6 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. If you are using Chrome browser, you must know about some great YouTube extensions available. Surely these Chrome extensions improve your YouTube experience. Here i give list of 6 best YouTube Chrome extensions that you should try:

1. Turn Off Light

Turn Off the Lights extension give theater experience with lots of customization options. You have full control over the opacity of the dark background. Also, you can able to change any color of the fade you like.

Also you get some handy features like, night mode for easy browsing in the dark, camera motion detection, screensaver, voice commands password protection.

Here i give Download Link : Turn Off Light

2. Magic Action

Magic Actions is a undoubtedly best Chrome extension, with this extension you add lots of great features in YouTube. Like take video screenshots, ability to control volume with mouse, cinema mode with different themes, preview of videos, day/night mode, control buffer and more.

This button only seen when you open YouTube. You can click on the button and then go to ‘Options” to configure all the features. Every feature has its own set of options, so you can totally customize your YouTube experience.

Here i give Download Link : Magic Action

3. GIFit

With GIFs You can easily create GIFs out of YouTube videos and share them with anyone. You should try this extension if you love to create GIF. It works great on YouTube video player and you can just click on the “GIFit” button in the bottom bar to get started.

You can also change GIF height, width and quality. After changes click on the red GIFit! button to create and download the GIF.

Here i give Download Link : GIFit

4. Video Blocker

If you are tired of seeing videos that you really hate it, you should try Video Blocker extension. This extension allow you to block all the videos from a specific channel. It will remove the videos from your search, recommendations and any other part of YouTube.

To block videos, simply right-click on any video from the channel you want to block and select “Block videos from this channel”.

Here i give Download Link : Video Blocker

5. YouTube Plus

YouTube Plus is very good extension for YouTube, this extension offers lots of features. Like different video layouts, infinite scroll in feeds, change volume with mouse wheel, static audio volume and more. Also YouTube Plus automatically create a playlist of the top 20 videos from your subscriptions list.

Here i give Download Link : YouTube Plus

6. Rating Preview

Ratings Preview shows you the rating of all YouTube videos under the video thumbnail. Ratings Preview offers lots of customization options and some nice features. You can change the bar’s thickness and color. It also has built-in RP score system, it's show how good a video is and gives them 0-10 rating.

Here i give Download Link : Rating Preview

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