3 Best Apps Which increase Your IQ Level


IQ means Intelligence Quotient. Your intelligence means the intellectual abilities like how you get the knowledge and use this knowledge to find the solution of any problem. You notice some people take
a lot of time to understand any topic and some people understand fast. This all happens due to human intelligence. IQ level is always different in all people. There are so many IQ increase apps available in Google Play. Today I suggest best 3 Android Apps which raise your IQ level. So Let's Start:

1. Elevate

Elevate is best pick for brain training and raise IQ. This app is especially designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed and much more. You can first choose which skill you want to improve. Then you can get new challenges every day to improve skill.

Elevate app also organize special training session three times in a week. It focuses on maths skills, comparing value, reading and listening and more. Must try this app one time, i am sure you love it.

Android Download Link : Elevate
iOS Download Link : Elevate

2. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains is another best app to increase IQ level. With the help of this app you can boost your brain speed, memory, focus by different brain training, brain games and brain exercises always challenge your brain for better performance.

Fit Brains give tools to track your progress after training session. You can start with a free version of the app after if you like this app, you can also unlock all the games by purchasing monthly subscription.

Android Download Link : Fit Brains Trainer
iOS Download Link : Fit Brains Trainer

3. Lumosity

This app comes with three different sessions : focuses on memory, attention and solve problem. These games are played against the clock time, so you can improve yourself very quickly. You can create an account and can select the field that you want to improve.

App also provide daily routine exercise skill improving games. You can also track your score, which motivate you and to know how you are improving day by day. App main focus on puzzle solving, pattern recognition, reflexes and more.

Android Download Link : Lumosity
iOS Download Link : Lumosity

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