10 Best New Year's Resolution ideas For 2017


New Year is around the corner and today I come with some best new year resolution ideas for you. New year is the best time for setting new goals for next year. So Let's Start:

1. Lose Weight 

One of the ideal resolution for many people in 2017 is set goal about lose weight. Do small things like walk every day, avoid fast food, do some light exercises.

2. Quit Smoking

Some people think so many times about quit smoking, but don't apply. New Year resolution is best time to quit smoking and live a healthy life. There are plenty of products and books available to help you in quit smoking.

3. Start Small Savings

Are you that kind of person who quickly spends most of your salary within a few days when you get it. If your answer is yes, please change that habit. You should develop a habit to save as much money because with that money you can do many things like buying a new car or travel some place and many more. There are some apps available you can download which will help you to save more money. Also in bad days like lost job or health problem, always save money help you. Save small amount of money every week, make big amount in future.

4. Reconnect With old Friends

In fast life we forget our childhood friends. We are always busy in our work. Talking with friends always give happiness and joy to us. Go to a picnic with friends, at least one time in a month, you feel fresh.

5. Learn New Language 

This is one of the best ways to connect with new culture and you more confident when you learn new language. Also new language helps you a lot when you travel in other countries.

6. Stop Playing Addictive Games

Many teenagers playing video games whole days. When you play addictive games, it's gobbling up your time or making you less productive. So set goal for yourself, I play video games only in one limit.

7. Learn Self Defense Skills

In today’s time, especially for women, very important to learn some self defense skills. Ensuring your safety and the safety of your loved ones is really important.

8. Start Meditation 

Scientifically proven that doing meditation daily in the morning give lots of benefits. It makes your body fit and healthy, improves your mood, relaxes your mind and body, reduce anxiety and more.

9. Read Books

Reading books daily is the best way to gain a lot of knowledge. I am sure you heard this line "Books are a person’s best friends". Start habit to read books at least 15 to 20 minutes daily.

10. Turn Your Hobby into Profession 

If you have gifted with some special skill like singing, dancing and other special talent. New year is the best time to convert your hobby or special skill in to profession. Start blogging, start YouTube channel, open dance classes and lot more you doing in 2017. If you turn your hobby into your profession, you have more satisfied and more productive. So, instead of going into some other work, just try to turn your hobby into your profession.

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