7 Best Apple iOS 10 New Features


On 13th September Apple come with it's new version iOS 10. This new iOS come with great new features and in this post we talking about some great features of iOS 10. So Lets Start:

1. Notification

Apple do changes in notifications for make more content visible and now it easier for users to respond to messages.

2. iMessage

Lots of changes Apple do in iMessage. First, if you want to add a more personal touch to your messages, responses can be made with handwriting instead of text.

Also users can respond to messages using Digital Touch. You will have different variations of gestures to choose from which will trigger the sending of different icons. Alternatively users can simply make quick sketches.

3. iMessage Apps

Now people have the option of accessing content for use in their messages from the iMessage App Store. This can be accessed by pressing the App Store icon next to the text input box or from within the regular iOS App Store.

4. New Emoji

When you select emoji button after typing a body of text, iMessage will automatically scan the text for words with emoji equivalents. The words are highlighted and tapping on them allows the users to choose an appropriate emoji icon.

5. Improve Siri 

Now Siri become more inteligent. If you ask Siri to take a selfie, your Camera app will open and the front-facing camera will activate itself. also If Siri mishears you, you don’t need to manually edit the phrase that you spoke. Siri will automatically make alternative suggestions.

6. Hide Apps

In iOS 10 you can easily hide default apps. You can then reinstate the app at a later date via the App Store if you care to. You will notice that this does not work with all of the default apps.

You cannot hide Photos, Camera, Contacts, Clock, Photo Booth, Find iPhone or Health.

7. Type in Two Languages 

iOS 10 makes it easier than ever for persons who speak more than one language to communicate with their iOS device. With iOS 10 you can now type in 2 languages at the same time without having to switch between different keyboards.

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