Windows 10 Anniversary Update New Features

Window 10 Update
The Windows 10 Anniversary Update begins rolling out few day ago for customers around the world. The Anniversary Update is full of features and innovations that will bring new experiences for users. so lets see what's new in this Update.

1. Cortata Become More Smarter
Cortana is the biggest change in this update. Cortana is already very useful feature. You can check your schedule, get answers, spoken questions, find and keep your notes, set reminders, and more. Now it’s getting more smarter. For Example, if you add an appointment to your calendar, it’ll know if that appointment overlaps with another, and ask you if you want to re-schedule one of the overlapping events. if you have a meeting during lunch it’ll ask if you want to book a table. 
Also in this update you can joint Cortana with your mobile device. it can mirror your Android system notifications to your computer, so you will see missed calls, incoming messages, and low battery notifications to your computer. in short, Cortana is more smarter now. 
2. New Dark Theme
I love this addition in this update. Now you can choose light or dark theme. you could edit the registry in Windows 10 to enable a hidden dark theme. After you are installed the Anniversary Update, Go to Settings:
  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Click Personalization
  3. Select Colors from the left-side navigation panel
  4. Scroll down to Choose your app mode.
  5. Select “Dark.” 

You’ll see now the dark theme on any app, but now this theme only work on Windows 10's built-in apps like Settings, Calculator, and Calendar. Other apps like Dropbox, VLC, Wunderlist, that’s likely because they haven’t been updated to support the new theme yet. i hope theme works on all apps in future.

3. Window Defender Give Additional Protection

in past the past Windows Defender anti-malware application automatically disables itself if you install another anti-malware program but in this update Windows Defender receives a new “Limited Periodic Scanning” feature. It can automatically turn itself on and scan your system occasionally, even if you have another antivirus program installed. Windows Defender gives you a second protection layer protection.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender and turn on the “Limited Periodic Scanning” feature to enable. This option will only show when you use another antivirus program. if you’re only using Windows Defender as your antivirus, it’s already scanning your computer both with scheduled and real-time scans.

4. Start Menu Redesigned

Microsoft also good work on Windows 10’s Start menu. The “All Apps” option is now gone, you’ll just see a full list of installed applications at the left side of your Start menu. Your most frequently used and recently added applications will see at the top of this list. It’ll show the three most recently added applications instead of a single one, and you can expand this list to see more applications sorted by when you installed them.

Important buttons like the File Explorer, Settings, and Shut Down buttons are now always located at the left side of the Start menu.

5. Multiple Desktops is More Easier 

Windows 10 made multiple desktops much easier and more straightforward. it was one of the most underrated and overdue features of Windows 10. Now, it’s getting even better. The Task View interface, which you call up by pressing Win+Tab, now gives you a few more useful options. You can right-click a window to move it to another desktop (previously you could only drag windows from one desktop to another). You can also use the Task View to snap windows to the left and right side of the screen.

you can now pin windows so they appear on all desktops. This is extremely useful when you doing messaging or chat apps.

6. Calendar is integrated With Taskbar 

The Windows taskbar get important improvements. The taskbar clock is now integrated with your calendar, so you can click or tap the time and see a list of the calendar events you have scheduled for today. Tap an event–or tap the “+” button to add an event–and the Calendar app will open.

Taskbar settings are now integrated with new Settings app, and you can access them at Settings > Personalization > Taskbar. You can also just right-click the taskbar and select “Settings” to open this new screen.

7. Set Active Hours

I love this future. in Windows 10's Anniversary update, you can set Active Hours, a time frame of up to 12 hours, during which Windows will never apply automatic updates. Outside of these hours, Windows will still detect whether you’re using your computer before updating.

This should go a long way towards fixing the problem of Windows updates installing right when you sit down to work in the morning and message come please reboot to finish installing updates while you’re trying to work. Now you can protect your working hours.

8. Microsoft’s Edge Browser Finally Gets Extensions

One of the most required future come in the Anniversary update is Microsoft Edge browser get Extensions. While they include a few highly desirable extensions like Adblock Plus and Evernote’s web clipper. Also Microsoft has promised we will be able to port Chrome extensions to Edge, i hope this good news come soon.

Edge is also getting the click-to-play Flash feature that Firefox and Chrome users have grown used to. The browser should automatically detect what content is important and play things like videos, while blocking ads and junk plugins. If you want to play a particular piece of Flash content anyway, you can click each one individually to make it work.

9. Fingerprint Work With Apps and Websites

Fingerprint sensors have been a huge convenience on phones and tablets, and Windows currently supports it for logging into your laptop too via Windows Hello provided it has the necessary hardware. But in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Hello will support Windows apps and Microsoft Edge, so you can securely log into apps and web sites using your fingerprint.

10. Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing Feature Removed

Microsoft has removed the controversial Wi-Fi Sense feature that allowed you to share Wi-Fi network and their passwords with your Facebook,, and Skype contacts. Microsoft says very few people actually used this feature, so we remove this option.

Now you can only connect to public hotspots. it won’t connect you to a private Wi-Fi network and no longer offers a way to share your Wi-Fi credentials with others. You can find what remains of Wi-Fi Sense under Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi.

11. Skype Universal App is Back

Microsoft has now changed its mind again and will discontinue those three separate Skype applications on the desktop. Instead, Microsoft will create a new universal Windows app version of Skype that will eventually replace the traditional desktop application when it has enough features.

A new feature in the Skype application will enable messaging everywhere. Use Skype on an Android phone or Windows Mobile phone and you’ll be able to send and receive SMS messages from your Windows 10 PC. They’ll just be routed through your phone via the Skype application. This feature was supposed to be implemented in the “Messaging” application in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but Microsoft changed its mind and removed the feature late in the development process so it could be added to Skype.

12. Lock Screen is improved 

Microsoft heard user complaints, and your email address will no longer see on your lock screen if you sign in with a Microsoft account. This helps preserve your privacy. You can re-enable this from Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Privacy, if you like, displaying your email address directly on your lock screen. 

Lock screen come with new features like built-in media controls, which appear at the bottom-right corner of the screen along with album art for any playing music. You can control music playback without unlocking your PC. 

Also you can use Cortana on your lock screen. Go to Cortana’s Settings, find the “Lock screen options” section, and activate the “Let me use Cortana even when my device is locked” option. With “Hey Cortana” enabled, you can talk to your computer even while it’s locked.

13. Action Center is More Customizable 

Microsoft doing great work in Action Center. The Action Center button is now located at the far right corner of the taskbar, making it easier to find. It’s no longer mixed in with the other system tray icons. Notifications are now grouped by app in the Action Center. They’ll take up less screen space, and you can see more notifications at once.  

You can now quickly dismiss notifications in the Action Center by middle clicking them. Middle-click an application’s name in the Action Center and Windows will dismiss all notifications associated with that application. 

 Notifications are now more customizable. Under Settings > System > Notifications & Actions, you can now choose whether an application’s notifications are considered “Normal,” “High,” or “Priority” in the Action Center. You can also choose how many notifications can appear at once for each application. Each application can display three notifications at a time by default.

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