4 Best Blue Light Filter Apps For Android


After apple introduced Night Shift for iOS, blue light filter apps catch lot of attention. We all know when we use phone in night, mobile screen blue light badly damage our eyes. Blue light filter apps very useful for those type of people who reading kindle, play games at night. Android phones not come with this features but you can install apps by google play. Today i suggest some best blue light filter apps for you. So, here we go.

1. Twilight

Twilight is best apps available for android for blue light filter. Twilight is filtering out the flux of the blue light very well. Also, you allowed to set manually the color temperature, intensity of the filter and screen dim on the display. Also, you get an option to create profiles, so you can set custom filters for a particular time or bedtime reading. In the free version you allow only few profiles. If you want more profiles with the facility to adjust transition time for sunset and sunrise, you will need to buy Pro version.

Here I Give App Download Link : Twilight

2. Blue Light Filter- Night Mode

Second best in my list is Blue Light Filter app. This app comes with lots of color temperature profiles, neatly stacked in the opening page. You can also set the intensity and the brightness levels by adjusting the sliders to your wish. Also with timer option you can auto switching of the color profiles, you also pause the effect of the app for 60 seconds, when you are installing an app or doing any other important work.

Here I Give App Download Link : Blue Light Filter 

3. Darker

Darker effectively reduces the strain on your eyes by reducing your screen’s brightness to significantly lower levels. Also, you can choose any color for flux filter. You can also set the brightness levels on the status bar separately. It also has support for Tasker, so you can let your phone switch display-profiles automatically, but some of the features not come with free version. You will need to buy pro version for getting all features.

Here I Give App Download Link : Darker 

4. Dimly

Dimly is very simple and sober apps. The app is very lightweight, so it can't affect your phone’s performance. You get a simple UI with all the necessary controls. App interface is basic, with settings options for the brightness dimming function. Biggest plus point is you get shake to restore brightness feature. Just shake your phone and filter effect will be gone without opening the app. For removing adds you will need to buy premium version.

Here I Give App Download Link : Dimly

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