How To Boost Your Website Traffic From Forums


There are so many ways to get traffic for your website. Forums are one of the best way to generate traffic for your website. There are so many forums available where people discuss their issue. If you wish to target those people to be your audience, all you need to know the right strategy on how to drive traffic from forums to your blog. So Lets Start:

1. Choose Right Forums

The most important first step is choose right forum. First search for related forum to your niche. Make sure Forum must be very active. Try to build a connection in one Forum, once you make a great position, you can decide whether joining another active Forum would be best for you or not.   

2. Choose Right Username 

Your username is your brand, so you need to take special care when you choose. Ask yourself what message you want your username to send. Using your name as a username gives your interactions with others a more personal feel than if you just used the name of your blog or business. It’s important that you username fits in with your niche and the forum.

3. Signature is Everything

Use link as your signature and so whenever someone clicks on your signature it will redirect them to your blog. Your signature is where the traffic to your blog or website really will come from. So, make it attractive and try to be creative so that most of the people click on your signature.
A standard signature will include the name of your blog or your blog’s tagline or what your blog is about. Linking to an especially informative or interesting post can also be a good strategy if you want to drive traffic to certain parts of your blog. Remember that you can also link to a newsletter signup page to help grow your list.
4. Make Attractive Profile
Your profile is what people see when they click on your username, and it usually consists at least of your avatar, a short bio, and a link to your website. Make sure your avatar should be a picture of you. We like to know that we’re interacting with a real person, and a photo gives a face to the name and helps create a more personal interactive experience.
Make sure your bio give all your information about you. Again, make it professional, but don’t be boring. Talk about how much experiences you’ve got in your particular field, but also talk about any other interesting information about yourself. Give people more reasons for them to interact with you.
5. Stay Active  

If you wish more traffic come to your blog, you must active on Forum. you must publish something time to time. The more active you are, the more traffic you would be able to drive from these forums. Give answers which you know. More you help other people to solve their problem more chance to get higher traffic.
6. Post Great Article
“Content is king” for getting traffic to your blog and getting people to subscribe to your blog. The same applies to Forum posts. Provide the best content you possibly can. Link to other resources both inside the Forum and elsewhere online to provide even more helpful content.  

7. Start New Threads 

If someone opens up a thread to read it, that person is obviously going to read the first post in the thread, right? The first post in a thread gets read more than any other, so being in that position is a great way to leverage your forum posting. 
It is very important that you start the right kinds of threads. If you are got genuine questions about something, then by all means ask about it. If you don’t have any questions, a great way to go is to ask people’s opinions on a topic that they all can have input on.

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