6 Awesome Windows Tools For Power Users


Windows has the greatest choice of programming in the desktop OS world, no other OS even comes near. But lot of good power user tools go unnoticed and neglected. So today, i come with list of some awesome Windows power tools that can useful for you.

1. Glasswire

Glasswire is a network monitor and firewall. Glasswire is very powerful plus simple interface that saw your network activity on a graph, application, and geographic location. You can also get firewall alert, when an application connect to the internet for the first time, so you can easily see potential threats and block them if required. There are bandwidth monitoring feature that alerts you for internet surplus and you can also see which apps are using your bandwidth.

Here I Give Download Link : Glasswire

2. ShareX

ShareX is simple and useful screenshot capture, screen recorder, file sharing and productivity tool. ShareX is much better than Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool. ShareX come with so many different type of methods of capturing screenshots like full screen, window, monitor, web page capture, freehand, region. Also tool customize your screenshot like watermarking, adding effects and uploading. I feel this is the best tool for who needs capture a lot of screenshots daily.

Here I Give Download Link : ShareX

3. Rambox

If you like lot of accounts manage in single program, this software is for you. With this software you can organize your Gmail, Telegram, Outlook, Skype and other 65 services. Say bye bye to opening a lot of  browser tabs at one time. Also you get some great features like lock the app, per-app notification toggles, do not disturb and full screen mode.

Here I Give Download Link : Rambox

4. WSUS Offline

If you have a multiple Windows systems and it's taking lots of time to update them all one by one. Also downloading updates for multiple computers takes a lot of bandwidth. WSUS Offline is a free tool lets you download all the files required for updating Windows at once on your hard disk. You can then copy over the files and run the update tool on any Window systems so with this tool you can save your bandwidth and time.

Here I Give Download Link : WSUS Offline 

5. AES Crypt 

AES Crypt is easy to use file encryption software. It uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt files. Simply right click the file you want to encrypt, and select AES encrypt, it will prompt you for a password and create an encrypted copy of the file. You can now safely carry the encrypted file on a pen drive. Also if someone get the file, it will be unreadable unless they know password.

Here I Give Download Link : AES Crypt 

6. Patch My PC

If you have a lot of applications installed and you are tired of updating all of them one by one? If yes, then Patch My PC is great solution. It keeps all programs up to date on your computer. First you run the program and you get a list of installed programs. It shows you which ones are not up to date and lets you update all of them with a single click. You can also set schedule updates to automatically run at a specified time. 

Here I Give Download Link : Patch My PC 

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