Ultimate Guide To Start An E-Commerce Website


There are lots of people thinking about start an e-commerce business but most of the people don't know about how to start e-commerce business. Today i come with ultimate guide to start e-commerce business. 

First you need to choose Platform. Each business owner has a different needs so it is very important to understand one’s needs before choosing a Platform. Here i give best two choices.

1. Woo Commerce
2. Shopify

1. Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is the most popular platform for WordPress e-commerce sites. It is easy to use and supports both physical and digital products also you get lots of add-ons and plugins. In 2015, 78 % new e-commerce websites built on WooCommerce. Also WooCommerce come with user-friendly interface and packed with superb features.

Here I Give installation Link : WooCommerce

2. Shopify

If you want to start your e-commerce business fastest way, Shopify is the best option. With one step you can start your online selling and Shopify also provide free hosting. That means you only need to buy a domain name for your shop and Shopify will give it a home on the web. This service is offered with a monthly subscription, starting at $13/month. With the basic account, you can get unlimited product uploads and 24/7 customer support.

Here I Give Website Link : Shopify


If you choose Woocommerce you need to choose one theme. There are lots of themes available for e-commerce. WooCommerce offers both free and premium themes. Take special care when you choose theme because right theme helps you to establish your brand's image. You can choose WooCommerce Storefront Theme or you can also manually search WordPress themes which support e-commerce platform's design.

Payment Getaways

Next step is payment getaways which allow payment of your product. The most common payment gateway for e-commerce is PayPal. It’s free and anyone can sign up. Most platforms have a built-in PayPal payment gateway so you can use this feature instantly. If you’re not using an e-commerce platform, you can embed PayPal buttons anywhere on your website with the code provided by PayPal.


When you create your e-commerce website, you must need some plugins like WooCommerce Image Zoom and WooCommerce Image Hover allow users to take a closer look at your products. Some customers want to see more products on the same screen, for this feature you can use WooCommerce Product Slider plugin.

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