4 Best File Manager Apps For iPhone


If you are using an iPhone, you have noticed iPhone provide less file manger apps compare to android because iPhone don’t allow access to the internal file system, unless you jailbreak iOS, but few good file manager apps available for iPhone. Today i suggest 4 best file manager apps which you can use without jailbreak on your iPhone. So, Let's Start:

1. Document 5

In my point of view Documents 5 is a best file manager app for iPhone mobiles, the app allows you to manage almost everything on your iPhone. Document 5 provides some awesome features and app will give rich file manager experience on your iPhone. Also, you’ll be access your Apple Music, your Photos, iCloud files, and much more through app. Document 5 also supports ZIP files, so you can easily extract ZIP files on your iPhone device.

APP Download Link : Document 5

2. File App

File App is second in my list. File App comes with a nice interface and organizes files automatically by type, date, and display recent files that you have accessed on the app. You can also make new images, audio recordings and text files through the app. Also File App easily transfer files from your iPhone to a PC or Mac. You can also set username and password to protect your files from unauthorized access.

APP Download Link : File App

3. File Manager

File Manager app is another nice file manager for iPhone. The app comes with awesome interface, you can easily create files, and folders. You can also add cloud services to the app and manage all your cloud accounts. File manager supports Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and many more.

File Manager also gives own web browser so you can download files straight to the app. It also supports pass-code locking, so you can protect your files. Also, you can easily share files from your cloud account, by WiFi Sync or via iTunes. App down side is app come with ads, for remove ads, you will need to buy the premium version.

APP Download Link : File Manager

4. File Master

File master very nice app which provide a lot of awesome features like long press to pop up menus, support multi mode, cloud storage support. In the app you can easily create folders, text files, import photos, and do a lot more. It also gives a web browser so you can easily download files into the app. For security of files, File Manager provides pin security option. You can also hide files and folders in the app.

APP Download Link : File Master

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