5 Best Football Android Games


Football is the most famous game in the world. Almost everyone love to play football in their smartphones. There are so many football games available in Google play. Today i suggest some best football games. So lets start:

1. Dream League Soccer

Dream League is the best game for experience real football world. In Dream League Soccer, you are not just a manager of your own team called Dream FC, also you can control your players during games.

You can sign any player from the exchange market by coins. Player price depend on the skill level of the player. You can collect coins from playing and winning matches, completing achievements or watching advertisements.

Here I Give Download Link : Dream League Soccer

2. FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA well-known name in PC football games but now FIFA eyes on smartphone market. Now this days people play more games compare to PC.

FIFA Soccer come with interesting feature, call “Attack Mode” but you can only use this feature in offensive stages of a match. The game also features live events, recent real world events. The game also come with a Season mode, multiplayer leagues section, where players can join together to form leagues and compete with other leagues.

Here I Give Download Link : FIFA Mobile Soccer  

3. Top 11 Be A Soccer Manger

As name suggest, this game main focuses on letting you be a football manager and making own dream team. The game features over 5000 real players with the same abilities as their real life. You get to choose the players and buy them in the transfer window section but you not get top player easily because their price rate is very high.

Also you can send player in motivation program, develop  a stadium with surrounding facilities, challenge other soccer manager for compete, win cups and qualify for champions league.

Here I Give Download Link : Top 11 Be A Soccer Manger

4. FIFA 16 Soccer

In FIFA 16 game you can choose the player from over 10,000 in-game players from over 500 licensed teams and compete with other players from real leagues. FIFA 16 bring a new engine to further improve skill moves, adds more responsive controls and improved graphics.

FIFA 16 give you a smooth game-play experience, the game also features the most played FIFA game mode, known as the Ultimate Team, where the players build their own teams, customize their team name and you allowed to earn, trade and transfer football stars.

Here I Give Download Link : FIFA 16 Soccer

5. Score World Goals

Score World Goals is one of the best football games because its unique theme and amazing graphics. In Score World Goals, you can copy the real life legendary goals that have been scored. The player is required to copy the real life football highlights, such as the iconic passes from Di Maria to Ronaldo.

 More better you perform in each challenge, the more stars you get. In this game, the stars earned work as a currency, which helps you buy new game packs. Each game pack includes 20 real life goals and 3 stages, easy, medium and hard. The game features best 3D animations, realistic sounds, intelligent passes and special finishing shots. Also you can challenge your friend in multiplayer mode.

Here I Give Download Link : Score World Goals

7 Yoga Mudras For Cure All Health Problems


Believe it or not, your health is in your hands. Our body is made up of five elements - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash. Imbalance of these elements damage our immunity system and causes health problem.

The natural sciences of Mudra therapy believe that the five fingers representing the five basic elements. When our any finger connect with thumb, that element is brought into balance. That means we balance any element by Mudra and get cure that element related health problem.

Five Fingers For Five Elements

Thumb – The fire (Agni)
Index finger – The air (Vayu)
Middle finger – The ether (Aakasha)
Ring finger – The earth (Prithvi)
Small finger – The water (Jala)

Here I Give Detail Information About All Mudras With Their Benefits

1. Gyan Mudra


Gyan Mudra is very popular and commonly used Mudra when practice meditation. Touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb. You can kept other three fingers straight. You can practice this Mudra any time but it's give more benefit when you do it early in the morning.


It helps in meditation and concentration and reduces negativity of the mind
It improves memory and intelligence
It cure headache, insomnia and hypertension

2. Vayu Mudra


Fold your index finger. As you fold your fingers you can see two bones. These are called phalanx bones. When you have folded your index finger the second bone that you see, you have to press it with the base of your thumb. You can Kept other three fingers straight. You can practice this Mudra any time.


It can provide rest from all kinds of pains and aches
It can cure Sciatica
It provides relief in case of spastic paralysis and Parkinson’s disease
It improve stiffness in the neck
It helps in gout problem
It helps in Paralysis
Nervous system works more effective with regular practice

3. Agni Mudra


Fold your ring finger and press the second phalanx with the base of your thumb. Keep the rest of the fingers straight. This mudra should be practiced only in sitting position early in the morning with an empty stomach. Practice this Mudra for at least 10 minutes.


If you are suffering from acidity or indigestion, avoid this Mudra.


It helps to dissolve the extra fat boosting metabolism and controls obesity
It improve body strength
It reduces stress and tension
It Controls high cholesterol levels

4. Prithvi Mudra


Touch the tip of your ring finger with the tip of your thumb. Pressing the tips of these two fingers, the other fingers kept straight. Sit in a padmasana keeping the palms of both your hands on your knees with straight elbows. You can do this Mudra any time.


It improves blood circulation throughout the body
It improves complexion and giving a natural glow to your skin
It improves the functioning of the digestive system and reduces the deficiency of vitamins
It helps to gain weight

5. Varun Mudra


Lightly touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb. The rest of the fingers should be kept straight. You can practice this Mudra any time and in any position.


Not to press the tip of the little finger near the nail. That will cause dehydration instead of balancing the water level in your body.


It cures all skin issues like dryness, skin diseases and skin infections
It also prevents the appearance of pimples for a longer time
It activates fluid circulation within the body keeping it moisturized always

6. Shoonya Mudra


Press the first phalanx of your middle finger with the thumb. The other 3 fingers are kept straight. You can practice this Mudra any time. Do this Mudra at least 10 minutes.


It helps in reducing ear pain
It makes bones strong
It strengthens gums
It helps in throat problems and thyroid disease
You can practice this Mudra 1 hour daily for get benefit in hardness of hearing

7. Prana Mudra


The tips of the thumb, ring finger and the little finger are touched together while keeping the other 2 fingers straight. This Mudra should be do along with padmasana. You can practice this Mudra any time.


It awakens the dormant power of prana and gives energy
It helps in diseases of the eye and improves eyesight
During fasting it reduces hunger pangs and thirst
It reduces tiredness

Important Note

For getting quick results Mudra should be practiced for 20 minutes continuously. Beginner can be start practiced from 5 minutes.

If Mudra cannot be made in both hands, you can start with one hand.

6 Negative Effects of Smartphone Addiction


Smartphone's plays a major role in our routine life. We can do calls, emails, messages. You can easily stay in touch with everyone. Smartphones made our life easy. But now this days we play video games, Facebook chatting and doing other many things whole day on smartphone.

Smartphone is very useful but addiction with your smartphone, give you some serious diseases. Here are some health risks of smartphone addiction.

1. Sleeping Disorder


In busy life sometime we can't do chatting in a day so we can choose night-time for chatting. But using smartphone until late nights or getting awake in the middle of the night because of mobile new notification comes, these habits badly interrupt our sleep pattern and cut off our 1 or 2 hour sleep. So when you going to sleep, put your smartphone away from your bed.

2. Eye Problems

We can doing surfing, chatting and other things on our smartphone. Small screen and small fonts of smartphone puts strain on our eyes and especially in night-time smartphone screen-light badly damage our eyes. This could cause dry eyes, irritation, pain, puffiness and reddening.

3. Text Neck


Text Neck is term used by physicians and doctors to describe the spinal disorder that arises due to excess usage of smartphones. Long term use of smartphone brings neck pain which is directly related to spine and thus causes spinal disorder.

4. Wrist Problem

When you hold smartphone for long time in your hand strains the wrist. Usually, people hold smartphone using three fingers. Retaining this posture for longer duration everyday creates pain in the wrist.

5. Skin Allergies 

Now this days smartphone comes with metallic body to make it look more attractive and shiny. These smartphone contain skin allergies from metals like nickel, chromium and cobalt which may cause a reaction on skin called allergic contact dermatitis.

6.Text Walking


Texting while driving or walking on the streets is the most life-threatening. With doing such stuff you are only risking your life. According to survey, so many deaths have been attributed to using smartphone while walking or driving.

5 Unique Apps To Use Sensors on Your Android Phone


Most of people don't know, now Android phone comes with lots of sensors. Almost every latest Android phone has a proximity sensor, a gyroscope and more, but we don't  notice it. There are lots of  things we do with these sensors. Here i suggest best 5 apps, with help of these apps you can use the sensors on your Android Phone. So lets start:

1. Instant Heart Rate

If you have a flash camera phone, this amazing app is help you to count heart rate free. The app come with simple user interface. To calculate your heart rate, you need to place your finger on your flash. The flash light up and the camera acts as the sensor, to calculate your heart rate. The app also save your previous data, so you can easily compare them.

Here I Give Download Link : Instant Heart Rate

2. Metal Sniffer

If you love to play with metal detector, this app for you. this app easily turn your Android phone in to metal detector and apps working great. The app works by using the magnetometer inside your phone to detect the metal near the phone. When the magnetic field gets strong signal, the phone vibrates and notice you about metal presence.

Here I Give Download Link : Metal Sniffer

3. Wave Control

With Wave Control app, you can use wave gestures to control the media playback on your Android phone You can set the default media player for this app and then you can use the wave control built into the app to control the playback. You can also play/pause the media playback, you can just wave once to go forward, twice to go back and more. This app really helpful when you driving, cooking, eating or gym.

Here I Give Download Link : Wave Control

4. Kin Screen

With this app you can automatically lock and unlock your phone. The app supports locking the screen when the proximity sensor has been covered for 10 seconds, and unlocking the screen by simply waving over the proximity sensor. The 10 seconds time out can be adjusted if you buy the pro version of the app. This app is very helpful when your power is not working properly or broken.

Here I Give Download Link : Kin Screen

5. Speaker Phone

Speaker Phone is an app that automatically answers the call when you raise your phone to your ear. There are other lots of features, some of come with free version but you unlock all features you will need to buy pro version.

Here I Give Download Link : Speaker Phone

How To increase RAM Using Pen Drive in Windows


When we are going to purchase new laptop, our main focus on RAM, because we all know with more RAM a laptop run smoothly. The laptop’s operating system needs a enough amount of memory to keep the system running smooth. All program that runs on our laptop take up part of the laptop’s memory.

When you open a new software, the software needs the RAM. Every software needs a minimum amount of space and memory in order to run smoothy. So, if your laptop has more RAM that means you laptop give fast performance.

If your laptop doesn't have enough RAM to support all the software or you are gaming lover but you need extra RAM to run hi-tech games smoothly, i have a solution for you.

You just need a Pen Drive to increase your RAM on your laptop. Here i give full detail information, how you can do this process. So lets start:

1. Make Virtual RAM 

Insert your Pen Drive in your Laptop and delete all the stuff. Make sure there is no hidden file.

Then Right Click on My Computer and Click on Properties.

Under System Properties, Click on Advanced System Settings Tab.

Click on Settings Under Performance.

Click on Advanced tab under Performance options. You will Notice a area of Virtual Memory.. Click on the Change Button under Virtual Memory. 

You Will Find Your Pen Drive Name Under Virtual Memory Devices. Select your USB device.

Click on Custom Size Radio Button. Give the Value in Mb Initial and Maximum size. This size is depend on of the free Memory Space of your Pen Drive. Add same value to both Initial and Maximum. Also click on checkbox Automatically Manage Paging File sizes for all drivers. 

One thing always remember add 10Mb less value than currently available space. For example, if you have USB of size 2GB and current space available is 1800 Mb then add 1790Mb.

After doing this whole process restart your laptop, your Pen Drive will work as Virtual RAM. Now you will enjoy your extra RAM.

2. With ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a disk cache software component. ReadyBoost enable Pen Drive to act as write cache between Hard Drive and RAM and increase your laptop performance.

Insert your Pen Drive into your Laptop. Right click on your Pen Drive and erase all the stuff .

Right Click on USB drive and select Properties from there.

Under Properties of your Pen Drive, you will see different tabs. 

Click on ReadyBoost tab. Choose on Use this Device option and choose the maximum space to reserve the system speed, then click Apply button.

Important Recommendations:

Always Safely Eject Your Pen Drive. Direct remove may lead to device damage.

in Virtual Memory method If you want to convert back your Pen into Normal Then Again open Virtual Settings And Remove custom memory value and choose Default settings by checking Automatically Manage Paging Size.

in ReadyBoost Method if you want to change back your pen drive to normal then switch it back Don’t use a device in ReadyBoost tab. 

ES File Explorer : Best File Manager For Android


Android Built-in file manager always lack of features but you don't worry about, there are lots of third party file manager apps available on the Play Store. If you new in Android system and you don't know about which third party file manager i use? Well, i recommend  ES File Explorer, the most feature rich file manager. Here i give full details of some best features of ES File Explorer.

1. File Management Tool

ES File Explorer comes with some basic and advanced file management tools. You can easily copy, move, delete, rename, check details and share files form both internal storage and SD card. Other features like capable to hide files, recycle bin, file compression or extraction and encryption. Also ES come with built-in viewer for almost all file types and for rooted Android devices, the file manager includes a root explorer, where you can tinker with system files, change system permissions.

2. File Transfer

You can also use ES File Explorer as a file transfer app, you can easily transfer files like audios, videos, documents, pictures etc. over a WiFi connection. You can transfer files to another Android smartphone or PC, without limitations of file size.

3. Cloud Storage 

I am sure you love this feature,  ES File Explorer lets you switch between your local storage files and cloud storage files with ease and you can easily move files between the local and cloud storage. ES support for cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon S3 and more.

4. Gestures 

ES File Explorer allow to create custom gestures for various functions in the app. You can create a gesture to open a folder, file, app, window etc. or you can use a custom gesture to quickly close the app, exit a window and more, which is amazing.

User Interface 

After taking about features in ES File Explorer, let’s talking about user interface of the app. The UI of a file manager app lot of matter because you are going to do a lot of things like moving, transferring or deleting files. ES File Explorer come with easy interface. The app opens up with the home page, which features categories for different file types like compressed, app, images, music, movies, documents etc. Scroll down and you will find all the recent files.

You can swipe from the left edge to open up the drawer, which packs with lots of options. You can jump to different folders, enable or disable features like Recycle Bin, Root Explorer, Gesture etc. You can also swipe from the right edge to open up the clipboard. The app also supports multiple windows, which means you can easily move files from one folder to another via just a simple swipe to the left or right from the center. Also, there are a lot of customization options available, You can change various display settings, to make sure you only see what you want to see in the main page of the app.


Lots of Feature
Handy tools
Multiple windows support
Simple UI



Here I Give Download Link : ES File Explorer

Best Free online Site For Convert PDF Files To other Formats


In today’s time Everybody needs to convert PDF files anytime in any formats. Most of the people store their data in PDF files because PDF is easy to store. But when you need to convert Your PDF files you need to download different software's. Today i come with one website which provide 20+ different tools to convert PDF files and also you can set password with help of this website and website name is pdfconverto.com. Her i give full detail how can you convert your PDF files into 20+ other different formats.


Convert PDF files is not a easy job and most of the pdf files can't be edited but PDF to TXT conversion tool provided by pdfconverto makes its easy. Using this tool you can convert PDF file to TXT file format without any problem.

To convert a PDF to TXT file first, you go site www.pdfconverto.com in main menu, you will find tabs to convert PDF to other formats. First click on the PDF to TXT Covert. Browse PDF file from your PC which you convert into TXT. In few seconds your TXT file is ready.


PDF is a highly used file format to store information but sometimes web developers need to convert PDF files to HTML files. The conversion process is same as i explained in PDF To TXT. Go to PDF to HTML -> Browse -> Covert to HTML  and you will get HTML file in seconds.


Many times students need to convert PDF file of diagrams, pie charts into image format. Process is same as above i mention, click PDF To PNG and browse file which you convert into PNG. You need to specify the quality level like good, average, high, as per your choice.

4. Protect PDF

We all need to keep our private data safe so other people not misuse our information. So, if need to set a password to protect your files. pdfconverto also help you in this matter. With Protect PDF tool you can set password to any PDF file.

You only need to go to security tab and select Protect PDF option. Then upload the file, specify password, Click Protect PDF and download the resultant file from the given download link. When you open the file, it will ask for password and if you do not know the password and enter Cancel  then it will show a blank window.

5. Join PDF files

Join PDF Files tool very helpful for you when you need to merge multiple PDF files into single file. You can join as many as PDF files with help of join PDF tool. When you select the join PDF file tool available in the Manipulate tab present on their website, it will ask you to browse PDF files. By default, they provide you to browse 5 files but if you want to add more, then click Add new file input.

Some Other Useful Tools

There are lots of other PDF conversion tools provided by pdfconvert. You can use these tools according to your need. All of the following tools are amazing, i am sure you will like them.

RTF to PDF-  to convert Rich Text Format to PDF
JPG to PDF – to convert any JPG file to PDF  
XPS to PDF – to convert Excel document to PDF 
Repair PDF – you can easily repair any broken PDF file with using this tool
Compress PDF – to reduce your PDF files to smaller size 
View Metadata – To view PDF file Metadata like author, subject, keywords, creation date etc.
Crop PDF – To crop out white margin or borders from PDF files

This single website is providing 20+ PDF Solution tools for free and you no need to download different software for convert you PDF files. Here I Give Website Link : pdfconverto

How To Get Google Pixel Experience in Your Phone


Google Pixel grab lots of  popularity after its launch. With some best features like best hardware, unique design, latest Android update and good camera have made one of the best smartphone of 2016. Also Google Pixel come with some great features, here i give list:

Pixel Launcher
Android 7.1
Google Assistant
Unlimited Google Photos Backup
Google Camera App with EIS 2.0 and new Pro photography features
New Support Tab in Settings with screen share functionality
Smart Storage will automatically remove old back up photos/videos
Wallpaper picker with new wallpapers and sounds

If you want to experience Google Pixel new features but your pocket not allow new Google Pixel, here is solution for you. Today in this post i will guide you to install some beautiful features of Google Pixel in your Android Smartphone.

1. Pixel Launcher

You made first change in your phone is Pixel Launcher. Launcher come with elegant design. The swipe-up gesture to open the app drawer and quick search for apps are useful. The APK is available and you easily can download it and install on your device. Before you do that, make sure to enable “Unknown sources” in Settings->Security. 

Here I Give Download Link : Pixel Launcher

2. Google Phone Dialer 

Google Pixel come with a new dialer but the new dialer app can’t be installed on other phones. The latest APK update is available on APK Mirror. But, it won’t install because some framework needed So, first you need apply flashable zip file which contains the necessary framework, then install Google Dialer. After install app you need to give necessary permissions so that it can read the contacts. You can also set it as the default dialer in your phone.


Android 6.0 and Above
Rooted Device
Custom Recovery to Flash the zip file 

Here I Give Download Link : Google Phone Dilaer 5.1 With Framework

Source By : XDA developer 

3. Google Camera

Google released its latest update for Google Camera and it comes pre-installed on the new Pixel devices. The new camera app update with lots of new features. Here is the list:

New flattened settings layout
New HDR “processing” animation
New look for Timer/HDR/Flash toggles

Volume key action can now be specified: Shutter, Zoom or Volume
You can now swipe left to right to pull out the menu
New zoom animation when tapping a photo to view it from the viewfinder

The APK for Google Camera is available for download but It's only works on Android 7.0+ devices. 

Here I Give Download Link : Google Camera

4. Pixel Icons 

Yes, you not get full Pixel experience without icons. Android 7.1 on the Pixel brings rounded icons, which look awesome. icon pack easily available on the Play Store but first you need Nova Launcher, which lets you change icon packs.

Here I Give Both Download Link : Nova Launcher and Pixel Icons  

5. 3D Touch Quick Shortcuts 

Android 7.1 come with 3D Touch feature that provides app shortcuts when an app icon is long-pressed. You can easily get this feature by entering Nova Launcher’s Beta program. The latest Beta build of Nova Launcher contains this shortcuts. So you need just enter the beta program from Play Store.

Here I Give Download Link : Nova Launcher Prime 

6. Pixel Wallpaper

Some phone not support wallpapers option in the Pixel Launcher because you need new Wallpapers app by Google. With this app, you get different wallpapers in different categories and also get feature to update your home screen daily with a new wallpaper.

Here I Give Download Link : Pixel Wallpaper

4 Best Linux Distro For Laptop


Linux is known for secure, fast and open-source operating system. We heard about some popular Linux distro like Ubuntu and Linux Mint but what about the Laptop users? Today in this post i will suggest 4 best Linux distro for your laptop which is specially made for Laptop users.

1. Elementary OS

If you are big fan of Mac OS but don't afford Apple Laptop, Elementary OS is solution for you. It is one of the best Linux distro for Laptop which specially made for Mac OS lovers. Elementary OS come with some awesome features like workspace switching, application launcher like Mac OS, desktop zoom, hot corners, different notification area.

System Requirements

1 GB or more Ram (2 GB is Recommended)
1.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (2Ghz and Dual Core is Recommended)
15GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
Minimum 1024×768 Resolution Graphics Card
internet connection

Pros and Cons


Designed As Mac OS
Come With Useful Features Like Workspace Switcher, Desktop Zoom
Multi-Functional Music And Video Player


Use High Resource
Use Lot of Battery

Here I Give OS Download Link :  Elementary OS

2. Cub Linux

If you want OS which modern, fast and low battery uses, Cub Linux is for you. It was previously known as Chromixium OS. Cub Linux look like as Google Chrome OS and based on Ubuntu. You can easily run any Apps from Chrome store. Also Cub Linux use Openbox Window Manager, which can run on low battery.

System Requirements

512 MB or more Ram (1GB is Recommended)
1GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core Preferred)
4GB HDD Space (8GB Preferred)
1GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
Minimum 800×600 Resolution Graphics
internet connection

Pros and Cons


Small, Fast and Beautiful
Low System Requirement
Low Power Uses
Look Like Google Chrome OS
Support Both Chrome Apps and Linux Desktop Apps


Boot Up Speed Slower Compare To Other Ubuntu Based Linux

Here I Give OS Download Link : Cub Linux

3. Deepin Linux

Deepin Linux is best for who use Linux first time and OS completely suitable for Laptop. Deepin Linux come with modern design and OS easy to use. Deepin actually based on Debian Linux and it has it’s own desktop environment. In OS you can find 3 type of desktop user experience. Fashion for MacOS X Look, Efficient for Windows 7 Look and Traditional for Windows XP Look.

Best part of Deepin is it's come with some awesome pre-installed application like Google Chrome, file manager, Kingsoft Office, Deepin Movie, Deepin Music. Deepin has also it’s own software center which calls Deepin Software Centre. By using these Software Centre you can easily install any kind of app.

System Requirements

2 GB or more Ram
2.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core Recommended)
10GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
internet connection

Pros and Cons


Beautiful and Smooth OS
Pre-installed Google Chrome and Kingsoft Office
Feature Reach Software Center
Faster Boot Up


Use Lot of  Battery

Here I Give OS Download Link : Deepin Linux

4. Zorin OS 

Zorin specially design for Windows Lover. Zorin give same feel like you use Windows. Best feature of Zorin  is, you can easily install Windows Software (.exe files). It also comes with MS Core Fonts and default Windows .dll files also you can install Linux Softwares from Zorin Software Center.

Zorin used its own Zorin Desktop Environment. You can customize it as Windows 7 Theme, Windows XP Theme and if you want Ubuntu Unity Theme, MacOSX Theme or GNOME 2 Theme, you will need to buy Zorin Ultimate version which cost €9.99. Zorin Comes with some good pre-installed software's like Mozilla Firefox, GIMP Image Editor, Libre Office, Openshot Video Editor.

System Requirements

512 MB or more Ram (1 GB is Recommended)
1.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core is Recommended)
10GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
Minimum 640×480 Resolution Graphics Card (Internal or External
internet connection

Pros and Cons


Best for Beginner
Specially Made for Windows Lover
Fast and Beautiful
Highly Customizable


Free Version has lack of features (You need to buy Ultimate Edition for get full features)

Here I Give OS Download Link : Zorin OS

Ultimate Guide To Start An E-Commerce Website


There are lots of people thinking about start an e-commerce business but most of the people don't know about how to start e-commerce business. Today i come with ultimate guide to start e-commerce business. 

First you need to choose Platform. Each business owner has a different needs so it is very important to understand one’s needs before choosing a Platform. Here i give best two choices.

1. Woo Commerce
2. Shopify

1. Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is the most popular platform for WordPress e-commerce sites. It is easy to use and supports both physical and digital products also you get lots of add-ons and plugins. In 2015, 78 % new e-commerce websites built on WooCommerce. Also WooCommerce come with user-friendly interface and packed with superb features.

Here I Give installation Link : WooCommerce

2. Shopify

If you want to start your e-commerce business fastest way, Shopify is the best option. With one step you can start your online selling and Shopify also provide free hosting. That means you only need to buy a domain name for your shop and Shopify will give it a home on the web. This service is offered with a monthly subscription, starting at $13/month. With the basic account, you can get unlimited product uploads and 24/7 customer support.

Here I Give Website Link : Shopify


If you choose Woocommerce you need to choose one theme. There are lots of themes available for e-commerce. WooCommerce offers both free and premium themes. Take special care when you choose theme because right theme helps you to establish your brand's image. You can choose WooCommerce Storefront Theme or you can also manually search WordPress themes which support e-commerce platform's design.

Payment Getaways

Next step is payment getaways which allow payment of your product. The most common payment gateway for e-commerce is PayPal. It’s free and anyone can sign up. Most platforms have a built-in PayPal payment gateway so you can use this feature instantly. If you’re not using an e-commerce platform, you can embed PayPal buttons anywhere on your website with the code provided by PayPal.


When you create your e-commerce website, you must need some plugins like WooCommerce Image Zoom and WooCommerce Image Hover allow users to take a closer look at your products. Some customers want to see more products on the same screen, for this feature you can use WooCommerce Product Slider plugin.

4 Best Watermark Software For Windows


Watermarking is the best way to protect your images from copycat. Watermarking not only get credit from all other persons who use your image but it also helps you to build up a brand of your work.

Yes you can do watermarking with normal image editor but there are highly secure watermarking software available online. Here in this post i suggest some best watermarking software for you.

1. uMark

in my point of view uMark watermarking is the best software for watermarking. Software come with so many great features to add watermark to your images. Also you can add text, shapes, and QR codes into your image. uMark also give facility to add frames and border to make your photos more attractive.You can also change font, font size, transparency level, adding shadow and rotating watermarks.

Here I Give Website Address Link : uMark

2. TSR Watermark 

If you want a simple and quick photo protection? If yes, TSR Watermark is best software for you. It not only provide a secure watermarking  but also provides you the one-click share buttons to Share your watermarked photos. With the free trial version you can enjoy so many awesome features like Batch Watermark, 3D Watermarks, Borders text Watermarks and special effects. After trial you need to purchase software.

Here I Give Website address Link : TSR watermark

3. JACO Watermark 

JACo Watermark is most suitable software for you if you want a simple but powerful watermarking software that comes with multiple watermark options. It’s a free Java Open Source application that is specially designed to watermark images. Software come with some awesome features like preview of image, you can change watermark font, size, color and change transparency level.

Here I Give Software Download Link : JACO Watermark

4. Bimage Studio 

BImageStudio is free batch image studio editor that helps you to quickly edit multiple images and photo. It also provide you to add text and image as the watermark on your photos. Software come with great features like drag and drop image, rotate image, adjust image brightness, convert in other formats.

Here I Give Software Download Link : Bimage Studio