3 Best iOS Emulator For Windows


This days lots of people are searching about how to run iOS apps in Windows. It is one of the most trending searches on Google. Today i share some best iOS emulator for Windows. Before we moving ahead, i would like to share info about what an emulator.

An electronic program which permit a pc to act as a ‘guest’ system and can run all the apps, as well as the software of the guest system, is known as an emulator. To be specific, the emulators are specially designed for the developers to test the apps and various other programs. Emulators help to running the applications for the multiple or specific OS including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, etc.

What is iOS Emulator?

iOS emulator allows the Windows system to install and run any iOS app or game in it. Users can easily access the iOS apps and games on their Windows PC just like they run on the Apple devices.

An emulator is a replacement to the device. It doesn’t modify any application or software of the original device and runs perfectly. Emulator useful for those people who are not able to buy iOS device but want to experience the iOS apps and games.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows  

1. iPadian Emulator 

My point of view iPadian emulator is the best emulator because it works smoothly and is capable to running all the iOS apps on your PC. Best part is support latest Apple OS updates. It is simple and easy to use an emulator, you must try this one. 

Here I Give Download Link : Xpadian 

2. iPhone Simulator 

iPhone Simulator is get second place in my list. Best part of this simulator is you can easily tested undeveloped apps. Also you can use this app to experience a virtual iPhone on your PC. This iOS emulator has a high-quality interface and graphics which are an exact copy of an iPhone. The only backdrop of this emulator is that it doesn’t give an access to App Store and come few apps by default.

Here I Give Download Link : iPhone Simulator

3. iPad Simulator

The iPad simulator is a Google Chrome extension which smoothly works as a simulator. This Chrome extension allow users to take an iPad experience. The users can even use the iMessage app for sending and receiving messages just like in iPad. When someone replies back, the notifications are received within the extension which is an amazing feature. This is the ultimate option for those people who cannot afford iPad because of its high price. Also you get features like Siri, cloud access, HD animated background and more. 

Here I Give Google Extension Link : iPad Simulator

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