4 Best Watermark Software For Windows


Watermarking is the best way to protect your images from copycat. Watermarking not only get credit from all other persons who use your image but it also helps you to build up a brand of your work.

Yes you can do watermarking with normal image editor but there are highly secure watermarking software available online. Here in this post i suggest some best watermarking software for you.

1. uMark

in my point of view uMark watermarking is the best software for watermarking. Software come with so many great features to add watermark to your images. Also you can add text, shapes, and QR codes into your image. uMark also give facility to add frames and border to make your photos more attractive.You can also change font, font size, transparency level, adding shadow and rotating watermarks.

Here I Give Website Address Link : uMark

2. TSR Watermark 

If you want a simple and quick photo protection? If yes, TSR Watermark is best software for you. It not only provide a secure watermarking  but also provides you the one-click share buttons to Share your watermarked photos. With the free trial version you can enjoy so many awesome features like Batch Watermark, 3D Watermarks, Borders text Watermarks and special effects. After trial you need to purchase software.

Here I Give Website address Link : TSR watermark

3. JACO Watermark 

JACo Watermark is most suitable software for you if you want a simple but powerful watermarking software that comes with multiple watermark options. It’s a free Java Open Source application that is specially designed to watermark images. Software come with some awesome features like preview of image, you can change watermark font, size, color and change transparency level.

Here I Give Software Download Link : JACO Watermark

4. Bimage Studio 

BImageStudio is free batch image studio editor that helps you to quickly edit multiple images and photo. It also provide you to add text and image as the watermark on your photos. Software come with great features like drag and drop image, rotate image, adjust image brightness, convert in other formats.

Here I Give Software Download Link : Bimage Studio

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