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 About Plex Media Player

Plex is powerful media player who enable to stream your video or music at any place on your any device.


How Plex Work?

Plex Media Player is easy to use. just install Plex on your PC and run Plex Media Server. Then install Plex app on other device like Mobile, Tablet or any streaming device. Press Play and enjoy your media through your PC.

Plex supports all common media files like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, DIVX. Also Plex support Music file like MP3, M4S, FLAC, WMA. For photos Plex supports JPG, RAW, TBN, ONG.

Plex works very well with leading devices and brands. in Browsers chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. in Smartphone Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. in Smart TV LG, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung. in Gaming Consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation.
Plex Devices
Plex Features
1. Plex Give Rich Experience
Plex give you to best music experience with premium options like mood mixes, Plex Mix and more.  Also Plex provide movies reviews and all information. 
Plex Movie

2. User Control

Also Plex give Parental Control feature so your kids away from your private stuff. You can also create different account for every user in your home.

Plex Control

 3. Organize Your Media Stuff
Best part is you will organize all your media files like movies, music, photographs, so you can easily find out your files.

4. Enjoy Offline 

Plex keeps your media in the cloud and access it even if  Plex Media Server is offline. Wherever you are, in the gym, Park, Beach or flight, Plex allows to sync movies, photos and music on your device so you can enjoy them in offline mode at any place.

5. Sharing With All
You can easily share your media with other friends or family. Also you can choose what you want to share with your family or friends.

Download Link For PC : Plex Media Server
Download App For Android : Plex app
Download App For iPhone : Plex app

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