5 Best Ways To Make Money in World of Warcraft


Today i  am going to taking about make money with playing video games. it's sound crazy but you can earn good money with playing world of Warcraft. here i give 4 different ideas to make money. so lets start:

1. Farming

It is possible to just play World of Warcraft, farming for a actual living. It's nothing special by any means. It's still a way to make money if  you're dedicated enough to it. you could even use a bot to do it. I will explain how later.

So, how can farming items in World of Warcraft for make money? Most of the people don't know this, most of the high tier population on World of Warcraft buy gold and items from websites. Yes this is against the terms and conditions of Blizzard but it is really undetectable.

Players would just buy the stuff they want from the website of their choice, then trade in-game normally. That is how you could make money from this. It wont be easy by any means but you could make your own website and advertise gold and items you want to sell for money.

2. Botting

"Botting" is a program that runs in the background of World of Warcraft. You can use the program in the background to make your avatar in World of Warcraft do various actions like mining, fishing, etc.

Botting can be combined with other World of Warcraft money making schemes making it much easier. if you have skilled with botting could  make his own and even sell it for a price if it is really good, although, that is rare to find.

For able to botting you must go to http://www.honorbuddy.com/ and download it. it is not free, it costs 1 euro for a days trial or 30 euro for permanent use on one account. i strongly suggest getting this if you are going to farm or power level to sell accounts as the bot can level for you.

3. Selling Characters

Yes you can earn good money by selling characters. Level 90s characters price for around 50-100 euro. I know some people who can reach level to 90 in a matter of days. The price for your character would go higher depending on your gear.

Websites like http://www.vtrate.com/ are known to be safe to sell accounts. Keep in mind that you have to re-buy expansions for every account you wish to sell. You would still make a good profit. If you have the time and the skills then i highly recommend you to do this.

4. Creating Videos

This is a very popular way to make money playing World of Warcraft. It can be very simple depending on what kind of videos you make. If you do make videos using World of Warcraft, you will need a program that can record your World of Warcraft game play and a program that can edit your videos.

I will guide you how can you do this:

First you will need a program that can record you playing World of Warcraft. The best program to get is Fraps. Here i give link http://www.fraps.com/. first you download and install it, start up World of Warcraft then click the record button, it's very simple. But this is not free, you can download crack version. it's easily available.

After you need a good video editor. i personally suggest Video Pad Editor, you can downloaded here http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html.

After making a video go to www.youtube.com. Upload each videos. Your videos must be original if you want lots of views. for every view they receive a little bit of money due to advertisement, etc. Go and join them. Just remember to be original. Stick to it, it takes some time.

5.  Playing WoW

There are thousands of people every day exchanging WoW accounts. WoW players all over the world are purchasing pre leveled accounts. Newbies that don't want to waste time leveling or that are overwhelmed with everything that WoW has put in front of them. People are literally lining up to purchase your level 80 characters.

Here i give step by step guidance:

If you have a WoW account which i am assuming most people reading this do then skip this step. If you do not have a WoW account you will need to buy World Of Warcraft and all the expansions up to Wratch Of The Lich King in order to get to level 80.

Level a character to 80. Each level 80 character on your account is worth a starting bid price of $350.

Doing end game heroics and raids for epic gear will increase the amount that the character can be auctioned for. If you feel like putting the extra work in to add value then do this step.

After you have your character at 80 and ready to be sold your going to erase all personal information on your account. This way the buyer won't have your info.

Place your account on one of the MMO Auctions sites here i give list:


You can repeat the process by creating a new WoW account using a different email address. Keep in mind that you'll have to buy a new activation for the game and the expansions. It will probably cost you about $80. So you come out with a minimum profit of $270.

Over To You

I share 5 different ideas, so you are ready to make money playing World of Warcraft? There is over 8 million people waiting for you.


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