Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

Samsung finally laid the wrap of their most anticipated phone of 2016, the Galaxy Note7. Post the launch of the Galaxy S7, the market was a buzz with many rumors regarding this year’s Note phablet, so it quite pleasant to see the phone finally go official.


Note7 not Note6 

The company is skipping a numeral this year and calling the phablet the Galaxy Note7, instead of the Galaxy Note6. The company has announced that it has taken this step to avoid confusion among its consumers, and unify its product portfolio. Samsung released the S7 and S7 Edge this year in its flagship Galaxy 'S' series, and bringing its Note series to the same numeral made sense to it.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Features

1. Iris Scanner

After the Galaxy Tab Iris, Samsung is ready to flag off the iris scanner feature in its mobile portfolio with the Galaxy Note7. The scanner has leaked on multiple occasions. It is expected to unlock the device in less than a second. of course, this doesn't mean that Samsung has drop the fingerprint scanner, it will be in this smartphone.


2. Vulkan API Support

To improve gaming experience on the Galaxy Note7, Samsung add support for Vulkan API. Vulkan API is popular in many PC games and by adding support for the same, Samsung has created the opportunity for the game developers to push the mobile GPU of the Note7 as much as possible. Vulkan API has been designed to fully utilize multi-core processors. So it won’t be a surprise to see the Galaxy Note7 providing a best VR gaming experience.

3. HDR Video Support

Samsung Galaxy Note7 is one of the first smartphones to come with the all new HDR video support.  HDR video is a new technology that is gradually being adopted in the top of the line 4K TVs from reputed manufacturers.

4. IP68 Waterproof Certification

Samsung has carried forward the IP68 certification, first launch in the Galaxy S7 on this year. Now come in Note7. Device come with waterproof and rustproof capabilities. So you no longer need to worry about using your Galaxy Note7 in the rain.


5. S-Pen Become More Smarter

Samsung doing lots of work on S-Pen, new one comes with a slimmer tip and a sturdier build quality. the S-Pen now responds to twice as many pressure points over the last generation. To go along with the IP68 certification of the Galaxy Note7, Samsung has tweaked their S-Pen to work in underwater conditions. also S-Pen Stylus now comes with a feature that allows you to translate a text by simply pointing at the same using your pen.

6. Blue Light Filter

For improve the experience of users in dark rooms, Samsung has included the option of a Blue Light filter in their Galaxy Note7. This basically cuts out the harmful blue lights coming out of the display, so it's reducing strain on your eye. This feature is specially useful while you reading eBooks or using the phone in a dark room at night.

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