6 Negative Effects of Smartphone Addiction


Smartphone's plays a major role in our routine life. We can do calls, emails, messages. You can easily stay in touch with everyone. Smartphones made our life easy. But now this days we play video games, Facebook chatting and doing other many things whole day on smartphone.

Smartphone is very useful but addiction with your smartphone, give you some serious diseases. Here are some health risks of smartphone addiction.

1. Sleeping Disorder


In busy life sometime we can't do chatting in a day so we can choose night-time for chatting. But using smartphone until late nights or getting awake in the middle of the night because of mobile new notification comes, these habits badly interrupt our sleep pattern and cut off our 1 or 2 hour sleep. So when you going to sleep, put your smartphone away from your bed.

2. Eye Problems

We can doing surfing, chatting and other things on our smartphone. Small screen and small fonts of smartphone puts strain on our eyes and especially in night-time smartphone screen-light badly damage our eyes. This could cause dry eyes, irritation, pain, puffiness and reddening.

3. Text Neck


Text Neck is term used by physicians and doctors to describe the spinal disorder that arises due to excess usage of smartphones. Long term use of smartphone brings neck pain which is directly related to spine and thus causes spinal disorder.

4. Wrist Problem

When you hold smartphone for long time in your hand strains the wrist. Usually, people hold smartphone using three fingers. Retaining this posture for longer duration everyday creates pain in the wrist.

5. Skin Allergies 

Now this days smartphone comes with metallic body to make it look more attractive and shiny. These smartphone contain skin allergies from metals like nickel, chromium and cobalt which may cause a reaction on skin called allergic contact dermatitis.

6.Text Walking


Texting while driving or walking on the streets is the most life-threatening. With doing such stuff you are only risking your life. According to survey, so many deaths have been attributed to using smartphone while walking or driving.

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