3 Best Tricks To Create Strong Password, That You Can Easily Remember


Today i give few tips about how you can create strong password, that you can easily remember but other people or hacker don't able to crack.

1. Use Poem

University of South California research said using poem few word as a password is very effective. That can be easily remember and hacker can't guess or crack your password. So you can take your favorite poem few words and make strong password.

2. Use Sentence

Second best way to create a strong password is to remove the ways it’s broken; and if you think that making a 32 character long password is good enough to make a strong password, then here is a method suggested by security expert Bruce Schneier.

As per his analysis, by converting a sentence into a password, the probability of hacking it is reduced, as the hacker won’t be able to predict the direct relation between the encrypted password, and it’s origin.

Here i give example:

Germany won the football world cup 2014 and take 2 first word becomes "Gewothfoowocu20"

3. Use POA Method

PAO or Person-Action-Object method of creating passwords was developed by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists, wherein the power of visuals has been used for creating unbreakable passwords.

As per the scientists, the visuals, when combined with random objects and random actions makes the combination unbreakable and safe from hacking.

For example, select a famous place like Eiffel Tower, a person like your science teacher and a random action like driving a car.

Now combine these three factors to form a sentence like ‘Your science teacher driving a car in front of Eiffel Tower.

You can create lots of stories, you can randomize the selections, and use them to create passwords, which you can remember.

After making password here you can check how secure it really is. Go to howsecureismypassword and it will tell you how long it would take a desktop to crack your secure password, and also provide you tips on how you can improve it.

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