7 Best iMessage Apps You Should Try in iPhone


Apple’s latest iOS 10 carries with it a lot of good changes, including Siri is now finally open to third-party developers via SiriKit.

There are other significant changes also, and iMessage is one app that is getting some long needed upgrades. With iOS 10, Apple launched an in-app AppStore for iMessage, so developers can now make their apps work inside iMessage, allowing users to do stuff without ever having to leave the app. There are already a lot of applications that have iMessage support, So  in this post i share some best iMessage Apps:

1. Do With Me

Do With Me is a to do list app that you can used straightforwardly inside iMessage. The app permits users to create to do lists that are shared with the other participants in the iMessage chat. The to do list can be edited in any time, and new items can be crossed off, and added by any user who is a participant in the chat. This is a great way to manage to do lists with family members, or even with friends, when trying to plan out a trip. The to-do lists look great, and the app run smoothly.

2. iTranslate

iTranslate change your text to another language. Tanslated text can be sent to anyone on iMessage. Users simply need to choose the target language and afterjust type in default language. Once you press the “send” arrow, the app automatically translate the text to the target language and then you can send it, or cancel if they choose not to send the message. The app supports a lot of languages.

3. I'm In

Need to arrange an event with your friends, this app surely help you in planning out events with your friends and family. This app offers some best features, like pick the possible dates for the event, and allowing every user to RSVP to the date that they are most comfortable with, and then the event creator can finalize the date.

The creator will also see the percentage of people who agree with a date, so that they can choose a date that is comfortable for the maximum number of people. This app is very helpful for planning out trips, parties and a lot more other things.

4. Chatterbird

Chatterbird is a very funny and great app. You can exchanging voice messages with your friends. The app give option to users to either send pre-recorded sounds or else record their own message and add filters to it. You can also send a mix of their custom voice messages, along with the pre-recorded sounds that the app comes with. This app surely make you happy.

5. Emoji Remix

Emoji Remix is an app that allows users to select an emoji from the list of emojis, and then perform manipulations on it to make it totally new one. Once users have edited the features of the emoji, they can easily share the remixed emoji to anyone.

6. Tenor GIF Keyword

GIF is very popular and they surely add a fun touch to messaging. Unless you use a keyboard such as GBoard by Google, chances are you don’t have any way of adding GIFs directly in iMessage. Luckily, iOS 10 come with app support to iMessage, you can now use the Tenor GIF Keyboard to find GIFs and send them, all from inside the iMessage app. Tenor GIF Keyboard also allows users to create their own GIFs using their iPhone camera, that they can then send on iMessage.

7. Pico Photo Compressor

Normally iMessage send images as large as their original size but their is a good news, Pico Photo Compressor surely help you by reducing the size of the image. The app come with great future like you change the size of the image, by changing the quality and resolution of the image, and it also shows the difference between the quality of the image that will be sent.

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