7 Tips To Choose Best Domain Name


When you launching your blog, first you requires a domain name. Your domain name is the address of your online home so you have to take special care when choosing a good domain name.

When I bought my domain name, I read lots of articles at how to choose best domain name and finally I came up with best domain name for my blog prozipper.com. Aprox. 84000 new domain names are registered everyday as per the whoishostingthis site reports.

Now big question is how to choose the best domain name. If you are confused finding a domain name, this blog surely help you to find the perfect domain name. so lets start:

1. Don't Stress on Exact Match 

In past Google prefer exact match domain names. Having a keyword in your domain or an entire keyword as a domain name was more than a merit. But now times is changed. Search bots have evolved and now content is first priority. You can rank your post even if your domain name is your personal name.

2. Experiment 

If you don’t found a desire domain name, you also try suffix and prefix to your mother word. For example: you could try something like CarDekho.com or Policybazaar.com if you want a car selling or an insurance website.

3. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

While many people will tell you to include numbers and hyphens to get your desired domain name, I personally believe this is totally bad idea. specially if you are a small and starting business. If your site is not popular, avoid  numbers and hyphens in domain name.

4. Always Buy Dot Com Domains

Always try to buy dot com version of your domain name unless you are not concerned with branding or global exposure. If you choose a country specific audience you can try other various country specific domains like dot US for USA specific audience.

5. Don't Make Too Long Domain Name

Long names are very boring and no one likes to hear those or even type them. it will not help you in places where character limit is imposed. Suppose your domain name is of 30 characters. Now add more 40 characters of the post URL. So, your total link has eaten up to 70-80 characters of the 140 character limit. So try to make domain name short and sweet. like Facebook or twitter.

6. Don't Modify Popular Domain Names

Some people modify popular name. like Tumbler, Facebok, Twiter, Ribok. Do not try a misspelled version of an already known big brand. This will give a cheap feel to your site, there are chances people will compare you with the already established site.

7. Don't Make Out Of The World Spelling

If your are readers, you will face difficulty they will never return again. or probably never be able to return again. For example if your site name is “opulencewithpanache” in place for “fashion” would you even dare to remember such a name? so choose domain name which can easily readable and memorable.

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