14 Ways To Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube


So many people dream are, they get success on YouTube. Videos making and uploading are getting easier and easier every day. You can easily shoot HD video with a smartphone. Also you can edit a video in phone or laptop, there are lots of free software available for video editing.

Biggest problem is that lots of people competing for the YouTube spotlight. There is a ton of competition for every niche. If you want to succeed, you really need to stand out from the pack, which means you need to go above and beyond the basic level and in this post i give some smart tips to get more subscribers and achieve success in YouTube.

1. Add Social Media Buttons

After complete your profile info YouTube allows you to link your social media accounts with your YouTube channel which will be displayed on the top right of your channel above the subscribe button. Make sure you have link all your social media accounts, so new subscribers can easily follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else. If you have a website, don't forgot to link that.

2. Create Channel Thumbnail

Your channel thumbnail  represents your channel on YouTube. So take special care when you make your thumbnail. You can also make your brand logo if it’s a business channel and a if it’s your personal YouTube channel you can use your own photo.

3. Create Good Banner

Your channel banner provides a great opportunity to show off your channel’s personality and make your brand stronger. So create unique banner for your YouTube channel and your channel banner image size at least 2560×1440 Pixel.

4. Add Watermark

Best way for branding your YouTube channel is, add a small watermark in the corner of your videos. This will help build your brand and also this will prevent your videos from being stolen without getting credit because everyone can see you are the author of the video. Next time someone re-uploads your video to YouTube or Facebook, it will only help you get more views. Make sure the branding watermark looks good on your videos.

5. Make Sections 

If you want your new viewer subscribe to your YouTube channel you should make it very easy for them to see what kinds of videos you upload so they view more videos and decide this channel is worth subscribing. So make sure you organize your videos in sections.

6. Create Channel Trailer 

You must create a video trailer on your YouTube channel for get attention of new visitors that are not subscribed yet. Your channel trailer is like a movie trailer where you can show the highlights of your channels’ offering so viewers will want to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

7. Get Verification Badge

If you have more than 1,00,000 subscribers on YouTube you can also request for verification badge. Verification badge will not unlock new features for your channel or rank your videos higher but will only show the channel officially belongs to the creator, brand, organization or business represented by the channel.

8. Upload Regularly 

Your channel will grow faster if you are upload new and fresh content in regular basis. Decide how many videos you want to upload each week. Make sure you set a realistic goal you can stick to, your viewers will be disappointed if you promise to upload a new video but than don’t upload anything. Set a schedule makes it easy for your viewers to know when to expect new video.

9. Think Different 

Now this days YouTube is very crowded so you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Think about how can you separate from other channels. Maybe it’s a unique topic, a certain style of video editing or something else. Make sure you get noticed more than other channels if you want to grow your YouTube channel.

10. Create Great Outro 

Outro is also important. Put an great outro in the end of your video is another way to strengthen your channel's brand on YouTube. The biggest benefit of an outro is, viewers have already watched your entire video which means they probably liked it, so you can convince a viewer to subscribe to your channel.

11. Add Description and Tags

When you upload a new video, you must  write detailed description. Full description of your video help YouTube to understand the content better and rank the video better in search engine. Also you not forgot to add relevant keywords in tags. This is an extra way for YouTube to better understand what your video is about, so don’t leave them empty.

12. Ask Family and Friends To Subscribe 

When you start your new YouTube channel, tell your family and friends to subscribe and share your videos because get first 100 subscribers are very hard task. Once you break the 100 subscriber barrier, your videos will get ranked better on YouTube so you can get new subscribers and grow your YouTube channel.

13. Promote Your Video on Social Media

Yes, you can also spend daily some time to promote your channel and videos on social media pages you have. You can also ask your friends to share it with their friends so your posts have a wider reach. If you don’t yet have social media pages, you must create.

14. Put Featured Channel On Your Page

YouTube allows creators to add a list of ‘featured channels’ on your own channel page. With Featured Channels you can add the channels of other youtubers as a recommendation to your own subscribers.

First you find youtubers in your niche with around the same number of subscribers as you and add them to your channels list of Featured Channels. After you have added the channel send the channel owner a message that you added their channel to your Featured Channels and ask they to add also your channel on their list of Featured Channels. With cross-promotion both get benefit. if they don’t reply or refuse, you can try it with other channels.

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