6 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. If you are using Chrome browser, you must know about some great YouTube extensions available. Surely these Chrome extensions improve your YouTube experience. Here i give list of 6 best YouTube Chrome extensions that you should try:

1. Turn Off Light

Turn Off the Lights extension give theater experience with lots of customization options. You have full control over the opacity of the dark background. Also, you can able to change any color of the fade you like.

Also you get some handy features like, night mode for easy browsing in the dark, camera motion detection, screensaver, voice commands password protection.

Here i give Download Link : Turn Off Light

2. Magic Action

Magic Actions is a undoubtedly best Chrome extension, with this extension you add lots of great features in YouTube. Like take video screenshots, ability to control volume with mouse, cinema mode with different themes, preview of videos, day/night mode, control buffer and more.

This button only seen when you open YouTube. You can click on the button and then go to ‘Options” to configure all the features. Every feature has its own set of options, so you can totally customize your YouTube experience.

Here i give Download Link : Magic Action

3. GIFit

With GIFs You can easily create GIFs out of YouTube videos and share them with anyone. You should try this extension if you love to create GIF. It works great on YouTube video player and you can just click on the “GIFit” button in the bottom bar to get started.

You can also change GIF height, width and quality. After changes click on the red GIFit! button to create and download the GIF.

Here i give Download Link : GIFit

4. Video Blocker

If you are tired of seeing videos that you really hate it, you should try Video Blocker extension. This extension allow you to block all the videos from a specific channel. It will remove the videos from your search, recommendations and any other part of YouTube.

To block videos, simply right-click on any video from the channel you want to block and select “Block videos from this channel”.

Here i give Download Link : Video Blocker

5. YouTube Plus

YouTube Plus is very good extension for YouTube, this extension offers lots of features. Like different video layouts, infinite scroll in feeds, change volume with mouse wheel, static audio volume and more. Also YouTube Plus automatically create a playlist of the top 20 videos from your subscriptions list.

Here i give Download Link : YouTube Plus

6. Rating Preview

Ratings Preview shows you the rating of all YouTube videos under the video thumbnail. Ratings Preview offers lots of customization options and some nice features. You can change the bar’s thickness and color. It also has built-in RP score system, it's show how good a video is and gives them 0-10 rating.

Here i give Download Link : Rating Preview

3 Best Tricks To Create Strong Password, That You Can Easily Remember


Today i give few tips about how you can create strong password, that you can easily remember but other people or hacker don't able to crack.

1. Use Poem

University of South California research said using poem few word as a password is very effective. That can be easily remember and hacker can't guess or crack your password. So you can take your favorite poem few words and make strong password.

2. Use Sentence

Second best way to create a strong password is to remove the ways it’s broken; and if you think that making a 32 character long password is good enough to make a strong password, then here is a method suggested by security expert Bruce Schneier.

As per his analysis, by converting a sentence into a password, the probability of hacking it is reduced, as the hacker won’t be able to predict the direct relation between the encrypted password, and it’s origin.

Here i give example:

Germany won the football world cup 2014 and take 2 first word becomes "Gewothfoowocu20"

3. Use POA Method

PAO or Person-Action-Object method of creating passwords was developed by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists, wherein the power of visuals has been used for creating unbreakable passwords.

As per the scientists, the visuals, when combined with random objects and random actions makes the combination unbreakable and safe from hacking.

For example, select a famous place like Eiffel Tower, a person like your science teacher and a random action like driving a car.

Now combine these three factors to form a sentence like ‘Your science teacher driving a car in front of Eiffel Tower.

You can create lots of stories, you can randomize the selections, and use them to create passwords, which you can remember.

After making password here you can check how secure it really is. Go to howsecureismypassword and it will tell you how long it would take a desktop to crack your secure password, and also provide you tips on how you can improve it.

8 Tips For Buy Right Smartphone


First question come in to mind when you decide to buy new smartphone is "which smartphone i should buy"? specially when lots of amazing choices available in market. Today in this blog i share some tips about choose right smartphone for you.

1. OS

Android : Android take lead in OS segment because of it design, widgets, specs and most important thing pricing, you get pricing option lower to higher in Android phone. Your budget 2,500 or 25,000, Android phones easily available in any price range.

iOS : Yes, iPhone is not for all people but If your budget allow around 50K, With iPhone you should get some amazing features, like Siri, iMessage.

Other OS : You should look for Windows Phone and BlackBerry phones if the operating system is not much of a concern, you can still find some good phones with both OS.

2. Screen Size

There are lots variety in screen size available. Here i break in to three parts.

Small Size ( Less Then 4.5 inch)

Biggest benefit of buy a small-screen smartphone is for its compact design. You won't have to stretch your thumb to reach anything. This size range is going out of favor because more people attract to larger screen size. but if you only use for calls and messages you still go for small size phones. Best phones in this size is iPhone SE and the Sony Xperia Z5.

Medium Size (4.5 To 5.4 inch)

Most of the people have this range smartphones. This range smartphones become the sweet spot, with such devices lke iPhone 6s (4.7 inches), the HTC 10 (5.2 inches), the Galaxy S7 (5.1 inches) and the LG G5 (5.3 inches) in this size range. Most phones in this category are fairly comfortable to use with one hand.

Large Size ( Above 5.5 inch)

Smartphones with displays larger than 5.5 inches, such as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus and the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 5, generally this type phones called phablets because they are tablet-like in size. These are more likely to be used as two-handed devices, but there are lots of people who prefer larger displays for watching videos, reading eBooks and running two apps side by side. if you comfortable with big size smartphone, you should go for it.

3. Design 

Phone design is one of the important part when you go for new smartphone, if you care about build quality, look for a unibody design, which you will find on the iPhone 6s and the HTC 10.

People prefer a smartphone with a removable battery should opt for a device such as the LG G5. This innovative design also allows you to add other modules to increase functionality, such as a camera grip with physical controls and an extended battery.

4. Camera

A phone's camera quality depends on a whole host of variables. More megapixels will always sound better on a fact sheet, but we all know some good 8 megapixel cameras take better photos than a bad 13 megapixel.

Also important thing is lens quality, which could aid the sensor by exposing it to more light. The sensor itself might also offer a lower pixel count, but be more sensitive to illumination, resulting in better performance in low-light conditions. Also focus on front camera quality because we all love to take selfies.

5. Processor 

Heartbeat of the any phones is its Processor. It provides the computing power to churn through various tasks, like opening and running applications. A fast processor also has a big impact on overall performance, such as how smoothly a phone handles flipping through menus and running home screens. Best Processor now Snapdragon 820, if your budget allow choose Snapdragon 820 Processor phones.

6. RAM

If you buy new smartphone for doing multitasking, than pay attention to your smartphone’s RAM. 2GB RAM smartphone is good choice but if you decide that’s not enough, 4GB RAM always secures and perfect for good performance.

7. Battery Life

Nobody like charge phone daily two times. We all wish at-least two day battery life smartphone. So also focus on battery mAh. More than 3000 mAh is normally provide good battery life.

8. Mobile Network

Yes, when you buy new smartphone must note your smartphone is support 4G LTE. Now our world enter in 4G. Reliance Jio already offer free 4G till 31st December but it's only work with 4G LTE smartphone.
Other New Features

Finger Print Security

New sensation in smartphone is Fingerprint sensor. Now lots of phone come with mind blowing feature. This feature provide more security. Many phones come with this feature, you should look for it.

Heart Rate Monitor

Device makers like Apple and Samsung are now focusing on this feature. Samsung's Galaxy S5 was the first smartphone to carry an LED heart-rate monitor, and it's present in other Samsung phones like the Note 5 series, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S6 family, as well as many Samsung smartwatches. Expect to see more of these crop up in wearables like smartwatches and fitness bands.

WordPress vs Wix: Which is Better For You?


If you are confused between Wix vs WordPress to build your new website. This blog surely help you. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world but Wix is another popular builder that you should try. Today in this article, i will share both website builder Pros and Cons. So Lets Start:

1. Flexibility 

WordPress is an open source platform, that means their codes are open and everyone modify. That is the biggest reason WordPress community has continue to grow.

But WordPress has one big problem, anybody with coding knowledge can build a theme or plugin for WordPress which is highly risky. Their are so many Tools in WordPress are worse.

Wix is not an open source platform so their codes are not available for modify. That means only their development team can build website and tools.

2. Price

Price is very important factor when choosing your platform for new blog. The total costs of developing and maintaining your website will depend on your needs. Your first goal is decide your budget.

First taking about WordPress, you can start with a basic plan with a WordPress hosting provider like Siteground that will cost you $3.95 per month. If your budget allow, then you can use WPEngine which costs $29 per month.

if you use WordPress premium themes or plugins then you website cost will rise. Also there are lots of free WordPress themes and plugins available that you can use to cut your cost.

Other side Wix is free but there are two big problems. First is Wix add advertisements on top and bottom of your website. Second is , you cannot use a custom domain for your site, so your site address will be: username.wix.com/sitename.

Also basic plan does not offer must required addons such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. Also remove ads and get additional features, you will upgrade to the premium plans.

Wix premium plan come with different storage size and bandwidth limitations. You can choose monthly or yearly plan.

3. Ease of Use

First talk about WordPress in terms of ease of use, the learning curve for WordPress is not simple. Lot of people choose WordPress for its flexibility but this flexibility comes with complexity.

If you know how to modify codes, you can do lot of changes with WordPress but if you have a coding skill, you need to hire a skilled WordPress developer which can rise your website cost.

Other side Wix come with limited customization, Wix is designed and built specifically so it is easy for non-developers to use with ease. You can surely learn Wix faster then WordPress.

4. Design and Layout

Website design and layout is very important. Everyone wish they website good looking plus user friendly.

WordPress offer lots of free and premium themes. Free themes come with limited support while Premium themes offer more features and support option.

Users can download free themes from WordPess.org directory and for Premium themes there are some best WordPress theme shops like StudioPress and ThemeLab.

Wix comes with more than 500+ ready templates. All Wix designs are fully responsive and written in HTML5. Using the built in tools, you can further customize your site design, change layout, and rearrange items.

One biggest downside in Wix is that once you have selected a template, you cannot change it. You can modify it and customize it as much as you want using only the built-in tools, but you cannot switch to another template.

5. eCommerce

WordPress offer some good free plugins that you can use to build your online store and sell anything you want. Each of these plugins have their own add-on plugins so you can use any payment gateway.

Most eCommerce plugins for WordPress have their own dedicated themes and lots of themes specially designed to work with those plugins.

Wix offers eCommerce with their paid plans. This means users with the free plan cannot run your eCommerce store on Wix.

There are a few third party apps that you can use for selling product online but those apps cost is very high so you start eCommerce business website, surely go with WordPress. 

3 Best Dark Themes For Window 10


Many people lots of spend time in front of  PC. New window dark themes are blessing for this type of people because dark theme not strain your eyes. That is the biggest reason you have use dark theme in your PC. Today i share 3 best dark window 10 themes. So Lets Start:

1. Nocturnal Dark Theme 

In my point of view Nocturnal is best Windows 10 Dark Theme. After install this theme your PC look clean and dark. From Control Panel to File Explorer, each part of your Windows 10 interface will be upgraded to a Dark Theme. Here i guide how you can install this theme:

First you must need to download these four apps

Classic Shell 
Win Aero
UX Style
Old New Explorer

After downloading these tools, you can go to official guide to install the theme. In the theme download package, you’ll find a font named Sans Semibold. You have to install this font to have the complete theme experience of Nocturnal dark theme. Now go to Nocturnal Dark Theme Page and Download Theme.

2. Penumbra 10 Dark Theme

Penumbra 10 come in second spot in my list. Theme come with natural dark colors. Theme work perfectly with Build 10586 and Build 14393. Here i guide how you can install this theme:

First you need to download some tools. Make sure you take Restore Point. After you install Open Sans font in your PC. Now follow these steps:

First you need to install UXStyle Patch. Here i give link UXstyle
With this tool you can easily disable Ribbon UI.
From the downloaded theme package, you have to copy ‘Visual Style’ folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
Now go to the Themes menu via Desktop Right Click > Personalize > Themes > Theme Setting.
From the available themes, you can select Penumbra W10.
Here i give Penumbra Dark Theme Download Page Link.

3. Official Window Dark Theme

Many people don't know Windows 10 have an official Dark Theme. Window 10 included dark theme but it isn’t visible from the common Settings. if you have got the Windows 10 Anniversary update, you will have the option to enable a dark theme in the device. To do that, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Colours. There, you can shift between Dark and Light themes. This theme not support third-party apps and some areas. 

But you not updated your PC to Windows 10 Anniversary version. I guide you how you can install this theme unofficial way. You just follow my steps:

Start > Run
Type RegEdit in the Run command box.
In the coming window, go to:


Here, you have to add a new DWORD. Name it AppsUseLightTheme and give the value as ‘0’.
Now, go to:


You have to add the same DWORD – AppsUseLightTheme and value ‘0’.
Once you are do this process, you need to reboot your PC.

Now, your PC should be running on the Dark Theme.

7 Best Apple iOS 10 New Features


On 13th September Apple come with it's new version iOS 10. This new iOS come with great new features and in this post we talking about some great features of iOS 10. So Lets Start:

1. Notification

Apple do changes in notifications for make more content visible and now it easier for users to respond to messages.

2. iMessage

Lots of changes Apple do in iMessage. First, if you want to add a more personal touch to your messages, responses can be made with handwriting instead of text.

Also users can respond to messages using Digital Touch. You will have different variations of gestures to choose from which will trigger the sending of different icons. Alternatively users can simply make quick sketches.

3. iMessage Apps

Now people have the option of accessing content for use in their messages from the iMessage App Store. This can be accessed by pressing the App Store icon next to the text input box or from within the regular iOS App Store.

4. New Emoji

When you select emoji button after typing a body of text, iMessage will automatically scan the text for words with emoji equivalents. The words are highlighted and tapping on them allows the users to choose an appropriate emoji icon.

5. Improve Siri 

Now Siri become more inteligent. If you ask Siri to take a selfie, your Camera app will open and the front-facing camera will activate itself. also If Siri mishears you, you don’t need to manually edit the phrase that you spoke. Siri will automatically make alternative suggestions.

6. Hide Apps

In iOS 10 you can easily hide default apps. You can then reinstate the app at a later date via the App Store if you care to. You will notice that this does not work with all of the default apps.

You cannot hide Photos, Camera, Contacts, Clock, Photo Booth, Find iPhone or Health.

7. Type in Two Languages 

iOS 10 makes it easier than ever for persons who speak more than one language to communicate with their iOS device. With iOS 10 you can now type in 2 languages at the same time without having to switch between different keyboards.

7 Best iMessage Apps You Should Try in iPhone


Apple’s latest iOS 10 carries with it a lot of good changes, including Siri is now finally open to third-party developers via SiriKit.

There are other significant changes also, and iMessage is one app that is getting some long needed upgrades. With iOS 10, Apple launched an in-app AppStore for iMessage, so developers can now make their apps work inside iMessage, allowing users to do stuff without ever having to leave the app. There are already a lot of applications that have iMessage support, So  in this post i share some best iMessage Apps:

1. Do With Me

Do With Me is a to do list app that you can used straightforwardly inside iMessage. The app permits users to create to do lists that are shared with the other participants in the iMessage chat. The to do list can be edited in any time, and new items can be crossed off, and added by any user who is a participant in the chat. This is a great way to manage to do lists with family members, or even with friends, when trying to plan out a trip. The to-do lists look great, and the app run smoothly.

2. iTranslate

iTranslate change your text to another language. Tanslated text can be sent to anyone on iMessage. Users simply need to choose the target language and afterjust type in default language. Once you press the “send” arrow, the app automatically translate the text to the target language and then you can send it, or cancel if they choose not to send the message. The app supports a lot of languages.

3. I'm In

Need to arrange an event with your friends, this app surely help you in planning out events with your friends and family. This app offers some best features, like pick the possible dates for the event, and allowing every user to RSVP to the date that they are most comfortable with, and then the event creator can finalize the date.

The creator will also see the percentage of people who agree with a date, so that they can choose a date that is comfortable for the maximum number of people. This app is very helpful for planning out trips, parties and a lot more other things.

4. Chatterbird

Chatterbird is a very funny and great app. You can exchanging voice messages with your friends. The app give option to users to either send pre-recorded sounds or else record their own message and add filters to it. You can also send a mix of their custom voice messages, along with the pre-recorded sounds that the app comes with. This app surely make you happy.

5. Emoji Remix

Emoji Remix is an app that allows users to select an emoji from the list of emojis, and then perform manipulations on it to make it totally new one. Once users have edited the features of the emoji, they can easily share the remixed emoji to anyone.

6. Tenor GIF Keyword

GIF is very popular and they surely add a fun touch to messaging. Unless you use a keyboard such as GBoard by Google, chances are you don’t have any way of adding GIFs directly in iMessage. Luckily, iOS 10 come with app support to iMessage, you can now use the Tenor GIF Keyboard to find GIFs and send them, all from inside the iMessage app. Tenor GIF Keyboard also allows users to create their own GIFs using their iPhone camera, that they can then send on iMessage.

7. Pico Photo Compressor

Normally iMessage send images as large as their original size but their is a good news, Pico Photo Compressor surely help you by reducing the size of the image. The app come with great future like you change the size of the image, by changing the quality and resolution of the image, and it also shows the difference between the quality of the image that will be sent.

How To Boost Your Website Traffic From Forums


There are so many ways to get traffic for your website. Forums are one of the best way to generate traffic for your website. There are so many forums available where people discuss their issue. If you wish to target those people to be your audience, all you need to know the right strategy on how to drive traffic from forums to your blog. So Lets Start:

1. Choose Right Forums

The most important first step is choose right forum. First search for related forum to your niche. Make sure Forum must be very active. Try to build a connection in one Forum, once you make a great position, you can decide whether joining another active Forum would be best for you or not.   

2. Choose Right Username 

Your username is your brand, so you need to take special care when you choose. Ask yourself what message you want your username to send. Using your name as a username gives your interactions with others a more personal feel than if you just used the name of your blog or business. It’s important that you username fits in with your niche and the forum.

3. Signature is Everything

Use link as your signature and so whenever someone clicks on your signature it will redirect them to your blog. Your signature is where the traffic to your blog or website really will come from. So, make it attractive and try to be creative so that most of the people click on your signature.
A standard signature will include the name of your blog or your blog’s tagline or what your blog is about. Linking to an especially informative or interesting post can also be a good strategy if you want to drive traffic to certain parts of your blog. Remember that you can also link to a newsletter signup page to help grow your list.
4. Make Attractive Profile
Your profile is what people see when they click on your username, and it usually consists at least of your avatar, a short bio, and a link to your website. Make sure your avatar should be a picture of you. We like to know that we’re interacting with a real person, and a photo gives a face to the name and helps create a more personal interactive experience.
Make sure your bio give all your information about you. Again, make it professional, but don’t be boring. Talk about how much experiences you’ve got in your particular field, but also talk about any other interesting information about yourself. Give people more reasons for them to interact with you.
5. Stay Active  

If you wish more traffic come to your blog, you must active on Forum. you must publish something time to time. The more active you are, the more traffic you would be able to drive from these forums. Give answers which you know. More you help other people to solve their problem more chance to get higher traffic.
6. Post Great Article
“Content is king” for getting traffic to your blog and getting people to subscribe to your blog. The same applies to Forum posts. Provide the best content you possibly can. Link to other resources both inside the Forum and elsewhere online to provide even more helpful content.  

7. Start New Threads 

If someone opens up a thread to read it, that person is obviously going to read the first post in the thread, right? The first post in a thread gets read more than any other, so being in that position is a great way to leverage your forum posting. 
It is very important that you start the right kinds of threads. If you are got genuine questions about something, then by all means ask about it. If you don’t have any questions, a great way to go is to ask people’s opinions on a topic that they all can have input on.

How To Setup Kodi on Your PC : A Ultimate Guide


Kodi media player does not need introduction. Kodi is an open source media center software. Kodi capable to open almost all type of audios, videos and pictures, in addition you can stream films, live tv, sports and more.

Kodi different options and features can be overwhelming but Kodi setting is tough so in this post i bring you complete ultimate guide on how to setup Kodi on Your PC. So Lets Start:

Install Kodi on Your Device

The best part about Kodi is that it’s available for almost all platforms you can think of, like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more.

First you open Kodi’s official download page, where you can download a build version for any of the platforms.

User Interface

Kodi’s user interface is very tough but it certainly very functional. The home page of Kodi you can see features sections for Pictures, Videos, Music, Programs and System. You can drift over each of these sections with your mouse for more options like files, add-ons, system info, settings and more.

On the bottom left corner, you will find the favorites button, which shows the add-ons that you have and your favorites, which are add-ons or media that you have added to favorites. Also, you will find a shutdown, exit, power off system, reboot and hibernate options. You can also set a custom shutdown timer.

When you enter any of the sections, you will find a back and home button on the bottom right and a sidebar on the left, which lets you select the view and other miscellaneous options.

Options and Settings 

Create Locked Profile

The Kodi home page features the various sections and sub-sections for Pictures, Videos, Music, Programs and System. Before you go to the Settings page and play with the various options, you should create a profile or just set a lock on the Master profile, so that no one else gets access to your private content collection.

Just go to System->Profiles. Here, you can enable the login screen and set the lock preferences of a profile.

Choose Setting Level

Now you can go to System->Settings and enter any of the available options and select the “Settings Level”. The levels range from Basic, Standard, Advanced and Expert. I will recommend you to set it “Expert” level.

Look All Settings

Then you can go to the various Settings options. Here’s what each of options offer:

Appearance: Here you can change the skin of the Kodi's interface. You can choose from available skins or download other skins. Also, you can change the fonts, startup window, sounds, edit the RSS Feed that scrolls down at the bottom, change the language & region, screensaver and more.

Video: In Video you can get various options for video playback, the video library, acceleration, subtitles, discs and accessibility. Each of these options pack in a plethora of options to play with.

TV : Like Video, you can arrange the various TV settings like playback, parental control, recording, power saving and more.

Music : In Music options you can set up the library as you wish. Additionally, you get a number of advanced playback options, file lists and more.

Pictures : In Pictures you can change the file lists settings and configure the way slideshows are shown.

Weather : You can simply choose a weather service to show you info in the Kodi's Front page. First you need to install a weather add-on. I will recommend the Yahoo Weather add-on.

Add-ons : If you using Kodi broadly, you will visiting the Add-ons Settings page. Here, you will find options to install the various Add-ons.

Services : Want to stream your Kodi content to a TV or want to control your Kodi system via your smartphone? Well, you will find all the options here.

System : The System Settings come with lot of important actions. Here, you can configure the video & audio output, set up a master lock, enable power saving mode and more.

Store Your Media in Kodi

If you a have a collection of music, videos, TV shows, podcasts etc.you can stored on your device, you can easily access it on Kodi and also organize it better. Firstly, you will have to add all your media to Kodi. Here i show how to do it:

Drift over the Photos, Videos or Music section from the home page and click on files.

Then, just tap on “Add Music” or whatever section you selected.

Enter the path where your media is stored on your device.

Once you have added a path, all the media from that folder will available for you to play in Kodi. While you can add as many paths as you want, i will recommend you to store all your media files in unified single folders for a better organized experience.

Install Repositories and Add-ons

I know you confuse, what is a repository? Well, repositories are a group of add-ons that can be installed in Kodi, so that you can access the various add-ons it offers with ease. Kodi offers its very own official add-on repository, plus you can always install various third party repositories and add-ons.

Official Add-ons can be installed and enabled in Kodi directly. unofficial add-ons can be installed through different sources or repositories that you will have to add manually or through ZIP files that are available to download.

Install Official Kodi Add-ons

First we talk about how you can install the official Kodi add-ons like YouTube, Trakt, Vine etc. Here step by step guidance:

You can go to Settings->Add-ons. Here, click on “Install from repository”. Then, click on “Kodi Add-on Repository”.

Here you will find different types of add-on categories like look & feel, music, lyrics, videos, subtitles and more.

You can go to an add-on type, for instance, you can just click on Video Add-ons and click on an add-on of your choice and “Install“, after which add-on you will be downloaded and you should get an “add-on enabled” notification.

After you installed the add-on, you will find them in their respective sections, like YouTube will be available in Videos->Add-on page.

While there are a lots of great official add-ons, there are some great unofficial ones too, which make Kodi’s complexity worthwhile. So, let’s take a look at how you can install third party repositories and add-ons.

Install Third Party Unofficial Kodi Add-ons

Some of the best unofficial Kodi add-ons are part of repositories like Fusion, Xfinity, Superrepo and more. So, first let’s see how you can install a repository in Kodi. Well, to install a repository, you will have to add its source and every source comes with its own unique link, which you can easily find through a Google Search. For instance, we are going to show you how you can install the Fusion repository:

Go to System->File Manager and double click on “Add Source”

Enter the source link of Fusion, which currently is ” http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” and enter the name for the repository you want.

Now, you can go to Settings->Add ons and click on “Install from ZIP”, here you can check out the sources you have added. Click on “Fusion”. Then, check out the various repositories and add-ons available through it.

I will recommend you to first install the Add-on installer add-on from “start-here”, as it brings a number of cool add-ons that you can install. You can just click on an add-on to install it. Once the Add-on installer is installed, you will see a notification. Also, you can install a repository from the “xbmc-repos” folder.

To install an add-on from a repository, you can just click on “Install from Repository” and go to the repo you want to install the add-on from.

Different sources have differently styled names for add-ons & repos but they are mostly self-explanatory, so you should not have a problem. Once you have added various repositories, you can just go to the add-ons option Music, Videos or any other section, click on Get more and you should see all the add-ons available to install from the official & unofficial repositories.

Use Kodi From Your Mobile

Kodi brings a great media center experience, you should not always want to control it via the PC. While Kodi supports TV remotes, game controllers and more such devices. The good news is, you can control Kodi with your phone. The official remote app from Kodi available for Android and iOS.

To use it, you will first have to go to Kodi Services Settings. Here, go to Remote Control and turn on the option that says “Allow remote control by programs on other systems”.

Then, go to Webserver and enable “Allow remote control via HTTP”.

Also, go to Zeroconf and enable “Announce Services to other systems”.

After you can open the remote app and make sure your Kodi system and smartphone are connected to the same network. Tap on “Next” and the Kodi remote app will start looking for media centers.

After found a media center, you can just select your system and start controlling Kodi on your phone. The app will present you a remote, which works flawlessly.

The Kodi remote app even lets you see all the music, videos, pictures and other media inside your Kodi system. Plus, you can see all the add-ons installed in your Kodi system.

All  Set For Kodi Configuration?

Once you have set up Kodi on your device, make sure to install the Backup Add-on, so that you can take your profile to any other system you want. Well, i hope my guide has helped you set up your Kodi configuration but if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to let us know about it in the comments section below. You can surely expect a swift reply from me.

Best Ways To Find Cheap Flights Online


Today i am reveal some best tips to book cheap flights. This blog " Best Ways To Find Cheap Flights Online" surely help you to cut your huge travel cost. So Lets Start:

1. Start Searching Early

Generally Airlines allow book tickets 11 months ahead of time. When you decide your destination, begin your cheap flight search agenda and must checking for good deal once every week.

More you early start for searching, there are more chance to you get cheap flight ticket. 

2. Which Day is best?

It won't make any difference when you purchase your tickets but cheaper deals can certainly be found depending on the day you choose to fly.

Research say Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday this days are usually off-peak. That Means you have more chance to get cheaper deals in this three days.

3. Be Flexible With Dates and Time

The best strategy to save extra cash on flights is to be adjustable with your travel dates. Give yourself the best chance by searching a couple of days. either side of your preferred departure date. also adjust with time. if you can find good deal in mid night time just grab it.

If you are locked into fix date and date, it will be less chance to find best deal.

4. Sign Up For Email Notification

The best airfare deals can go generally unannounced. Sign Up for your most favorite aircraft e-newsletter as limited time fairs and markdown codes reserved for email subscribers can spare you cash.

5. Take Advantage Of Student Discounts

If you are a student (or under 26), there are many, many discounts available to you. There are many student discount codes out there, and many of travel agencies like STA Travel or Flight Center can help find you a cheap ticket.

6. Delete Your Cookies 

A few sites website store your inquiry information and will build the cost of the flights on the off chance that they know the particular flights you are searching for. So when you return a second time they offer higher price for those flights.

So must delete your cookies and history after every search.

7. Try Different Currencies

Before booking a flight, consider if the rate is less expensive if paid in another currencies. When you use this trick make sure you’re using a credit card that is free of foreign-transaction fees, otherwise your attempts to save money convert into loss.

Best Website For Search Cheap Flights

When you searching for cheap flights online always use trusted websites. This are some best website list:




Google Flights

Lose Weight Faster With Safety

Quickly weight loss is a big dream of so many people in world. Everyone wishes to get a slim body without much hard work. It's one wish that remaining parts in our brains constantly.

If you attempted and failed at quick weight loss, then now is a decent time to try it out once more. With a specific end goal to get in shape rapidly, most people attempt crash diets or boring workouts. Yet, for some shockingly odd reason, your quick weight loss plan did not work out for you. So today i  give you 10 quick weight loss tips with no side effects. So Lets Start:

1. Set Target

Most important thing is first you choose how many kilos of weight you have to lose. So many people begin their weight loss journey without set target. Calculate your desired weight against your height by using reliable methods like the BMI, and set a healthy weight loss target. This is often half the battle won.

2. Take Less Calories

Getting in shape with simple math, first you cut down your calories. To lose one pound week after week, cut out  3,500 calories over the span of seven days. That separates to 500 calories for each day. It's hard to cut 500 calories only with dieting specially who loves to eat.

The best approach is this combo: every day, cut out 250 calories from your eating and another 250 through exercise.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking at least 8 glass of water in a day is one of the best way to accelerate weight loss. Your body needs water so as to productively metabolize put away fat. When you shortchange your supply, you are likely to slow down that process, meaning it's more difficult for you to burn calories. Maintain a simple rule drink eight glass water in a day, will make your weight loss journey easy.

4. Live Active Life

Physical action, be it preparing for a half marathon or hitting the gym, is imperative for reduce weight, however don't skip moving about in your ordinary life. Take the stairs, walking with your dog, use bicycle. This small thing very helpful for your weight loss agenda.

5. Don't Skip Breakfast

If you think skipping morning breakfast lose your weight, this is a biggest mistake you done. Eat a healthy and nutritious feast in the morning can really kick off your digestion system and urge pounds to drop. Pick a breakfast that is high in protein to give you vitality and brimming with fiber to keep you fulfilled for hours.

6. Use Small Plate

The basic demonstration of using little plates can help you to consume less food, in this way you can boost your weight loss agenda.

7. Drink Green Tea

A recent study compared a metabolic impact of green tea with placebo, analysts found that the green-tea consumers blazed around 70 extra calories in a 24-hour time span. That means 70 calories a day signify a sum of 7.3 pounds of fat a year!

8. Try Boot Camp

Consider a boot class. These classes combine strength and cardio training, which will help your metabolic rate. In addition, you'll meet similar type people who cheer for you in boot camp.

9. Eat Nuts

Studies have found that overweight people who ate a moderate-fat diet containing almonds lost more weight. Take nuts once a day helps stave off hunger and keeps your metabolism stoked.

10. Close Your Kitchen For 12 Hours

After dinner close your kitchen. Late-night eating rapidly increase your the general number of calories you eat, a university of Texas study found. Stop late-night eating can spare 300 or more calories a day.

Apple iPhone 7 New Features

Apple has finally announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a unique event in San Francisco, California. At event Apple uncovered an updated iPhone that, while stylishly like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple do few major changes in 7 Series. So here in this blog i share new great features of iPhone 7 and & 7 Plus.

1. Remove Headphone Jack

Biggest notable change in iPhone 7 is remove the earphone jack, now iPhone & come with a Lightning Ear Pods. Which associate through the charging port. Infrared sensors recognize when you put pod is in your ear and motion sensors control the earphones to utilize Siri and identify your voice. Pods can associate with Apple watches, PCs and iPads.

Apple also announced two variants of wireless earphones for the iPhone 7 models. The iPhone 7 also come with stereo speakers interestingly, with speakers now put at the top and base of the gadget.

2. Improve Camera

iPhone 7 come with f/1.8 focal point that lets 50 for each penny all the more light onto the focal point, another 12MP sensor that is 60 per cent.

iPhone 7 Plus come with two 12MP cameras, one of which is a wide point focal point and the other a zooming focal point that can zoom 2X in high caliber without utilizing any product. The zooming focal point implies the camera can zoom to 10X with optical and delicate zoom.

Both models have 4K video recording capacity and also enable live editing of video records with wide shading capture.

Apple also add picture adjustment and give brand new camera flash to enhance photographs shot in low-light. Apple has additionally multiplied the quantity of LEDs to four - two cool, two warm - with a specific end goal to make a more powerful flash.

3. Long Battery Life 

Apple iPhone 7 and & Plus come with longest battery life ever in an iPhone. An iPhone 7 models give two hours longer battery life than an iPhone 6s and an hour longer than iPhone 6s Plus.

The battery on the iPhone 7 keeps going 14 hours when utilizing WiFi and 12 hours on 4G. The iPhone 7 Plus more in the interim keeps going 15 hours on WiFi and 15 hours on 4G.

4. New Colours

Apple come with two new colours for the iPhone 7 to replace space grey. The new phones are available in five different colours including two new shades of black.

A matte "black" and a gleaming dark will join silver, gold and rose gold in the shading choices for the iPhone. The new glossy "pure black" completion will be offered on the 128GB and 256GB models.

5. Improve Performance 

Apple iPhone both models come with a new Apple A10 Fusion which has a 64-bit 4 core CPU.

Phone running 40% speedier than A9 of iPhone 6s and twofold the velocity of the A8 processors. additionally phone graphics performance improve 40% compare to A9.

6. Home Button

The home button has been given a vibration-based taptic feedback system, so it now vibrates when touched to give user feedback. This future is already come in MacBook PCs.

7. Water Resistant

New Apple iPhone's come with likewise water-resistant with an IPX67 rating which implies the equipment can remain undamaged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

iPhone 7 and & 7 Plus Release Date 

This Friday, on 9th September you can order iPhone 7 models and on 16th September Apple start shipping phones.

8 Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude


A positive attitude makes you more happier, it's improve your relationships, and it increases your chances of success. in addition, having a positive attitude makes you more creative and it can help you to make better decisions.

To top it all off, there are studies that show that people with a positive attitude live longer than their sourpuss counterparts. Today i will discuss 8 ways to maintain a positive attitude in any situation.

1. Start Your Day With Strong Note

Most of the people have to drag themselves out of bed and this sets a negative frame for their entire day. Positive people create a morning ritual that reinforces how great life is and how happy they are to be alive.

You can start your day with some good book reading or listening to something positive. Whether you have 1 minute, 15 minutes or an hour to dedicate to your ritual you can start the day in whatever state you prefer.

2. Your language Shapes Your Thoughts

Little changes in your language can change the way you think and how you act. Whenever someone greets you and asks how you’re doing do you answer with “fine” or “not too bad?” Think about just what this language is communicating to other and yourself.

Try to give answers with “great,” “fantastic,” or “amazing.” Not only does this remind me that life really is great but it usually surprises and lifts the state of the person I’m talking to as well.

3. Hang Out With Positive People

It is often said that you will have a similar level of health, income and lifestyle as the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if you want to be fit then starting hanging out with fit people. want to start a business then hang out with business owners. And if you want to be positive make sure you’re hanging out with positive people.

4. Always Smiling

Smiling will give you an instant attitude boost. Try smiling for a minute while you think of a happy memory or the last thing that made you smile. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin, also known as the feel good hormones. It’s a lot easier to adopt a positive attitude when the chemicals being released by your body are conducive to well-being.

5. Have A Purpose

Having a purpose in life gives you a fixed point in the horizon to focus on, so that you can remain steady amid life’s vicissitudes and challenges. Bringing meaning and purpose into your life knowing why you are here will do wonders for your attitude.

6. Stop Expecting Life is Easy

The truth is, life gets tough at times. For all of us. It can even be painful. But you’re brave and resourceful, and you can take it. Know that sometimes things won’t be easy, and adopt the attitude that you have what it takes to deal with anything that life throws at you.

7. Visualization

When things aren’t going your way, keep a positive attitude by visualizing yourself succeeding and achieving your goals. When Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in a tiny cell that was just 6 feet wide–he kept his hopes up by visualizing himself being set free.

Mandela once said, “I thought of the day when I would walk free. Over and over again, I fantasized about what I would like to do.” By visualizing his release he was able to maintain a positive attitude, even when he found himself under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

8. Use Gratitude to improve Your Attitude

When you find yourself focusing on what’s wrong in your life, what you don’t have, or what you’re missing out on, adjust your attitude by feeling gratitude.

Studies show that having an attitude of gratitude is beneficial for every aspect of your life. being grateful improves your health, your mood, your relationships, your career satisfaction on and on. If you need an attitude lift simply think of all the things that you have to be grateful for.

Intel Kaby Lake VS Skylake


Intel recently declared the seventh generation of their processors, marking a decisive end to the “tick-tock” strategy that they have been using for years. Tick-tock was a strategy where Intel used to alternate between manufacturing processors on a smaller die (tick), and updating the architecture of the processors (tock). To put that in perspective, Intel’s 5th generation Broadwell processors were the “tick”, and the 6th generation Skylake processors were the “tock”. It was time, then, for Intel to move to another “tick”, and such was the plan. Intel was originally planning on moving from Skylake to Cannonlake, by using a 10nm process, but delays caused Intel to release another “tock” instead, which is why we are seeing Kaby Lake processors, using the same 14nm process, with some optimizations to improve their performance over the Skylake processors.

Today in this article, i will talk about the major changes, and the similarities between Intel Kaby Lake processors, and Intel Skylake processors.

Intel Kaby Lake: 4K Ready Processes

One of the main focus in Kaby Lake processors is that it comes with native support for HEVC encoding and decoding for 4K videos. The processor kind of outsources these tasks to the GPU, now, instead of utilizing its own cores, which means that 4K videos can now stream much better, and use a less battery.

Also, since the CPU isn’t being used for the 4K heavy-lifting, it leaves the cores free to do other tasks that may be waiting in the queue. Apart from leaving the processor cores free, this also means that they will use less energy, which is why Intel has reported that systems running on Kaby Lake processors have, on an average, a 2.6 times better battery life than other systems, while playing 4K content.

Users will also see a big improvement in the 3D graphics performance offered by Kaby Lake as compared to older generation processors, which directly translates to a better gaming performance. Intel actually showed off a Dell XPS 13 running Overwatch running on medium settings, and pulling around 30 fps.

Faster Clock Speed and Higher Turbo Boost Frequencies

With Kaby Lake, Intel is basically optimising the architecture they used in Skylake, to bring faster clock speed and an increased turbo boost. Although, it is unclear how drastically this will affect real-world performance.

The benchmark results that Intel released are promising. Since there is no new architecture involved, the only way that Intel has actually improved Kaby Lake processors performance as compared to Skylake, is by making optimisation, tweaks, and improvements under-the-hood.

Native Support For New Formats

The Kaby Lake processors are also going to support USB 3.1 Gen 2, which has a bandwidth of 10Gbps, 2 times higher than the USB 3.0 standard being used currently.

Also, the seventh-generation processors will have native support for 4K HEVC encoding and decoding at 10-bit depths, as well as VP9 decoding capabilities, two things that are completely missing from the Skylake generation processors. HEVC, in short, is an encoding method which can reduce the bandwidth of video files by almost 50%, while maintaining the quality that was achieved using H.264 encoding.

Kaby Lake processors will also add native support for Thunderbolt 3.0, which in the case of Skylake processors, could only be supported on motherboards equipped with Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt Controllers.

The seventh generation processors will also have support for Intel Optane, which is Intel’s branding for storage devices that will use the 3D XPoint technology. This is a big deal, because reports from claim that throughputs and write durability on storage devices using Intel Optane are as much as 1000 times higher than traditional flash storages, and latency is 10 times lower than NAND SSDs.

Other Features and Improvements

While both the Skylake and Kaby Lake processors can have 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes from the CPU, Kaby Lake can have upto 24 PCIe lanes from the PCH (Platform Controller Hub), while Skylake can only have 20. Kaby Lake processors are also a part of the Intel 200 Series chipset, also called “Union Point”, whereas its Skylake counterparts were a part of Intel 100 Series chipset, also called “Sunrise Point”.

The Kaby Lake processors also feature a wide range of TDP, ranging from as low as 3.5 W up to 95 W. Among the features that are common to both the generations of processors, are things such as support for up to 4 cores in the mainstream processors, 64 to 128 MB L4 cache memory, etc.

Kaby Lake has some significant improvements over Skylake, however, most of these improvements are not going to compel average users to upgrade their Skylake processor equipped systems with those equipped with Kaby Lake. Of course, with native support for HEVC encoding and decoding of 4K streams, there is definitely going to be a market for Kaby Lake processors, specially among people who create or consume a lot of 4K content, but for the average user, Skylake is quite clearly still relevant, and upgrading to a Kaby Lake processor, will probably not be worth the price.

That is not to say that Kaby Lake is not a worthy upgrade to Skylake; it most definitely is. The numerous “under-the-hood” improvements made to the processor have Intel claiming that it has up to 2.6 times better battery life when consuming 4K content. This is probably due to the fact that Kaby Lake processors will use the GPU to do all tasks related to handling 4K video, meaning that the processor cores will be cooler, use less power and also be available for other tasks that they otherwise wouldn’t be.

Reliance Jio Data Plan and Offers


At Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani finally broke the silence on the tariffs for Reliance Jio. The company will not be charging for voice calls. Mukesh Ambani said - "it was announced that Jio will charge only 5 paise per MB, or Rs. 50 per GB. What's more, the greater the usage, the lower the cost will be, and the rates could go down to Rs. 25 per GB."

At the AGM, Ambani also announced that Jio services will become available from September 5, absolutely free as part of the 'Jio welcome offer', so everyone can try Jio's services at no charge. this is such a big gift for all people.

The small plan starts at Rs 149 for 0.3GB data along with access to 100 SMS. There’s a Rs 499 Medium pack which comes with 4GB 4G data and access to unlimited 4G at night. (2 AM TO 5 AM) The Large, XL, XXL and XXXL 4G packs are priced at Rs 999, Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499, Rs 3,999 and Rs 4,999.


Going by these plans, the rates are actually a little different from the Rs. 50 for 1GB that was announced. The cheapest plan is actually a lot more expensive. you get 300MB of data for Rs. 149, or around Rs. 450 per GB. However, with the other plans, once you count the Wi-Fi hotspot data as well, it does work out to the rate that was announced - for example, the Rs. 499 pack gives you a total of 12GB including Wi-Fi, which works out to approximately Rs. 42 per GB. The bigger packs do get cheaper this way, so for example, the most expensive Rs. 4,999 pack gives you 225GB of data including Wi-Fi, which works out to approximately Rs. 23 per GB. And this does not account for the unlimited 4G at night you will get as well.

Also Ambani Targeting India’s big demographics of youth, Reliance has introduced a special offer for students. Users with valid student ID cards will get 25 percent extra data on every tariff plan. The scheme is certainly going to woo youth considering Reliance Jio is already offering ultra affordable data plans. In comparison, other telecom players do offer schemes targeted at students with under Rs 50 data and voice packs.

The Reliance Jio data packs give users an access to free voice calls and Jio premium apps. Jio Premium apps include JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioSecurity and JioMoney. Reliance Jio data packs with access to Jio premium apps is free till December 31. Users will be charged as per these data packs after December 31.

Owners of any 4G smartphone can walk in to select Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores and get their hands on a Reliance Jio SIM.

The Ultimate Guide To Get More Traffic From Twitter


Twitter is one of the latest and greatest Web 2.0 apps and it gets tons of traffic. However, from the point of view of a SEO expert, it is more important that Twitter can get you tons of traffic as well. So, if you still don't have an account with Twitter, you will open today.

Twitter is simple to use and this is what made it so popular. Twitter is fashionable right now, so enjoy the moment. Even the creators of Twitter admit that as with MySpace and other Web 2.0 sensations, Twitter will inevitably go out of fashion some day, so hurry up and get some traffic now.

Unlike most of the other places you can get traffic for free, Twitter is a microblogging platform, which means that there are restrictions on the number of characters in a message. Therefore, you need to be concise in your Tweets and use your space wisely. In addition to being concise, here are some tips to help you get traffic from Twitter:

1. Get Visual

Stop thinking Twitter is just text-only platform. Twitter now features visual content more prominently by auto expanding the images in your tweets, so your content with an image is more important than ever.

Stunning visuals will go a long way to help your updates stand out between the other tweets in your followers text-dominated Twitter streams. When you create a new tweet, you must upload a photo. This will add a link to the photo, as well as a preview of your photo that will appear in Twitter’s timeline.

Images can be up to 3MB in size and must have the GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. The photo will be automatically scaled for display in your expanded Tweet and in your user gallery. Choose photos with a strong focal point that draws the eyes of viewers to one particular point.

2. Use Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags receive two times views than those without. And the more view your tweets, more clicks your links receive. Use hashtags related to the subjects of your blog posts so users searching for your expertise on Twitter can find your tweets.

But don’t over do it. Don’t use more than three hashtags per tweet, otherwise you risk affecting the readability of your updates. You can create your own hashtags but balance the use of original hashtags unique to your blog with more generic, trending hashtags.

3. Ask For Retweet

This is a great way to get your blog related tweets retweeted. Simply ask your followers to retweet, or RT your update. Tweets that ask for a “RT” or “retweet” get 12 to 23 times as many shares as those that don’t.

4. Pick Niche Target Username

Your username is also very important. You need to pick a username that is targeted at your niche. For instance, if you are promoting your SEO services and want to drive traffic to your SEO site, you can choose something like SEOmaster, SEOguru, SEOservices, etc. Your username will show in searches other users make and this is why you must pay attention to what you choose.

5. Search Similar Interest people

You might have millions of friends, more followers are always welcome. That is why you can use the search functions on Twitter and find people with similar interests. Find as many as you can and invite them all.

These people might not be as loyal as your friends but still you will get hits from them as well. Some Twitter users report that about 1-2% of their followers visit their site a day, which means that if you have 1,000 followers, you might expect to get at least 10 or 20 visits a day to your site. This response rate might seem low but there are ways to increase it. 

6. Write Great Headlines

When you open your newspaper in morning and scanned the front page and went straight to the first headline that caught your attention and started reading. so it's very important that your headline is catchy and attractive.

7. Create Click Link

Make easier way for people to share your posts, the more likely they are to share them. Click to Tweet links are easy, shareable links that allow people to tweet out a pre-populated tweet with just one click.

You can do this with a website like Click to Tweet, which helps you generate the links and also gives you access to some stats on the links. Once you’ve created them, you can put these links on your blog posts, and even in email newsletters.