6 Awesome Windows Tools For Power Users


Windows has the greatest choice of programming in the desktop OS world, no other OS even comes near. But lot of good power user tools go unnoticed and neglected. So today, i come with list of some awesome Windows power tools that can useful for you.

1. Glasswire

Glasswire is a network monitor and firewall. Glasswire is very powerful plus simple interface that saw your network activity on a graph, application, and geographic location. You can also get firewall alert, when an application connect to the internet for the first time, so you can easily see potential threats and block them if required. There are bandwidth monitoring feature that alerts you for internet surplus and you can also see which apps are using your bandwidth.

Here I Give Download Link : Glasswire

2. ShareX

ShareX is simple and useful screenshot capture, screen recorder, file sharing and productivity tool. ShareX is much better than Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool. ShareX come with so many different type of methods of capturing screenshots like full screen, window, monitor, web page capture, freehand, region. Also tool customize your screenshot like watermarking, adding effects and uploading. I feel this is the best tool for who needs capture a lot of screenshots daily.

Here I Give Download Link : ShareX

3. Rambox

If you like lot of accounts manage in single program, this software is for you. With this software you can organize your Gmail, Telegram, Outlook, Skype and other 65 services. Say bye bye to opening a lot of  browser tabs at one time. Also you get some great features like lock the app, per-app notification toggles, do not disturb and full screen mode.

Here I Give Download Link : Rambox

4. WSUS Offline

If you have a multiple Windows systems and it's taking lots of time to update them all one by one. Also downloading updates for multiple computers takes a lot of bandwidth. WSUS Offline is a free tool lets you download all the files required for updating Windows at once on your hard disk. You can then copy over the files and run the update tool on any Window systems so with this tool you can save your bandwidth and time.

Here I Give Download Link : WSUS Offline 

5. AES Crypt 

AES Crypt is easy to use file encryption software. It uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt files. Simply right click the file you want to encrypt, and select AES encrypt, it will prompt you for a password and create an encrypted copy of the file. You can now safely carry the encrypted file on a pen drive. Also if someone get the file, it will be unreadable unless they know password.

Here I Give Download Link : AES Crypt 

6. Patch My PC

If you have a lot of applications installed and you are tired of updating all of them one by one? If yes, then Patch My PC is great solution. It keeps all programs up to date on your computer. First you run the program and you get a list of installed programs. It shows you which ones are not up to date and lets you update all of them with a single click. You can also set schedule updates to automatically run at a specified time. 

Here I Give Download Link : Patch My PC 

6 Creative Ways To Say Thanks on This Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day is around corner. Every year Thanksgiving day is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November in US. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all the beautiful things and people that you have in your life. Giving thanks to family members and friends they not only bring happiness in our life but also bring inner peace and nothing can be more beautiful than the inner peace and happiness.

There are lots of ways for saying thanks to your dear ones on Thanksgiving day but if you think this year you say thanks special and unique way, this blog is for you. I come with some awesome ways to say thanks on this thanksgiving day. So Lets Start: 
1. Gift Your Parents A Holiday Package
I feel this is the best way say thanks to your parents by giving holiday package. We don’t even remember how many sacrifices they made to fulfill our wishes. We can never thank enough to our parents for what they have done for us but this little thing will really make them happy. Let them experience a life with full of happiness and away from worries for a few days. Also they spend some quality time with together.
2. Write A Letter 

No matter how much technology has been enhanced, letters will never go out of fashion. We live in digital world, where anybody say thanks via email, whatsapp, facebook but handwritten letters always puts a great impact. If you really want to thank your dear ones in a special way, nothing can be more amazing than write thanksgiving special note.
3. Donate

Thanksgiving day is not a day to bring happiness on your friends and family members only, you can also bring happiness on the faces of poor people. You can donate some money or clothes or other things to poor people around you. This will surely give you inner peace and bring happiness on other faces and this is what Thanksgiving day teach us.

4. Plant A Tree

This Thanksgiving day we also thanks to our environment. Planting a tree is a perfect way to express gratitude to the environment on this thanksgiving. Plants not only give us oxygen and food but they are also useful in many ways, so why not we all plant a one tree on this Thanksgiving day.

5. Give Gifts

Buying gift for your family and friends, will never go out of fashion no matter what gift you buy. Give them their favorite dress or latest gadget, they were never forgot your gift for a long time.

6. Arrange Dinner Party
Arrange special dinner party for your family and friends is great idea to say thanks on this Thanksgiving day. Also in this busy world, you can spend some quality time with your relatives and friends. You can also create a play for your dear ones.

4 Unusual Gift ideas For This Diwali


The festival of lights is just around the corner and after cleaning of our home, another task awaits us is Diwali gifts. Most of the people give usual gifts every year like sweets and chocolates. But we all want to get special gift from our family and friends. Today i come with some great unusual gift ideas to keep happy your friends and relatives this Diwali.

1. Heated Gloves 


This gift will help your dear ones to get ready for the winters after Diwali. These USB-powered gloves work in the temperature range of 35-45 degrees celsius and come with a 159cm cord for which won’t constrict the user near the power source. This gloves are suitable for anyone with a palm size of approximately 8.5cm and weigh approximately 113g. This gift surely surprise your friends and relatives.

You can buy from Amazon, Here I Give Link : Heated Gloves

2. Syska Rainbow LED Smart Bulb  


Syska LED smart bulbs are bound to make this festival of lights a lot more colourful and eco-friendly at the same time. The smart bulb, which can be controlled via Bluetooth, offers up to three million different colours that can be chosen via Android and iOS apps. You can also set timers to turn the bulbs on and off, and choose different colour profiles for various activities whole day.

You can buy from Amazon, here I Give Link : Syska Rainbow LED Bulb

3. Purifier Bottle


Personal purifier bottles are another unusual Diwali gift that you can give your friends. Whether your dear ones work or traveling, one could have purified drinkable bottle is handy. This one by Eureka Forbes comes with an auto shut-off mechanism that indicates when you need to change the cartridge by reducing the flow of water to the minimal. The cartridge comes with a life of upto 600 fills that lasts for about a year.

You can buy from Amazon, Here I Give Link : Eureka Forbes Purifier Bottle

4. Engraving Pen


Engraving pen is very handy tool, you can gift to your friends this Diwali. Help your friends unleash their creativity with an all-surface Engraving Pen. From metal and wood to glass and ceramic, one can add a personal touch to their valuables without any hassle.

You can buy from Amazon, Here I Give Link : Engraving Pen

4 Cool Interior Design Website For Your Home


Most of the people renovate there home in festival season. But the biggest problem is lot of people confuse which type of design suit there home. So in this blog i suggest some best website who give idea on interior design.

If you are thinking to change the paint of your walls, moving the furniture from one room to another, change the floor pattern, all this changes you see via these websites and after set design, you can apply this design into your home. Here i suggest some best interior design website for you, so lets start:

1. Homestyler Interior Design 

Homestyler Interior Design is the best interior design website that help you a lot with latest interior design projects, tips and trends. You just need to do is snap a picture of your room and create your own 3D home design playground. This website allows you to place high quality 3D models of real furniture in your rooms so that you can have a real look how your home will look. You can visualize different product combinations. You must try this website one time.

Here i Give Website Link : Homestyler


2. Houzz

Houzz is another cool interior design website for your home that covers everything from building to remodelling and decorating your home. Houzz give more than 11 million high-resolution photos of home interior that you can choose by style, room and location. Also Houzz provide directory of local professionals like architects, contractors and designers, if you want to hire them for interior design.

Here i Give Website Link : Houzz 


3. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is easy to use interior design website that enables you to create beautiful design for your home in 3D modes. Planner 5D includes a number of items that you can choose for interior planning of your house from a catalogs. With Planner 5D you can easily plan your home and imagine how your home will look in reality.

Here i Give Website Link : Planner5D


4. Floor Plan

Floor Plan is best website for creating best floor plans. Floor Plan calculate rooms and draws floor plans by taking pictures from your phone. You can add photos and objects to generate reports and complete estimates.

Here i Give Website Link : Floor Plan


5 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Pimples


Pimples are very common problem in teenagers. They are sort of skin inflammation that occurs due to infection in sebaceous glands. The skin in that area swells and get packed with pus. The excessive secretion of serum via oil glands is the major reason behind it. They occur generally over face, neck, shoulders. There are lot of chemical product available for remove pimples in the market but sometimes they give side effects too so best way is you can remove it naturally. In this post i give some useful tips to remove pimples naturally at home. So Lets Start:

1. Ice Cubes

Ice can be quickly reduce the redness, swelling and inflammation of pimples. It helps in improving blood circulation to the affected area, and in tightening the skin pores and removing dirt and oil accumulated on the skin. Wrap the ice cube in a piece of cloth and hold it on the affected skin area for a few seconds. Wait a few seconds and repeat the process.

2. Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera is very effective to remove pimples. Take Aloe Vera leaf and extract a gel from it. Apply the gel directly on the affected area and spread it gently over the pimples in a circular motion. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing it away.

3. Honey

Honey is a great source of natural antibiotics that can remove pimples also stop skin infections. First dip a clean cotton swab in honey and put it directly on the affected area and leave it on for half an hour. Then wash the skin with lukewarm water. Do this process daily one time. You can get result less than one week.

4. Cucumber 

Cucumber is a great source of vitamin A, C and E. It also cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Cut one fresh cucumbers into pieces and soak them in water for about an hour. The nutrients, such as vitamin A, C and E will transfer to the water. Strain the water and drink it or you can also use the water to wash your face. Do this process daily.

5. Papaya

Papaya is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin A, and it's help remove pimples and make your skin soft and smooth. Crush raw papaya pieces to extract its juice and apply it over the pimples. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it away.


Wash Your Face

First thing you can do to remove pimples is wash your face at least 4-5 times in a day. Generally pimples caused by a bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells. Washing your face regular basis helps to remove the bacteria and dirty that clog the pores. Use clean warm water to wash the face 4-5 times a day.

Stay Hydrated 

Drink at least 8 glass water daily is very important in remove pimple permanently. Water helps to flush out toxic chemicals in the body that causes pimples on the face. Hydration is the fastest way to clear pimple permanently.

Get 8 Hour Sleep 

Getting 8 hour sleep is very healthy, no one can survive without sleep. It is very essential for normal body functions. Body hormones and metabolism is largely affected by sleep. Inadequate sleep causes stress and acne on the face. You should sleep for at least 8 hours a day to get rid of acne fast.

Top 9 Water Adventure Activities To Experience in Goa

The best part of Goa is it's wavy beaches. These feature of Goa attract people to refresh the soul and feel energetic. Of course Goa is the best beach destination of India. In Goa you can do several water adventure activities, which significantly delights the tourists with excitement and fun.

Best time to enjoy the water adventure activities in Goa is from October to May because this is the time when sky is clear. You can try lots of different water adventure which you can enjoy during your Goa trip. Like Fly boarding, Parasailing, windsurfing and many more. These are the water adventure activities in Goa which make the person feel more energetic and attract to come again.

1. Knee boarding

Knee boarding is the primary stage for learning water adventure. Knee boarding is very popular because almost everybody do this adventure. Lots of  agencies in Goa, provides Knee boarding on Goa beachs. Best beaches for Knee boarding include Rajbaga Beach,Candolim Beach and Mobor Beach. The duration of this adventure around 15 to 20 minutes and cost around 500 Rs. per person.

2. Banana Ride


Enjoy the thrilling ride with your friends on this giant banana shaped boat as your move ahead against the ocean waves avoiding being flipped over. This is the most fun adventure you try in Goa. The best beaches for banana rides in Goa includes Miramar Beach, Calangute Beach, Palolem Beach, Candolim Beach and Baga Beach. The duration of the ride is about 15 minutes and costs about 200 Rs. per person.

3. Parasailing


The best adventure in Goa is the Parasailing, i am sure you love talking to the air. First parachute will be attached to a motorboat and it takes you high in the sky and you can enjoy the spectacular view from up above. The best beaches to enjoy this thrilling experience includes Dona Paula Beach, Calangute Beach, Majorda Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach and Baga Beach. The duration of the parasailing is about 5 to 10 minutes and costs around 1000 Rs. per person.

4. Wind Surfing


Wind Surfing is all about surfing together. Wind Surfing is a challenging act. If you want to learn how to balance in the water, you can surely try this adventure. There are lots of training centers available for training and coaching for Wind Surfing. The best beach to enjoy the experience of Wind Surfing in Goa is the Dona Paula Beach, Baga Beach, Colva Beach, Miramar Beach, Bogmalo Beach,Calangute Beach and Palolem Beach. The duration of Wind Surfing is about 1 to 2 hours and costs around 500 Rs. per person.

5. Water Scooter 


If you are married, surely you can try this adventure with your spouse. Water Scooter is one of the best water adventure activities in Goa, which is similar to water biking. The best beached for experience Water Scooter includes Majorda Beach, Dona Paula Beach and Candolim Beach. The duration is about 10 to 20 minutes and costs around 100 Rs. per person.

6. Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving means you go to below the underwater world and meet colorful beautiful fish like batfish, angelfish, barracudas, snappers, lionfish and other underwater wonders. It is one of the easiest water sports in Goa. The distance which is covered during this water sport activity is around 5 to 10 meters. To get better experience go with your partner. The best beaches for scuba diving includes the Grande Island. The duration of the dive is about 30 minutes and costs around 1000 Rs. per person.

7. Yatch Ride 


If you want to enjoy beauty of Goa, you must try a Yatch Ride. Goa is the only place in India where you have the best options for cruising around the Arabian Sea and can even enjoy eating, sunbathing, snoozing and fishing. The best beaches in Goa for Yatch Ride include Palolem Beach, Mandovi River, Candolim Beach and Miramar Beach. The duration of the ride is full day and cost around 8000 Rs. per person.

8. Water Skiing 


Speeding water boat in water is all about the Water Skiing with speedboats. The speedboats in the water skiing run at 30-40 miles per hour. You really need to be a good swimmer if you want to enjoy the experience of water skiing. This water adventure is not advisable for those people who don't know swimming. The best beaches to enjoy the water skiing in Goa includes Rajbagh Beach, Clangute Beach, Utordo Beach, Mobor Beach and Candolim Beach. The duration of the water skiing is about 5 to 10 minutes and cost between around 1000 Rs. per person.

9. Fly Boarding


Do you remember Hrithik Roshan doing fly boarding in Bang Bang?  Fly boarding is a ultimate water sport, combination of jet-ski and jetpack where a flyboard is attached to a jet-ski which sends it as high as 15 meters in the air. It is one of the most enjoyable water sports in Goa. The best beach for doing this adventure is Baina Beach.

3 Best iOS Emulator For Windows


This days lots of people are searching about how to run iOS apps in Windows. It is one of the most trending searches on Google. Today i share some best iOS emulator for Windows. Before we moving ahead, i would like to share info about what an emulator.

An electronic program which permit a pc to act as a ‘guest’ system and can run all the apps, as well as the software of the guest system, is known as an emulator. To be specific, the emulators are specially designed for the developers to test the apps and various other programs. Emulators help to running the applications for the multiple or specific OS including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, etc.

What is iOS Emulator?

iOS emulator allows the Windows system to install and run any iOS app or game in it. Users can easily access the iOS apps and games on their Windows PC just like they run on the Apple devices.

An emulator is a replacement to the device. It doesn’t modify any application or software of the original device and runs perfectly. Emulator useful for those people who are not able to buy iOS device but want to experience the iOS apps and games.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows  

1. iPadian Emulator 

My point of view iPadian emulator is the best emulator because it works smoothly and is capable to running all the iOS apps on your PC. Best part is support latest Apple OS updates. It is simple and easy to use an emulator, you must try this one. 

Here I Give Download Link : Xpadian 

2. iPhone Simulator 

iPhone Simulator is get second place in my list. Best part of this simulator is you can easily tested undeveloped apps. Also you can use this app to experience a virtual iPhone on your PC. This iOS emulator has a high-quality interface and graphics which are an exact copy of an iPhone. The only backdrop of this emulator is that it doesn’t give an access to App Store and come few apps by default.

Here I Give Download Link : iPhone Simulator

3. iPad Simulator

The iPad simulator is a Google Chrome extension which smoothly works as a simulator. This Chrome extension allow users to take an iPad experience. The users can even use the iMessage app for sending and receiving messages just like in iPad. When someone replies back, the notifications are received within the extension which is an amazing feature. This is the ultimate option for those people who cannot afford iPad because of its high price. Also you get features like Siri, cloud access, HD animated background and more. 

Here I Give Google Extension Link : iPad Simulator

14 Ways To Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube


So many people dream are, they get success on YouTube. Videos making and uploading are getting easier and easier every day. You can easily shoot HD video with a smartphone. Also you can edit a video in phone or laptop, there are lots of free software available for video editing.

Biggest problem is that lots of people competing for the YouTube spotlight. There is a ton of competition for every niche. If you want to succeed, you really need to stand out from the pack, which means you need to go above and beyond the basic level and in this post i give some smart tips to get more subscribers and achieve success in YouTube.

1. Add Social Media Buttons

After complete your profile info YouTube allows you to link your social media accounts with your YouTube channel which will be displayed on the top right of your channel above the subscribe button. Make sure you have link all your social media accounts, so new subscribers can easily follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else. If you have a website, don't forgot to link that.

2. Create Channel Thumbnail

Your channel thumbnail  represents your channel on YouTube. So take special care when you make your thumbnail. You can also make your brand logo if it’s a business channel and a if it’s your personal YouTube channel you can use your own photo.

3. Create Good Banner

Your channel banner provides a great opportunity to show off your channel’s personality and make your brand stronger. So create unique banner for your YouTube channel and your channel banner image size at least 2560×1440 Pixel.

4. Add Watermark

Best way for branding your YouTube channel is, add a small watermark in the corner of your videos. This will help build your brand and also this will prevent your videos from being stolen without getting credit because everyone can see you are the author of the video. Next time someone re-uploads your video to YouTube or Facebook, it will only help you get more views. Make sure the branding watermark looks good on your videos.

5. Make Sections 

If you want your new viewer subscribe to your YouTube channel you should make it very easy for them to see what kinds of videos you upload so they view more videos and decide this channel is worth subscribing. So make sure you organize your videos in sections.

6. Create Channel Trailer 

You must create a video trailer on your YouTube channel for get attention of new visitors that are not subscribed yet. Your channel trailer is like a movie trailer where you can show the highlights of your channels’ offering so viewers will want to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

7. Get Verification Badge

If you have more than 1,00,000 subscribers on YouTube you can also request for verification badge. Verification badge will not unlock new features for your channel or rank your videos higher but will only show the channel officially belongs to the creator, brand, organization or business represented by the channel.

8. Upload Regularly 

Your channel will grow faster if you are upload new and fresh content in regular basis. Decide how many videos you want to upload each week. Make sure you set a realistic goal you can stick to, your viewers will be disappointed if you promise to upload a new video but than don’t upload anything. Set a schedule makes it easy for your viewers to know when to expect new video.

9. Think Different 

Now this days YouTube is very crowded so you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Think about how can you separate from other channels. Maybe it’s a unique topic, a certain style of video editing or something else. Make sure you get noticed more than other channels if you want to grow your YouTube channel.

10. Create Great Outro 

Outro is also important. Put an great outro in the end of your video is another way to strengthen your channel's brand on YouTube. The biggest benefit of an outro is, viewers have already watched your entire video which means they probably liked it, so you can convince a viewer to subscribe to your channel.

11. Add Description and Tags

When you upload a new video, you must  write detailed description. Full description of your video help YouTube to understand the content better and rank the video better in search engine. Also you not forgot to add relevant keywords in tags. This is an extra way for YouTube to better understand what your video is about, so don’t leave them empty.

12. Ask Family and Friends To Subscribe 

When you start your new YouTube channel, tell your family and friends to subscribe and share your videos because get first 100 subscribers are very hard task. Once you break the 100 subscriber barrier, your videos will get ranked better on YouTube so you can get new subscribers and grow your YouTube channel.

13. Promote Your Video on Social Media

Yes, you can also spend daily some time to promote your channel and videos on social media pages you have. You can also ask your friends to share it with their friends so your posts have a wider reach. If you don’t yet have social media pages, you must create.

14. Put Featured Channel On Your Page

YouTube allows creators to add a list of ‘featured channels’ on your own channel page. With Featured Channels you can add the channels of other youtubers as a recommendation to your own subscribers.

First you find youtubers in your niche with around the same number of subscribers as you and add them to your channels list of Featured Channels. After you have added the channel send the channel owner a message that you added their channel to your Featured Channels and ask they to add also your channel on their list of Featured Channels. With cross-promotion both get benefit. if they don’t reply or refuse, you can try it with other channels.

6 incredible Places to Celebrate Diwali


Diwali is one of the most important festival in India. Diwali known as the festival of lights and good wins over evil. hope over despair and so on. Before Diwali, there is a clean-up drive at almost everybody’s homes, all over India and during the 5 day festival, there are numerous rituals that are performed, each unique in its own way. While lighting lamps and bursting crackers form the main part of the festivities, there is much more to this festival. Yes, less than one month remain before Diwali and today in this post i will give list of some places that you should visit to celebrate Diwali in India.

1. Jaipur


To understand the real celebrations of Diwali, one time you must visit Jaipur during Diwali. Rajasthani women make diwali treats like Mawa Kachori, Soan papdi and Besan Barfi that taste absolutely ambrosial. There are a number of Diwali fairs that take place during that time as well. Old Jaipur is a gorgeous sight in Diwali. Apart from the houses being decked up, the entire markets are decorated with lights. Also you notice Rajasthani people with there traditional clothes.

2. Varanasi


Varanasi one of the holiest cities in India. Diwali celebration in Varanasi is something that you shouldn’t miss. On Diwali, all the Ghats in Varanasi are lit up with thousands of diyas and the mesmerize view, earns title ‘City of Lights’ in Diwali. You heard Fireworks full night. The Special Ganga Aarti on Ghats is the main attraction during Diwali.

3. Kolkata


Kolkata has its own style of celebrating Diwali. Kali Puja is main attraction during festival of Diwali. Goddess Kali is worshipped on this occasion and you will get to witness unique offerings made to her during this festival.  The city is lit up with lamps, bulbs and candles all over. A dazzling show of fireworks is a part of the celebrations too. Also Kolkata known as the city of joy, you will enjoy this place during Diwali.

4. Amritsar


Amritsar transforms into a beautiful paradise during Diwali. The Golden Temple is the biggest attraction during Diwali in Amritsar. It is lite up with candles and diyas. There is a magical aura in the air and the waters surrounding the temple with thousand of prayers of devotees.

5. Goa


Diwali in Goa and its surrounding areas begins on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. Paper made scary looking statue of Narakasura, filled with grass and firecrackers, symbolising evil are made on Naraka Chaturdashi, and then burnt down around four in the morning the next day. While you can observe the traditions in Goa, you can also enjoy a vacation by visiting the beautiful beaches in Goa.

6. Delhi


During Diwali Delhi Shopping Malls and Restaurant full with people. You notice every street corner people perform Ramlila. Fireworks in the sky is main attraction during Diwali, the view of fireworks in sky is simply amazing.

Google Pixel Event Review

In yesterday event Google announce number of new devices. The major announcements include the brand new Pixel phones, Google Home, Daydream VR headset, Google Wifi and Chromecast Ultra. In this post i share review of all this Google product. So Lets Start:

1. Google Pixel Phones


Google has finally started to move away from the Nexus smartphones. Google come with new phones, The Pixel and the Pixel XL, which first ever phones that are “Made By Google”, and this phones available in 3 colors, “Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue”. Sad part is this phones are not water resistant.

Hardware wise, the Pixel and the Pixel XL have only one different, screen and battery size, Pixel come with 5″ display with a 2770 mAh battery and the Pixel XL come with 5.5″ display with a 3450 mAh battery. Both the phones have an AMOLED display and super-bright colors. The Pixel comes with a Full HD (1920x1080p) display, at 440 ppi, while the Pixel XL comes with a QHD (2560×1440) display, that delivers a pixel density of 534 ppi. Also you get fingerprint scanner back of the phone.

Both the have a 12.3 MP camera, with f/2.0 aperture, and optical image stabilization. The front camera on both phones have an 8 MP. Both phones run on Snapdragon 821 processor, along with 4GB RAM. Both phones have no microSD cards support. Software side, both the phones come with Android 7.1 Nougat.

2. Google Home


Second biggest announcement is Google Home speaker. Like Alexa, in the Amazon Echo, Google Home will use the company’s own, AI powered, Google Assistant, to help users with their tasks.

With Google Assistant you can streaming music from Spotify, queuing up Netflix videos, and answering users questions. Device features a touch panel on the top to adjust the speaker volume, and the design looks really cool. Another best part of this device is that Google Assistant uses neural networks, which means that the Assistant will get better over time, learning on its own. I feel Google Home give healthy competition to Amazon Echo or other Echo Dot devices.

3. Google Daydream


Also Google  announced VR headset Google Daydream View. The headset come with breathable microfibre so you will be comfortable when you wear. Daydream View does not require any wires to sync with the phone, device come with touch controller. At the present time the Pixel phones are only compatible with Daydream.

Google’s Daydream already support lot apps, like YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now, Google Street View, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Google Photos. Also good news is Daydream support lot of games, like Need For Speed, Fantastic Beasts and more.

4. Google Wifi


Google also announced Google Wifi router, that creates a WiFi signals over your house. Users can connect a number of devices at same time. Device work with Google Assistant, to automatically manage and optimize networks, while transitioning the user’s devices from one access point to another, as they move around their house. This will directly translate to better connectivity, in every room of your house, and if you want to increase the network more, you need to add more Google Wifi units.

5 Best Free Chat Rooms 2016


Whenever we feel lonely, we always look for someone with we can share our feelings and thoughts. In the present time we all are connected to internet for whole of the day like from your smart phone, computer or laptop.

By Chat Rooms we can easily connect with anyone from anywhere on the web within seconds and it becomes the most common ways to get connected with your friends, family or with your loved ones. If we don’t like to make any connections in real life, then you don't worry about it, because in Chat Rooms we talk with strangers. Yes, You can start making new friends on the Chat Rooms and feel more comfortable.

A chat room is nothing but just an another corner of the website which helps you to get connected with another persons with or without reveling your identity. Online chat rooms is either a part of website or its an online service that provides a place for community of users with a common interest with which they can communicate in real-time. This is one of the best ways to share your feeling with someone with the same interest as yours and you can easily find a lot of free char rooms on the Internet. In this post i suggest some best Char Rooms that you should try.

1. Second Life

In my point of view Second Life is best Chat Room available. The biggest virtual reality world of chat. You can simply create your own avatar and meet new people.

2. Paltalk

Paltak have a unique video chat functionality and a very clean good looking homepage. With more than 4 million users make this one of the biggest chat sites, easy computer download and apps for both iPhones and Android available.

3. eHarmony 

eHarmony is best choice for dating. eHarmony plus point is website user interface is very easy and simple. If you looking for date, must try this Chat Room.


IMVU basilcally a 3D chat room, this chat room very popular in young generation.. Easy sign up and intuitive interface. Create your own avatar and start chat with new friends.

5. Badoo

Badoo is bigger then Linkedin, this is probably the most popular modern chat room. Easy sign in with facebook, simple interface, very good chat room for share your feelings. 

5 Beautiful Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2016


Are you looking for the WordPress real estate theme?  Today in this blog, i will suggest some beautiful and responsive real estate themes for WordPress.

When you buy Theme for real estate business, you take special care. In real estate theme must display listings, have a slider, have a maps integration, have the ability to dynamically display content from IDX and more.

Theme has ability to easily add the listings, showcase the bedrooms and other features of the house, display all the important data in an organized format. I choose some best themes for you to make real estate website.

1.Real Places


Real Places is one of the best real estate theme for WordPress. You can get three different variations to choose from. Each option gives you a real look and great feel. Whichever version you choose, the main focus of the Real Places theme is showing off your properties through an elegant and stylish design.

The photos and other images from each of the properties on your site take center stage with this theme. You can get full-screen image slider on the homepage, image galleries on the individual listings. There’s also space on each listing for uploading a video, also displaying a Google Map of the property location and details of the area.

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2. Realty Space


Realtyspace come with five different homepage layouts and a drag-and-drop page builder tool to help you build the custom real estate website your business needs.

You will also find an option with a Google Map, a layout that displays a full screen animated slideshow and a design with an eye catching full screen video background.

Homepage displays is eye catching, your visitors will find the interactive search tool, agent profiles, blog feed, testimonial display, and contact form modules useful. When it comes to displaying your properties, the Realtyspace theme gives you a number of options. This includes a list of properties in a table format with their best features compared, a grid layout which displays a photo and a brief description of each property.

Other features of Realtyspace that you will find FAQ and testimonials page templates, the photo gallery pages, the contact page designs, the selection of color schemes, and the front-end forms that make it easy for agents to register and start submitting their properties on your site.

Also you can upgrade three premium plugins to your website. By using the bundled Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Advanced Custom Fields 5 plugins, you can do a lot more with your website, including create custom page layouts, build advanced content sideshows, and manage your content more efficiently with custom fields.

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3. DreamVilla


DreamVilla specially created to help you build a website to promote a single property online. This real estate theme is best for renting out a property on a short-term basis.

Best features of this theme is attractive design of the homepage layouts, your visitors will be able to find out everything they want to know when checking out your property. This includes all the best features of the property, full-screen photos of the facilities, the location on an interactive Google Map, details of local attractions, and much more.

With ask a question option people easily connect with you. Also if they like any property and want to make a booking, online reservation tools give them the ability to secure their reservation.

To attract more visitors, DreamVilla  theme give a selection of blog templates. By adding a blog to your site, you can increase the visibility of your property in search engines like Google.

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4. WP Pro Real Estate 7


WP Pro Real Estate 7 comes with six different varieties. If you are looking for a flexible theme for creating one or more real estate websites with, this theme is best for you.

Depending on choice, the homepage of your website could feature your most popular listings, a clickable map that links to your listings and a full screen image that showcases your brand. The different elements from each of the homepage options can perfectly placed, to help you get the right look and feel for your website.

Other features of this theme are you will find useful include the ability to assign multiple agents to a single listing and an online booking system for simplifying the appointment scheduling process. The visitors to your site can easily add listings to their favorites for quick reference upon their return visits.

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5. Oslo


Oslo is an elegant theme that created specifically for building a real estate website. Oslo give you a selection of homepage configurations and modules to choose from, helping you to create the front-page layout that’s right for your business. To help your visitors and potential clients find exactly what they are looking for, the intuitive search tool makes it easy to filter.

When a visitor go to individual listing on your site, the design of the property pages gives you a great opportunity to really promote your offerings. Each property page can include a large header photograph, a checklist of the best features of the property, an interactive Google Map showing the location, and a photo gallery displaying the rest of the property.

Visitors also find a profile of the agent managing the property and a contact form to help start negotiations. Also you get widgetized layouts of these pages, you can easily control and customize the elements that are displayed on your website.

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