8 Tips For Buy Right Smartphone


First question come in to mind when you decide to buy new smartphone is "which smartphone i should buy"? specially when lots of amazing choices available in market. Today in this blog i share some tips about choose right smartphone for you.

1. OS

Android : Android take lead in OS segment because of it design, widgets, specs and most important thing pricing, you get pricing option lower to higher in Android phone. Your budget 2,500 or 25,000, Android phones easily available in any price range.

iOS : Yes, iPhone is not for all people but If your budget allow around 50K, With iPhone you should get some amazing features, like Siri, iMessage.

Other OS : You should look for Windows Phone and BlackBerry phones if the operating system is not much of a concern, you can still find some good phones with both OS.

2. Screen Size

There are lots variety in screen size available. Here i break in to three parts.

Small Size ( Less Then 4.5 inch)

Biggest benefit of buy a small-screen smartphone is for its compact design. You won't have to stretch your thumb to reach anything. This size range is going out of favor because more people attract to larger screen size. but if you only use for calls and messages you still go for small size phones. Best phones in this size is iPhone SE and the Sony Xperia Z5.

Medium Size (4.5 To 5.4 inch)

Most of the people have this range smartphones. This range smartphones become the sweet spot, with such devices lke iPhone 6s (4.7 inches), the HTC 10 (5.2 inches), the Galaxy S7 (5.1 inches) and the LG G5 (5.3 inches) in this size range. Most phones in this category are fairly comfortable to use with one hand.

Large Size ( Above 5.5 inch)

Smartphones with displays larger than 5.5 inches, such as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus and the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 5, generally this type phones called phablets because they are tablet-like in size. These are more likely to be used as two-handed devices, but there are lots of people who prefer larger displays for watching videos, reading eBooks and running two apps side by side. if you comfortable with big size smartphone, you should go for it.

3. Design 

Phone design is one of the important part when you go for new smartphone, if you care about build quality, look for a unibody design, which you will find on the iPhone 6s and the HTC 10.

People prefer a smartphone with a removable battery should opt for a device such as the LG G5. This innovative design also allows you to add other modules to increase functionality, such as a camera grip with physical controls and an extended battery.

4. Camera

A phone's camera quality depends on a whole host of variables. More megapixels will always sound better on a fact sheet, but we all know some good 8 megapixel cameras take better photos than a bad 13 megapixel.

Also important thing is lens quality, which could aid the sensor by exposing it to more light. The sensor itself might also offer a lower pixel count, but be more sensitive to illumination, resulting in better performance in low-light conditions. Also focus on front camera quality because we all love to take selfies.

5. Processor 

Heartbeat of the any phones is its Processor. It provides the computing power to churn through various tasks, like opening and running applications. A fast processor also has a big impact on overall performance, such as how smoothly a phone handles flipping through menus and running home screens. Best Processor now Snapdragon 820, if your budget allow choose Snapdragon 820 Processor phones.

6. RAM

If you buy new smartphone for doing multitasking, than pay attention to your smartphone’s RAM. 2GB RAM smartphone is good choice but if you decide that’s not enough, 4GB RAM always secures and perfect for good performance.

7. Battery Life

Nobody like charge phone daily two times. We all wish at-least two day battery life smartphone. So also focus on battery mAh. More than 3000 mAh is normally provide good battery life.

8. Mobile Network

Yes, when you buy new smartphone must note your smartphone is support 4G LTE. Now our world enter in 4G. Reliance Jio already offer free 4G till 31st December but it's only work with 4G LTE smartphone.
Other New Features

Finger Print Security

New sensation in smartphone is Fingerprint sensor. Now lots of phone come with mind blowing feature. This feature provide more security. Many phones come with this feature, you should look for it.

Heart Rate Monitor

Device makers like Apple and Samsung are now focusing on this feature. Samsung's Galaxy S5 was the first smartphone to carry an LED heart-rate monitor, and it's present in other Samsung phones like the Note 5 series, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S6 family, as well as many Samsung smartwatches. Expect to see more of these crop up in wearables like smartwatches and fitness bands.

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