7 Best iOS 10 Widgets For iPhone


iOS 10 update come with lots of awesome changes, but if you love to use widgets in your iPhone, this article is for you. Here I suggest some useful widget for iPhone. So Let's Start:

1. Alto

Alto is a lovely email client for iOS that classify your emails and take care that you don’t miss any important information from the emails. Alto come with with an excellent interface and some very useful features. The Alto widget shows you cards, which contain information about any purchases, travel reservations, packages, etc. Primarily it’s anything important and when you extend the widget, it shows you all the photos you have gotten on your email account.

Here, I Give Download Link : Alto

2. Launcher

Launcher is must have widgets for iOS 10. After try this widget, I am sure you love it. The app lets you add several widgets to contact people, launch apps, play music, open web pages. You can also include detailed contact shortcuts, like call somebody, email somebody, send a Whats App message to a specific person, etc. There’s a lot more you do with this widget and it’s  undoubtedly one of the best iOS 10 widgets.

Here, I Give Download Link : Launcher

3. Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet is a another great widget, that save all your important which you don’t want to forget, like your ID numbers, passwords, etc. It also provides different hint icons, so you easily remember the information you have saved. The free version comes with the small widget and if you want to get the full widget, you will buy the Pro version.

Here, I Give Download Link : Cheat Sheet

4. Shazam

I am sure you definitely heard about Shazam and you might even be using it. Shazam is undoubtedly the best app to identify music and it give a very useful widget for iOS. The widget is very useful when you quickly want to identify any song you heard. Also in the expanded view, Shazam shows you your recent “Shazams”.

Here, I Give Download Link : Shazam

5. Steve

If you like to T-Rex game in Google Chrome. I am sure you love this widget in your iPhone. Steve brings the dinosaur game into your widgets panel, so you can play game anytime. The game is sober, you can change the character from the T-Rex to an angry cat, pixman, etc.

Here, I Give Download Link : Steve

6. Countdown 

As the name indicates, countdown app is a simple countdown widget app. You can add countdowns for special events like birthdays, movie showtime, party, etc. and it gives unique icons to go along with the widget. The app lets you add as many countdowns as you want, but there are only a few options to available with the free version, for getting all options, you will need to buy the Pro version.

Here, I Give Download Link : Countdown


We all love sports, I know you have already sports app installed on your iPhone, but few of people know about ESPN widget. Once you have chosen your most favorite teams in the app, you can use the ESPN widget to monitor all the latest scores from your favorite teams right from the lock-screen. The Widget is very useful when you want to quickly check the score.

Here, I Give Download Link : ESPN

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