data usage, and signals apps to use less data wherever possible.

4. Virtual Reality

Android 7.0 Nougat also brings VR mode in Android through Daydream. Current phones are not expected to be compatible with Daydream so this will matter only to people buying new devices - but Daydream-ready phones, headsets and controllers, are all coming later this year.

5. Faster and Secure

The new Direct Boot mode allows the phone to run in a secured mode when powered up but not unlocked. Apps do not run during direct boot mode, though they can be set up to run components, such as scheduled alarm clocks or messages, which are run in an encrypted mode. This means that your device can startup faster, while remaining secure even as the phone reboots.

Other security updates include file based encryption, and seamless updates, which will lead to faster software updates in the background.

6. Clear All Recent Apps

Google added a Clear All button to the recent apps list, only it’s a bit hidden. Instead of placing it at the bottom of your screen when viewing your recent apps, you need to scroll to the top of the list where you’ll find the handy Clear All text. Tap on it, and all apps are closed out. When you’ve closed all your recent apps, a new icon is displayed letting you know there are no recent items.

7. Notification

You can now set the importance level of an app’s notifications to fit your specific use of that app, including allowing an app to ignore your DND settings. With a long-press on a notification, you can view the current importance level. Tap on More Settings where you can turn off the default automatic setting, and adjust its interruption level. As you move the slider, a brief explanation will detail each alert type.

8. New Emojis

Android Nougat includes the latest Emoji. Beyond the greatest emoji baked right in to Android, you’ll also notice Google has reworked most of the emoji included on its mobile devices. Smiley faces now have a more human look and feel to them.

9. Cancel Button

Now you can now cancel downloads directly from the download notification, instead of having to tap through each item in the Play Store. Slide down the notification, tap cancel and your data bucket is safe.

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